Don't call it hit detection

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by day ofm one, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. day ofm one

    Saying hit detection would mean that hits actually get detected.

    Since they don't, I will refuse to call it detection.

    My TAR is completely useless, I empty a full mag into a guy and he kills me in 6 hits.

    I stopped playing with the T9 CARV because 80% of the time 30 shots aren't enough to kill someone, I had guys turning around and just murdering me after I emptied 50 rounds into their back.

    It seems like all high RPM weapons have serious hit count issues.

    I assume that because every NC or VS killing me apparently has no problem with finishing me in 6-8 hits.

    The only guns I can reliably use are my NC-11 AP and sniper rifles, everything else refuses to work and just gets me killed.
  2. user101

    Function of Hit magic = lan speed out X lan speed back X Graphics Speed X CPU speed / GPU speed.

    Of course this is not the equation for Hit detection but it might as well be. If you run to slow you get bad Hits and if you run to fast you get bad Hit also. You have to find that "Magic Window" that works for you.

    Of course SOE servers render distance does not help. And fights over 10+ x 10+ seem to have render issues also.
    Last night was so bad I just logged off. Level 3 is just jumping all over the place also. 143 ms to 380+ ms for pings.

    Look to the magic and ask what SOE Dev gods what they can do for you....!
  3. tigerchips

    I logged in today, joined a squad, started shooting people left, right, and centre. 15-0 K/D ratio just about at the end of the base capture. Then 30 minutes later, i could not kill a bloody thing, K/D ratio dropped below 2.0.

    It's like the hit registration, or lack of it, goes downhill the more i play. I just can't understand it.
  4. user101

    ****** ---> I have seen this also.... I have no idea what it is and why it happens. The VS the other night just appear out of no where... and blow up stuff. I have no idea if it is a server problem / bug or a new hack they are using... ???????

    I was getting hit the other day by M-60 pounders following me in a lighting at top speed... So I assume there is a new hack around, that SOE does not know about.????

    If SOE is putting in AI that will be the end of hacks, the AI will catch all the hacks for SOE... !
  5. nightbird

    It's a common issue with cheap or free wireless routers, they overheat during online games and start dropping packets like mad after a set amount of time (depending on cheapness and room temperature).

    If you have an ethernet cable, use it and see if the problems go away. If you're not using wireless, nevermind. People usually blame SOE for everything and don't post important hard/software information haha.
  6. Strateuo

    The game is still not balanced, TR has the shorter, weaker stick. Bottom line, play VS or NC if you want to have fun and not be frustrated. Oh and stop giving SOE your money maybe one day they will pull their head out and fix the obvious discrimination.
  7. YamiNoTenshi

    PS2 is going with a new system called hit rejection and it's working great!
  8. tigerchips

    I'm using Netgear and ethernet. No packet loss.
  9. tigerchips

    Framerate feels very laggy, i'm not sure if 40 fps should feel like that, it actually feels more like 15fps.
  10. tigerchips

    I don't think it's a hack, i've never seen it recover from the bad hit detection.
  11. Aaren

    At the risk of turning this thread into a snake oil bazaar tigerchips - what NIC (network interface card) does your computer have?

    I ask because I re-flashed my Killer e2200 with an Aetherocom driver instead of the buggy OEM one - and my "hit detection" was the most responsive it's ever been. I'm going to do further testing this afternoon - hopefully it wasn't just a case of the server being mostly empty.

    The e2200 does have a reputation for flaky preformance though, particularly in win 8.1. Unless yours is a similar card, I'd suspect something else.
  12. AllyElly

    Is your 'smoothing' on or off?
    I find 'smoothing' off buggers up my hit detection something horrible. With 'smoothing' on it seems to be a lot more accurate, although it will cost you some fps etc... but as said, I find it, not sure if its 100% correct to state, but it works for me
  13. LordTankT9

    "Working Great" is not what this game facilitate.