Don't nerf anything. Improve things.

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  1. Shadowyc

    Wouldn't they just explode on sight, at that point?
  2. IamDH

    Yeah thats the point i was trying to get at.

    Too many people to have a low TTK and bases aren't really that big. Especially when A is inside a building a cap would be near impossible with low TK

    Yessir, it comes down to agree to disagree. I would like to point out though, that if PS2 had insanely low TTK's, it would be NOTHING like your example. thats the sweet thing about PS2: the open environment. The problem with PS2 (where you find them)is its gameplay, and to me the high TTK's are one of them. IMHO the high TTK is responsible for the cluster **** and spam fests that all battles end up being. that Combined with INCREDIBLY low re-spawn time just beg for a run-and-gun twitch war.

    Anyways getting off topic there.

    one cannot over look that fact that he exaggerated for effect. None of the bases in PS2 are smaller than shippment. all of them have surrounding terrain in their hexes. an artificial environment in which a mass of players is forced into a tiny area is implausible because the very nature of a low TTK forces payers to spread out and consideration for the consequences of their movements.
  5. yllom001

    Just buy join NC, and spam Phoenixes at the problem :cool:
  6. Aegie

    I just realized what a funny coincidence it is that you posted this one day before they ****** up all the other infiltrator camo instead of improving the TR's.