Don't buy an Apex helmet

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by centurionvi, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. centurionvi

    Before: No one here..

    After: Oh there he is!

    The only exception is if you play NC and are big Michigan Wolverines fan. Otherwise you're paying money to actively handicap yourself.
  2. Leo Di Caprio

    Hah, the cost for vanity and good swag.
  3. Verisimilituder

    If the ''illuminated'' part of its name wasn't a clue...

    I'm holding out for a non-illuminated apex helmet.
  4. Terran537

    I was a sucker and bought it during the 3x SC sale at Christmas. I'd wanted to show off my camo so I bought it for my LA (The Apex helmet applies camo it itself). At first it didn't glow, but after GU2 they fixed the illumination and now it works "properly." Now I wear it when it is daytime, but at night I take it off (or just go to another continent/log off, since I can't see the damn Vanu at night and they always push the continent hard when it is night time).
  5. Sifer2

    While were on the subject small disadvantages in cosmetics. The recent game updates seem to have brightened most of the older camo patterns. Some people are pretty angry thinking it was a way for SOE to try to get people to buy the new continent themed camo's. But someone else posted a theory that it's a side effect of that reduction in art memory they did to improve performance. If that's the case I hope older camo gets a pass to fix it. Since TR Alpha Squad is now pink...
  6. Lord Robert

    What we need is a big glowing pulsating red ball I can put on my head, with a flashing strobe bulls-eye right in the middle.

    And spikes.

  7. centurionvi

    "Illuminated" doesn't necessarily mean "brighter than the night sky". Before the update the NC/VS versions had plain stripes, now they all light up like a lamp on your head. I wish they would change it back the way it was for everyone.
  8. Bravix

    Quit your crying. At least you don't have the VS' Apex. That thing isn't some dull light like shown above. It's a bright cyan "shoot me" lightbulb.
  9. MiZrY

    Handicap? I get killed just as much in my non apex helmet loadout.

    I have never had a problem seeing an enemy regardless of the camo/helmets they use. If they are close enough to see my glowing helmet, they are getting shot at by me.
  10. ghnurbles

    I recall reading that the illuminated parts only display like that to your allies. I've never noticed an enemy with an illuminated helmet, so I'm inclined to believe it.
  11. LibertyRevolution

  12. TheBloodEagle

  13. Turel2

    At least its not as bad as the Mana turrets shield. As an engineer I feel you pain.
  14. BengalTiger

    But it is worse than seeing a red painted Lightning or Magrider in snow camo in Amerish (contrary to popular belief, camo does make things less visible when used properly, or more visible when totally not blending in).
  15. JudgeDeath

    I guess I shouldnt really speak in this thread since ....

    Thats how I roll around on indar day or night ^^ ... Same colortheme for all classes. (Btw give us option to "Change camo/decal/weaponcamo to all classes and loadouts")
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  16. Semtex.KIA.

    Skull helmets......Fear me, I'm a skeleton!!!
  17. Gisgo

    +1 i got that helmet too.
    I got it because its the only helmet with applyable camo, i figured it would have helped me being a little more sneaky... sure :rolleyes:
    Please give me the option to REMOVE THE BATTERIES... i am a freaking engineer i should be able to do that.
  18. TheBloodEagle

    Do you recall where you saw this? Twitter, wiki? I haven't see anyone with an Apex helmet for a while so hard for me to see if it's true. Hope it is.

    If it's not true, then basically my suggestion was to remove Illumination in the daytime. All of our character models have a part that glows at night, even the composite helmets. So it's totally reasonable that the Apex does too. The problem is that it also glows in the daytime, unlike the rest of the gear. So I do hope it's either a bug, allies only or they will change it because the Apex helmet is the only one that supports camo.
  19. ArmedGoose

    Awesome! You look just like that Scorpius dude from Farscape... :D
  20. kennonfodder

    Can anyone tell me if Sony fixed the Apex Helmet? Is it still glowing in the night? Really love the look of this helmet, but it´s a waste of money with the light bulbs at the moment

    Such an expensive item that costs 750 SC should be perfect, nothing less

    -true or false statement?