Double XP Constantly Toggling on and Off

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by BeyondNInja, May 2, 2014.

  1. BeyondNInja

    Double XP first disappeared upon logging in after everyone on Briggs was disconnected.
    I re-logged after a while and it fixed it at first, although maybe 20 minutes later (in the same session) I noticed I was getting less than 200xp for kills again (ie Double XP was off again).

    Several other people seem to have experienced this as well, although not necessarily at the same time.

    Is this a widespread thing, and are there any known fixes?

    EDIT: Relogging no longer consistently fixes it
  2. JKGero

    me too briggs
    disconnected and can't double xp plz pix this
  3. Kopp

    I haven't even gotten double XP yet. I've played for 4 different sessions varying from 30 minutes to 3 hours and not once have I seen my XP go above +15%. This all occurring throughout may 2nd. If it was supposed to start on the 1st, well theres even more time spent without it.

    The only reason I found out others were getting it is because someone mentioned it on the open chat menu.
  4. Pootisman

    Double XP doesnt show up as XP boost. The base XP is simply doubled, if you get 200XP for a kill without boost, its active.
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  5. Nitish Sharma

    Mine hasn't turn on for past 3 hours :(
    We(Vanu) won 2 alerts consequently with all out might and no double xp for both.
    Fix this soon please
  6. Incentive Legend

    i understand this but i am not getting 200 xp. my values have not changed. still 100 or less xp per kill. I was getting 200 immeidately after the 6am pdt maintance BUT have not got it after logging back in. Logged in and out a few times already and values have no changed. Last 8 plus hours no double xp just original values still.

    The double XP is bugged on briggs.:mad:
  7. JKGero

    yeah i 'm briggs too....
    i am getting 100 xp per kill too
    it was bug!
  8. FolCan

    It appears that on briggs the double xp is not working just on indar. I did and alert on amerish and esamir and while on those continents I was getting double xp and when I went back to bestdar it went back to normal xp
  9. BeyondNInja

    I don't believe this is consistent as I have had double xp fluctuate (ie sometimes on sometimes off within the same plaly session) on all continents.
  10. tekknej

    everyone just got disconnected on Miller, no double xp now.
  11. Norington

    Didn't recieve double xp for my entire 4-hour ops session. Is there a way to get this awarded afterward?
  12. Norington

    That was on Miller btw.
  13. MogDawg

    Why does the G99 happen? I want to get on and get me some of that double EXP