Double character-sevrer merge question

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Sghignifiss, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. Sghignifiss

    I've heard about the incoming merge of Woodman and Miller. My problem is I've got a char in Woodman (my main) and another in Miller, both of them TR. Anyone knows what will happen to my chars in the moment of the merge? Will one of them be deleted?
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  2. Liam23490

    They will both be fine.
  3. cruczi

    Both of them will be deleted. You'll find them in the Recycle Bin on your desktop, just open it and click "restore character" on each. Voilà!
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  4. St0mpy

    youll just have two on the same server, thats all
  5. Fenrisk

    They will merge together into a 4 legged 4 armed 2 headed freak who eats SOE developers.
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  6. DramaticExit

    You've clearly never watched power rangers.
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  7. Pikachu

  8. Pikachu

    Us EU players are not used to having so few servers that you must have more than one on the same.
  9. SevenTwo

    You forgot to mention, that this only works on Thursdays.
  10. gigastar

    Think of the old Mallory and Lithcorp players who had alts on Cobalt and Ceres. They could now have 3 chars merged onto the same server.
  11. Maelthra

    I think they perform the Fusion Dance or something.