Don't Worry, I Found the REAL Tank Patch Notes

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  1. Klypto

    Hi, I think we should all relax about the tank changes. I found the real patch notes:

    Tank Changes
    • Tank primary turrets are now stabilized. Their elevation will not move with chassis elevation changes, unless it hits the upper or lower constraint. (You’ve had your fun bouncing all about, but this time actually hit your target)
    Reverse Speed
    • Tank reverse speed and acceleration is now being improved. Equipping Rival will still increase your reverse speed.
      • Vanguard Reverse speed increased from 22KPH to 41KPH (You weren't imagining it, infantry actually were running slightly faster than you)
      • Vanguard Racer Reverse speed increased from 25 KPH to 49 KPH
      • Vanguard Rival Reverse speed increased from 29 KPH to 55 KPH
      • Prowler Reverse speed increased from 25 KPH to 45 KPH
      • Prowler Racer Reverse speed increased from 28 KPH to 53 KPH
      • Prowler Rival Reverse speed increased from 32 KPH to 60 KPH
      • Magrider Reverse speed increased from 25 KPH to 43 KPH
      • Magrider Racer Reverse speed increased from 25 KPH to 48 KPH
      • Magrider Rival Reverse speed increased from 25 KPH to 50 KPH
    • Vanguard acceleration is being brought closer to the other tanks.
      • Vanguard gear change time decreased from 2.25 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
      • This will make the Vanguard accelerate to full speed in 7.25 seconds instead of 8.75 seconds and spend less time stuck at 16 KPH. (don’t worry, it will only seem like half an eternity now)
      • It is still the slowest accelerating tank; it was just too slow.
    • Magrider strafe increased from 20 KPH to 27 KPH. Rival increases the strafe speed to 35 KPH and increases strafe acceleration. (all the better to flatten your teamates with)
    Shell Velocity
    • The 25 meter per second projectile speed scaling between AP/FPC and HEAT/PC tank cannons is being reduced to 15. High explosive tank rounds will also now have projectile speed change between factions.
      • Lightning / Magrider HE projectile speed will remain the same at 175
      • Prowler HE projectile speed is being increased from 175 to 185
      • Vanguard HE projectile speed is being increased from 175 to 195
      • Lightning / Magrider AP projectile speed is being increased from 225 to 245
      • Prowler HEAT projectile speed is being increased from 225 to 245
      • Prowler AP projectile speed is being increased from 250 to 260
      • Vanguard HEAT projectile speed is being increased from 250 to 260
      • Vanguard AP projectile speed will remain the same at 275
    Misc Changes
    • G30 Vulcan
      • Vulcan max cone of fire reduced.
    • Magrider will no longer immediately lose speed gained after using Magburner. Similar functionality to the Harasser.
    • Prowler undeploy time decreased. (maybe now you’ll be able to pack up in time)
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  2. Soturin

    This is either a trick or we have to rely on klypto and not the developer patch notes to get balanced feedback.
  3. WTSherman

    Faster projectile speeds? This has got to be a joke thread, SOE would never do something so helpful.
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  4. Klypto

    Well it only took 2 years, but they finally are going to fix the game deciding where I supposedly meant to deploy for me (bug) wasting literally an hour of my life in redeploy time. So one can hope.

    However, I am interested if people would seriously have an issue with something on that list if this were to be the patch notes, because so far I haven't really been able to find anyone who could explain to me why this would be a problem.
  5. Flag

    Apparently my post was spam. Oh well...

    I am intrigued by the AP velocity and Magburn change.
  6. WTSherman

    If it does go through like that, VS won't be able to complain about having the slowest tank anymore (though it was a dubious claim to begin with due to magburn and how Racer scaled better for them). By going diagonally they'll be able to hit a little over 70kph.
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  7. LodeTria

    You almost got me, but then i remembered SOE don't buff tanks.

    The only thing I can kind of see on these is the higher velocity on AP lightnings, I find it fine as it is.
  8. minhalexus

    May I see the source?
  9. Frozen-K

    Increasing hope only to set forward disappointment. SOE would never want to help tanks.
  10. Phrygen

    this doesn't mention the gravity changes on all projectiles and the magrider's 5kph nerf to racer, which are the two worst changes that they proposed.
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  11. Klypto

    Exactly. They gave up on those because they were horrible ideas.
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  12. DFDelta

    Those can't be real.
    They make sense.
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  13. Phrygen


    where are you getting this from. The just posted patch notes that are clearly different from what you are posting..

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  14. lNeBl

    These notes would be excellent. That's why they are not real :(
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  15. PastalavistaBB

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  16. FBVanu

    KLYPTO.. do you have the link to this/source.. this is about the opposite of what SOE posted on PTS a few hours ago..
    If this is true, then SOE has turned on a dime and broken their ankle doing it.. that would be a first..
    don't get me wrong, I would love the turn around.. but... too good to be true.

    these also don't talk about Viper or Lightning heat, or drop, or range.. that all went out the window, in just a few hours?

    Please , post a link to the source?

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  17. Bortasz

    Either we havve the biggest troll on the forum. Ore something wonderful will happen..


    for once, a patch about tanks that is not a massive nerf, who would of thought
    you really came through and i feel that you guys are on the right track.

    I just hope this is legit and not Kypto just making this up...
  19. Strottinglemon

    He's making it up. I'm sorry. Hopefully the devs see this and hire him on the spot, though.
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    ya i relised that after I posted.

    there goes my dreams of SOE devs doing something good with tanks...
    too good to be true. :oops: