Don't TK if booted from veh

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  1. EViLMinD

    Too often I have to deal with a-hats who won't take no for an answer.

    Typical scenario is I park my harasser next to a deployed ams/infantry supply terminal/spawn and wait for an engineer to hop in and gun for me. My ride is fully certed and I'm a skilled driver (a master), so I require a solid gunner who knows how to repair in the rumble seat. I won't take anyone who isn't an engineer.

    Players get in but if they don't have a repair tool, I immediately kick them out and verbally explain via proxy why: "You need to be an engineer. Thanks." Perfectly fair.

    However, I keep getting these creeps who jump back in after I kick 'em. Some even shoot at me... or worse... try to c4 me. It's annoying and I'm really sick of it. I just want a competent gunner who'll help keep my ride alive and fighting. Not asking for much here.

    When a friendly shoots my ride, I shoot back (or run their traitorous *** over). Friend or foe - I don't care. All threats must die.

    I've been getting good at solo harassing, though. Still, I would rather have a dependable gunner. I can do much more damage that way (potentially, anyway).
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  2. VanuFTW909

    It would be nice if SOE added a class restriction option for gunners/passengers in vehicles. Due to the Harasser's back seat repair ability, it is critical for the gunner to be an Engineer to improve survivability.

    As another fellow player with a fully certed Harasser, I am happy to let a random gunners in my vehicle, but please, gunners, switch to an Engineer class, with a certed repair gun, beforehand.
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  3. ThunderSock

    I don't TK vehicles. But harassers and libs do this thing where they're 2/3 and if I get in back they kick me and run off.
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  4. EViLMinD

    Were you an engineer?
  5. ThunderSock

    Yeah, I'm always engi, and I don't always get kicked. Some BR100s will let you gun their secondary (Dreadnaut) and I do love gunning strangers vehicles. I don't have the commitment to arrange a gunner seat in advance, but I don't bail.
  6. Flag

    The one time I was on the last 2 months, I had the opposite experience.
    Some guy jumps into my tank, I use the V8 (sorry) voice chat, he quietly left on his own. ._.
  7. Brahma2

    Harassers are dead... long live Harassers.
  8. z1967

    I thought it would be, you know, normal to not TK someone because they don't want you in their vehicle. Stuff like that happens all the time and I don't C4 them for it...
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  9. Desann

    Don't we all! I had this gunner in my harasser with a halberd the other day. Did literally 20-30 circles around a prowler dodging his shots like a BOSS...well not ALL of them. My gunner literally missed all but twice...and we died.


    But I have experienced what you described when kicking dead weight. Nothing more annoying than booting someone out of the turret of my battlebus so my squadmates can gun then they go postal on me...How dare you boot the godliest gunner on the server...HOW DARE YOU!
  10. CrimsonEpsilon

    Hey buddy, this happens too often in my sunderer when I am trying to transport my team. People hold the grudge so long that when I deploy it in an ingenious spot the blow it up with tank mines. Unfortunately I can;t throw my fist through the keyboard and sock em square in the teeth. Anyway, looking forward to gunning with you again m8. Have a good one.
  11. FBVanu

    Same as in my Tank.... most gunners just can't hit a barn from the inside.. see thread:

    Must get better driving solo...
  12. ShortRovnd

    The worst gunners are the ones who just go AFK after getting in. I boot them in enemy territory.
  13. applepienation

    I've had some people try to teamkill me because they couldn't get into my mossie.

    Or shoot at me if they couldn't get in my Vanguard, which is funny because I don't think they realize that doesn't do any damage.
  14. IamnotAmazing

    holy nanites proper use of the psa tag!
  15. EViLMinD

    I gather all of us drive nice vehicles. Our guns are well upgraded etc

    We should have the pick of the litter.

    I'll gun for a good driver. Anytime. It's the easiest way to make certs. Don't even need to invest any. Just hop in, point and shoot. Have fun. Get exp.

    Good gunners are out there. I've been blessed with some of the best. Good gunners don't get tunnel vision, can quickly identify a priority target... and they know when/how to repair.

    Pre-nerf, harasser teams could be gods. Those days are pretty much over. Yet, harassers can still be a terror. I've done very well with mine lately. They still cost a little too much and have a tad too long a cooldown, but they got enough to be a threat to anything. Depending on loadout, of course. And, the quality of the operators.

    Regardless, I love ripping around in one. Gunner or not.
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  16. Frozen-K

    People do this to me in my prowler. Which I don't mind gunners, but 99% of the time they aren't engineer, and I have to get rid of them and explain why. Not sure why people would be bothered, since engineers help increase vehicle lifespans.
  17. Silvermyst

    What they really need is 3 new voice callouts.

    The "Transport" callout if fine, but when you're in a vehicle activating it should say something along the lines of "Do you need a ride?" or "Hop in" or something of the sort. A reverse transport if you will.

    The other two would be gunner callouts. When outside of a vehicle activating it will say something like "I can gun for you" or "I'm looking to be a gunner" or "Do you have a gunner seat available?" Activating it while in a vehicle would say "I'm looking for a gunner" or "My gunner seat is open", etc. Either would put a symbol of a turret above your head.

    That way when you're looking for a gunner you won't have to deal with people people who just want a ride to the next base, and potential gunners can show drivers that they actually want to gun for the rest of their current in game life.

    With this system you could let people know you're looking for an actual gunner, not a passenger. And if somebody is actually wanting to gun they can find you in the sometimes rather confusing mess of vehicles that are sometimes around.

    I think it'd help cut down on confusion, and as such help cut down in the number of people who randomly attack their allies because their expectations were different. Because as is, when I drive tanks I get people all the time that hop in, and I'm like "yay, finally a gunner" then we get to the next base and they hop out and run inside before we finish destroying the enemy vehicles :confused:.

    Well anyways, that's my two cents.
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  18. KoS-1

    Frankly, I don't want someone in the back seat who isn't known to me. Not sure if they are competent or not. Not going to find out in the heat of battle.
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  19. EViLMinD

    Good idea. It would help new players get the hint.

    Return to Castle Wallenstein and Quake Wars has a vchat command that let players call out their class: "I'm an engineer!"

    That would be nice to have.

    I'd also like a command that said something like "Get in the back and fix this thing" or "Repair in the rumble! NOW!". But, I doubt anything like that will be added.
  20. dstock

    Pretty sure the default key is numpad 4...