Don't fly close to other aircraft

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  1. ppanj

    If you've ever been rammed, it was probably not anybody's fault. A week ago or so I rammed an outfitmate and we decided to compare the videos and I wanted to share it with everyone else. Most of you probably know this but a lot of people seem to think that hugging libs is a good idea...

    So everyone, keep safe and keep a safe distance between yourself and any other aircraft =)
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  2. Jubikus

    Thats lag compensations drawbacks in a nutshell.
  3. zuka7

    Thank you for this as you may be the first to show a collision from both perspectives. I already knew this but I always thought that that other person whom you collide with would not actually see the collision itself kind of like the way you see it in your ESF. This is strange and I think it raises questions about who's packets are talking with the server properly or who's packets are having issues.
  4. zaspacer

    It's unfortunate that Air uniquely suffers from Collisions in such a way that it makes formations and flying in larger packs and working in tandem/groups so dangerous (though obviously it's still done). It's silly in general the number of deaths Air has due to Collision:

    If Ground Vehicles or Infantry had these issues, you'd never see the massive battles and Zergs. Just explosions, bodies, and vehicle carcasses all over the place.
  5. Mythologicus

    Fly Galaxies or Liberators on NC for any length of time and you learn this very quickly the hard way.

    At least, YOU do. Shame about the hundreds upon hundreds of Reavers that have splatted into your hull.
  6. CorporationUSA

    Once when I was new, I was doing ops with my outfit and I flew too close to a full galaxy from another squad in my platoon. Not only did I die, but I killed the gal and everyone in it. I think that may be the only time I've seen an ESF kill a gal with full health by ramming.
  7. The Rogue Wolf

    Won't say I'm surprised. I was driving a Prowler last week and made light side-to-side contact with another Prowler; I was at full health, as I believe was he. We both exploded immediately, and the kill report told me the other driver was the culprit. It was highly unlikely to be tank mines, as we were near the rear of a fairly long convoy.

    Sometimes you just get defective nanites. :confused:

    Oh, trust me, you do. It's fortunate that you can pass through friendly infantry while on foot, or the number-one cause of infantry death would be trampling.
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  8. stalkish

    Ground vehicles do have this problem, its just not as fast or insta death.
    Ive had my tank stuck inside another one with the driver totaly oblivious.
    Same has happened in reverse, ive actualy destroyed a friendly tank without even touching it on my screen.
    Worst part is as a ground vehicle you always get blamed since no1 knows of the problem, so usually its a c4 up the **** from a disgruntled friendly.

    This problem is also obvious when trying to run over an infantry, you always splat them n your screen, never the opponents.

    Also when you run around a corner before being killed, only to die 5 feet around it would also be related i think.
  9. zaspacer

    I appreciate it does happen on ground too. Especially for Infantry getting run over by Vehicles, or Light Vehicles getting crushed by Heavy ones.

    But it's silly the amount of deaths that are caused by (non-Intentional) Collisions for Air:

    Libs = 34% of all Deaths
    ESF = 40% of all Deaths
    Valks = 42% of all Deaths
    Gals = 48% of all Deaths
  10. Kcalehc

    Clearly Galaxies have right of way at all times...

    I've been hovering over a base, literally completely stationary, and had a couple of Reavers fly into me and go splat. Apparently it was also my fault.
  11. Trebb

    I was hovering over a base with a battle GAL, and I think I upset someone, as they logged on a BR1 TR and kept ramming my GAL with a valkerie. One more ram would've weapons locked me, so I logged rather than break my streak of never having been weapons locked :*(
  12. \m/SLAYER\m/

    Collision with ground counts too?
  13. XsolarflareX

    I've flown gal's since beta, and the biggest fear for me is still friendly planes. If hit by enemy planes, generally the game says, your bigger than him, you win, and the enemy plane explodes. With friendlies, this practice goes right out the window. it's 50/50 if I die or not regardless of health.
    The sad part is now, just as back in beta, human nature is the main culprit. People like to look cool in front of others. On the ground, you get big kill streaks, or long shots. In the air you buzz others or fly super close to stuff. That's why, regardless of how many times I tell people to stay away, they come roaring in any way. They want to buzz my big old galaxy and show me how to fly. How really, really cool they are. It's a pity really. It gets tough having to stop to clean cool off your plane.
  14. insaneman12

    It gets worse if there are a lot of planes too. Two weeks ago I spawned into esamir warpgate to see about 40 planes sitting around getting ready about 10 people were at the spawners. I spawned one landed and everyone took off 2 min later. So many planes crashed it was funny, for me at least. About 15 of us made it out.
  15. Pikachu

    Why does the water have potato color?
  16. Dgross

    "Hey dude, check your 4 o'clock! See me?! See?? Tight formation dawg! Look how tight it......*YOU HAVE BEEN KILLED*"
  17. zaspacer

    Yes. Most of the % for those was for Collision w/ Environment (though some of Collisions w/ Environment is ricochet off someone... then hit Environment). I was just trying to indicate the "bump and explode" nature of Air.

    Air would have a lot more Friendly Collisions. But they try not to touch each other. Here are the Death By Friendly Collision:

    Libs = 1.27% of all Deaths
    ESF = 3.29% of all Deaths
    Valks = 1.37% of all Deaths
    Gals = 1.47% of all Deaths

    Galaxies seem to have right of way in Air. Likely because they aren't as mobile, they're slow, will win in most Collisions, can true hover, and don't have as good visibility. Though ESFs seem to have high right of way on AirPads. Maybe because they don't take up as much space, they reload/repair fast, they can land/tafeoff fast, they don't have true hover, and they get squished very easy.

    An impromptu Air Zerg crowding the bubble above a Base before Cap can especially be a nightmare. Not only do the pilots have to all stack within the bubble, but many pilots are racing in as the timer ticks down, some pilots are still trying to do attack runs, some pilots are getting lit up with AA fire or locks and attempting evasion, ESFs are wobbling about because they don't have true hover and also don't want to get OHK by some yahoo AA, and some enemy AIR Aces and Gank Squads LOVE to cherry pick your Air right when the Cap Timer is finishing, and everyone is just sitting ducks.