Double XP disabled.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Metallic123, May 24, 2013.

  1. Metallic123

    This update disabled double xp.
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  2. Phrygen

  3. LoneMaverick

    you xp'd too much son.

    I've been getting double XP all day so....idk, did your boost run out?
  4. NoctD

    Zone restarts all zones on all servers from what I can tell. I logged off and was going to call it a night.
  5. Bill Hicks

    when i cert
    i cert hard
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  6. f0d

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  7. skoorviel

    I can confirm. Double XP has been disable with the latest zone restart :(
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  8. CupBoy

    I think I might have used all the xp.. Sorry :-(
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  9. Vesper

    Just had a server restart and are no longer receiving double XP :(
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  10. LoneMaverick

  11. Revel

    They've always started it on Friday before
  12. Fenrisk

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  13. NoctD

    Nah - they just screwed up again is all.
  14. CupBoy

    I have some certs to spare. I say we pool all of our spare XP and send it to SOE so we can get the party started again.
  15. Tommyp2006

    Well luckily I earned over 700 certs in four hours tonight.

    I'm sure it'll be back on by morning, I doubt they disabled in on purpose.
  16. Nahwel

    I was gonna post about it, but then i thought it was me only.
  17. Fenrisk

    Any word on a fix : P
  18. ThalonGauss

    I was playing like 5 minutes ago still works for me on waterson.