Don't BUY any new camo until Next Patch

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Torok, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. Torok

    Ok I know I know, it's kinda radical and maybe this thread will be deleted :D

    BUT, currently on test server Camos have a personal Tab, they are all included in one single purchase for Armor/Weapon/Vehicles, one purchase for everything, current SC cost is 500 for each, and 1000 SC for the black ones, a few special mentions such as Autumn Fright which is still 500 SC but is only available as Weapon Camo.

    Remember it's still on the Test Server which means that the price might raise!
    Also there are a tons of new camos, atleast 10-15.

    GL HF!



    The 1 Certification price is there for Testing purpose as of the Test server if you didn't know.
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  2. Lunia

  3. Dragonblood

    And soon there will be overpriced and overpowered camos that perfectly blend into another faction or are completly lack.....oh wait, that OP feature is already reserved for a specific faction.
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  4. Giggily

    If you think that camo actually matters in Anno Domini 2014 you have issues.
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  5. z1967

    I am getting Giraffe camo just to **** with people. It will be hilarious.
  6. LibertyRevolution

    Why did you join the faction with bright red all over them if your were concerned about camo?
    I mean really, you joined the red team, the color the enemy is in every other FPS, and you want to complain about camo?
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  7. Ribero

    "Pink Grunge" ?
  8. uhlan

    Camo is meaningless in this game.

    However, some folks, very few, have a hard time determining whether or not a target is the enemy in CQB mostly. This can give their opponents the upper hand in certain circumstances.

    I guess their "dorito" isn't visible. I''ve never had this problem.
  9. Wyll

    I have bought 3 cameos. One for each planet and only when they were on sale. I require no more.... except I use the damn girraffe camo on Indar. It makes me look like a complete tool.
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  10. Kunavi

    I think it's the most efficient for Indar though... Even if it was intended as a joke or purely for fun kind of item.
  11. NoctD

    I'm hopeful now - I suspect us with incomplete collections will be granted the missing pieces, which will be very nice.

    Please SOE, be nice, its not like we didn't fork out a bunch of SC for various camos in the past.
  12. ZeroErrorz

    SWEET, once im back in may after my pc got fixed, i could grab more stuff with SC that i ussualy lost in purchasing camos, i hope next thing SOE do is to reduce the weapon cost.
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  13. DeadliestMoon

    Question, isnt it illegal to prevent a business from selling their product? Like say if I didnt like one company and i try to prevent people from buying their products, wouldnt that be like harassment or something?
  14. Torok

    Yeah that I do not know, sure the title of the thread is kinda aggressive I could probably come up with something better, I myself am really pleased with this pricing changes, will definetly buy more camos in the future.
    But at the same time I can swear people will be like "Omg I bought that camo yesterday for three time the price zomg hurr durr", atleast this way they are advised,
    Forewarned is forearmed!

    the Moderator will do what he has to do.
  15. Gustavo M

    Welcome to Capitalism, kid.
  16. deggy

    I'm digging through ForumSide and TwitterSide and RedditSide to try to find the quote right now,I'll edit and post it if I do.

    TRay basically said that:
    1) People who own camos now will get the full set after the patch.
    2) Fully outfitting your vehicle will be no more expensive after the change, he hinted that it might even be cheaper.

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  17. Goretzu

    Usually IFF issues and sometimes night issues. :D

    Admittedly camo if very limited for daytime actual camouflarge against the environment (although some are somewhat effective, sometimes), but that doesn't mean they don't have actual advantages.
  18. Torok

    Shh the camo pro & cons is TABOO on forumside!
  19. Ttariel

    So will we get the others too now ?

    Alos dont be to happy yet, chances are this will not hit Live
  20. Torok

    This will hit live, check the Roadmap, what's subject to change is the pricing, It could go up to 750SC I think, but in the past last year they never messed often with SC prices, never seen them changing them two times in a row, but there's always a first.
    We'll see if it raises or stays this way.
    500 SC is a good pricing, probably the first real good pricing on a Depot item lol, and coming from me that I bought all kind of stuff for 750 SC, even stuff that went down to 1 SC or 250 certs In time ^^
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