Don't TK if booted from veh

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  1. TelkwaHV

    Ya right, I see enemy bearing down on us and I'm going to run away to get my own tank 100 yards away when their is an empty gun two feet from me, are you braindead?

  2. TelkwaHV

    Then why didn't he lock his tank if all the nonsense you quoted was the case which it wasn't. Pffff If his gun seat is public don't kick people for no reason. Its called teamwork. He lost his tank for a few minutes next time he won't be a snob or lock his tank.

  3. Loui5D

    Not everyone has ingame voip on, try sending a tell or using region chat (if it works)
  4. Flag

    Doesn't mean you should be an *** and TK his tank.
    Grow a spine, and don't throw a tantrum just because someone didn't want you in their tank.
  5. EViLMinD

    I don't get why so many think it's ok to attack my harasser if I won't let them gun. How is this justified?

    Besides, I can easily kill their dumba**es. I'm in a portable gun turret (and I love to kill idiot traitors).

    SOE needs to add an option, in the vehicle seating settings, to block all non-engineers. Then all I'd have to worry about is whether my gunner knows how to repair in the rumble or not. I give people about 5 secs to get in the back and start fixing before I boot 'em. I got no patience for incompetent dingbats. I'm an operator of a elite Freedom fighting death machine - not an Auraxus tour guide for nubs and scrubs. My rules: Do your part, pay attention to what is happening around the vehicle and don't suck.
  6. lawn gnome

    in my experience PSAs telling morons, not to be morons, rarely work.
  7. EViLMinD

    Naw... I don't expect idiots to wake up and stop being idiots. I'm not that ignorant. Just need to vent a little. Helps me deal with my excessive hate. Gotta let your negativity out every now and then, ya know. Keeps the toxic build up from spilling over (which is really bad).

    You are a cancer, please remove your self from this game.
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  9. Schwak

    Apart from transport vehicles all vehicles should be limited to engineers only with a cert in cost to be able to spawn in addition. The idea that you can immediately spawn whatever vehicle you want is part of the reason vehicle spam is so prevalent in this game. I use to be an angry individual on my server toward certain people and making a new character and waiting for 50 resources to spawn a A2Am mossie or immediately spawn a skyguard with the default 300 mech resources was sadly rationalized in my brain by the thought of them being scummy individuals. At the end of the day things like this could be prevented by simple steps from SOE which they have refused to make for whatever reason.
  10. Roland2TowerCame

    I really hope all you "elite" drivers aren't also the ones complaining about ps2 dying or needing new players.
    We were all BR1 once upon a time.

    Anyway, I let anybody hop in and gun my vehicles, they need the practice. It's not like the war will be decided tomorrow.
  11. lawn gnome

    if i am in a 1/2 tank and i am playing solo, then i am perfectly fine with rando commandos hopping in, but if i am playing with my outfit then seats are probably going to be reserved for people i know. but then that is also why god invented squad locking.
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  12. EViLMinD

    The demands on a gunner for a lib or harasser are greatest. Their awareness, ability to prioritize targets quickly, aim... etc... absolutely must be on par with the pilot for the vehicle to become formidable.

    Yes, good pilots can give almost any halfwit gunner an opportunity to make easy kills.

    I'm cool with any class gunning my other vehicles (except vanguard - pissers better have a repair tool on ready 'cuz I'm fightin'). Gals and sundies are too communal. They need to be made available to randoms at all times. Only when I run a special battle gal/bus ops will I care who guns, As long as they don't go to sleep or ignore obvious kills, I won't eject. May bark at 'em. Likely. Curse. Def.

    Remember: Gunning in a nice ride with a seasoned vet is a privilege. That super nerd who spent real money to bling his/her digital toy is offering you a ticket to faster certs. And, with luck, a bloody fun trip. Why be a so and so and demand they parade your crappy hide around until you've learned how to hit things. Go skill up and come back then.
  13. Roland2TowerCame

    Certainly if you're running a special op you need control over gunnery positions, but otherwise, damn, what a snob you are.
    Is there some other PS2 game where they can skill up? Presumably you're not in it and I would like to play there.
  14. EViLMinD


    It may be a bad attitude, but it's an honest one.
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  15. Prudentia

    *reads thread*
    *looks at signatures*

    hm must be an american thing, never had any problems on miller.
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  16. lawn gnome

    we americans do tend to be more self absorbed and hot headed. TBH i don't remember ever having a major problem with people jumping into my vehicles. for a large portion of yesterday, i had randoms operating my sunderer guns and i never complained (although i do prefer to run the AA gun myself as a fairly dedicated skyguardian). of course most of the time i am in my skyguard if i am not running around on foot as a heavy assault (so i rarely deal with multi seat vehcles).
  17. Ganjis

    I gunned a random saron last week that was going the right way for me. I was heavy assault (the horror!), but got kills and assists on a couple of tanks and was just about to lay waste to a sunderer when I found myself kicked out behind cover, presumbly because the driver's gunner had turned up. Nevertheless, the drive V8-ed me and I switched to my trusty lancer and helped them kill the sundy that way.

    All-in-all, a textbook example of proper etiquette by everyone involved. If I gun for randoms, I watch the driver's blind spots, spot targets, hold fire unless my shots will (help) kill an enemy (or at least save an ally), and generally use (or abstain from using) the weapon intelligently. I also never go AFK and will V1 my thanks if I get out. I expect those standards from my random gunners (to the best of their abilities) when I drive. I do not mind what class you are or if you are a poor shot. An extra pair of eyes is always an asset in itself, especially on a magrider. If your behaviour makes you a net liability, you will be kicked.

    I may kick you for a squad gunner, but that is usually only if I have already promised someone else the seat. If you are helpful, communicative, attentive and have modest gunning ability then I will gladly have you along all day in most cases. My friends list is mostly populated by people who have proven to be reliable gunners to me or vice versa.

    I really wish we could set driver, gunner and passenger seats separately to either locked, squad, platoon, outfit or open. Just three sets of checkboxes would do for an interface as it would take less than a second to configure with practice (important for drivers). The current system was a band-aid slapped on in the middle of beta with the promise of a proper system later. I cannot see how this job would be a major undertaking, it seems like the devs just forgot all about it. It's past time for the shoddy beta vehicle configuration system was replaced with something more professional.

    While I day-dream, I would love it if drivers had a key-binding to force-hold-fire/release all weapons. Gunners could get some kind of HUD notification and when they tried to fire, the driver would get a HUD notification so they can decide whether to release weapons or not.
  18. lawn gnome

    on the opposite note, i have had different vehicle drivers actively chase me down while i was running around as a heavy assault (with people occasionally yelling at me in local chat to get in). unless i am already on an important mission to blow something up i will usually hop in.

    while many demand things from their gunners there are certain things i demand from my drivers: clear shots, no being a Pansie and hiding from the enemy (unless you are severely damaged and facing an enemy is likely to kill you), no going AFK. as a gunner i have no intention of sitting off in the back behind some rock randomly sniping enemies, i can be far more destructive than that simply running around as my heavy assault.
  19. EViLMinD

    Perhaps, they simply thought you were looking hot and decided to cruise your gorgeous self.

    Happens to me all the time.
  20. DFDelta

    There is a difference between new and stupid.

    I'll gladly accept the former and help to change it, I won't tolerate the latter.