Double Indar Whopper with Lattice and Relish!!

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    Thats what I had last night....and I loved it.

    The lattice creates a front....without a front you just have random fights going on all over the map with no structure or strategy. Unless you have 'one commander' issuing the orders, or, 'all' major squads communicating, its just a random mess...and that's all we had with the Hex system, a random mess of ghost capping and avoidance.

    Squad leaders come to these boards and spout how they used to strategically ghost cap empty bases, and how deep that strategy was!!...the only strategy was in their one else gave a flying ***k about their strategy because noone knew about it. All they saw was bases flipping all over the map they just went to find the zerg and followed it, as it randomly meandered all over the map

    What was clearly evident last night was the fact that it actually felt like there was a front line, mainly because there was one!!!....Under the Hex system, when you were fighting at one base you'd suddenly start getting hit from a base behind you, just because some small squad had gone in and ghost capped it. Y'know that base? ....the very same one that you'd just capped 5 minutes ago!!! Some might argue its strategy...I just call it bulls**t. There's no strategy just spending all your time going where the enemy isn't!!.

    You might say....why not go back and defend the base when you see its under attack? And you'd be right to make such an outlandish suggestion!! that IS the answer, and it WOULD have happened if we had the 'one overall commander' or 'all' major squads communicating. But we never had that and were never likely to get it.

    When left to their own devices what do the masses do? ...that's right...they just stick with the zerg, which never bothers defending because its easier to steam roll lightly defended bases.
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