Don't be like NC Emerald tonight

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  1. Jaquio

    I was at Woodman earlier today when that was going on.

    You know why? I logged in because I had 20 free minutes, and it set me up on Hossin and that's where the game wanted to deploy me. So I went there.

    And guess what? I had fun for 20 mins running around with a shotgun while getting stormed on two sides by both VS and TR. Then I logged out to go eat dinner.

    You know what was lost? Nothing. Resources are meaningless. Territory is meaningless. Alerts are meaningless. Continent lock is meaningless. All of these things are meaningless concepts that have no affect on gameplay.

    I'm not going to stop having fun because some squeaky voiced child is screaming in [ORDERS] about how we're stupid and lost a meaningless Tech Plant on a map that's utter garbage for tanks.
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  2. RykerStruvian

    Haha, NC, you're so funny. Okay, you keep doing that thing you do. Just don't complain or start 'OMG VS/TR SO OP WTF SOE?' threads because you guys like to bite the dirt and get facerolled. Especially during alerts.


  3. Waffle Fartsparkle

    The condescending way you're typing makes me want to punch you in the face really badly.

    A few days ago, we won 2 consecutive prime time alerts, even ripping Andvari Bio Lab from the VS kicking and screaming so your comment about NC liking to bite the dirt and get facerolled is silly. NC has lacked solid communication since the merge. We CAN win alerts consistently if certain parties would remove their heads from their collective anuses and work together towards the common goal of victory. It just doesn't happen often.

    To comment on your "omg op" comment, The only thing I have personally ever claimed that was game-breakingly stupid overpowered was the PPA, and that was a correct call since SOE nerfed it to something that didn't completely break fights with their massive fight-stopping-can't-even-get-out-of-the-spawn-room-and-they're-right-at-the-render-distance AoE.
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  4. MasonSTL

    Waffle is right. Going for an Alert win isn't as fun as just being in a big fight for 30 minutes on end. I like the tug o' war stile fights, not the territory hopping ever 5 minutes meta we have now, especially when I just want to unwind and shoot ****.
  5. Chewy102

    That site is till running but with little traffic these days. That is how Waterson NC got their **** together by sitting outfit representatives down with each other to have a good old fashion talk over teamspeak 1-2 times a month. It worked wonders and I should still have the recordings of those meetings on my google drive. And then the merge did a number to it and the Matherson NC alliance. That was about the time I took my long breather and lost track in what went on in NCHQ. Can't say what happened to make the site get to such a low point.

    But back in what I recall we tried to get Matherson NC to join us and set up no less than 2 meetings with their outfit reps. The first maybe 1 matherson guy shown up and the 2nd like 2-4, on their TS server no less. The merge clashed some heads when 2 NC groups who knew almost nothing of each other all of a sudden got jammed into the same house. Drama went on and things ended up like it is today. I wasn't there to see the drama but something had to happen.

    If there is a want for the NC outfits of Emerald to try and reform NCHQ then I can send word out to the people can help in that. DVS isn't much to talk about anymore but Im certain we wouldn't think twice about jumping on this again. What contacts I got should still be of some worth and a start to work on. But without the other outfits want to be a better faction then I can't do much.
  6. Chewy102

  7. RykerStruvian

    fite me irl 1v1
  8. cykael

    live free guys

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  9. Dunkarooo

    Yes I am being serious. I don't care if the NC wins... I always win anyway in some way or another so I don't care. I don't get why you think that you have the right to tell people how to play the game though? Why is the guy who wants to go for objectives and defend relevant bases and do useful things suck... why is he a such a ****? Care to answer that Mr. Fartsparkle?
  10. FieldMarshall

    To be honest, i think "most" people just wants to shoot stuff. Doesent help that terriroty doesent mean anything either.
    There is no downsides to fighting enemies next to your warpgate. Actually, you are at an advantage fighting out of your warpgate.
  11. KnightCole

    Oh, the OP is nothing out of the ordinary. That is what I see almost everytime I log into PS2.....cant even play the game as NC cuz its just all 2 continents, NC warpgated surrounded by 96v1-12....
  12. Shatteredstar

    The main issue I see with the "we just want a good fight!" Crowd is that it doesn't add up when you see threads pop up about NC getting beaten back or not winning as many alerts.

    There obviously IS a player base within NC that wants to play the meta or at least somewhat and win the alerts and the meta is NOT at odds with wanting a good fight either.

    I've been in some fabulous battles during alerts and if there is a base that needs consistent defending that can be a good battle. The problem is that I see with NC is they seem to focus on such fights to the exclusion of all else too often.

    Several alerts I have seen NC start pushing a lane or they lose one territory and the response is an overwhelming push back on that lane, even when stalemated they don't just go into a "defend this position while other groups push elsewhere!"
    It ends up with them getting out capped easily too often because there is not as much defense on the other lines or they lose steam and end up just fighting for the sake of fighting.

    Use the players who want those "good fights" as defenders on your hot lanes, those who want to win the alerts become the strike teams and aggressive assaulter people.

    You guys CAN have both just need to work out which people are which, but when I'm on NC I don't often see much for good orders or anything or communication as the platoon leads seem to just repeat the "fall back and pull armor! Push!" Some time passes and if they get pushed back due to tactical issues "fall back and pull more armor...PUSH!"

    Gotta mix things up and it seems like they never learn as the same tactic breaks the push. Those types are your defenders just need them to not be the majority of your offense.
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  13. Pirbi

    NC got the pop, ZOE was nerfed, and the Waterson server lost overall pop. That's how NC started steamrolling alerts. And NC wasn't happy then either because wins were too easy. It's good that emerald has pop now, other than getting a platoon on the alert continent means losing half to a long queue for fifteen minutes. But as far as the map, yes if NC hold a cut off territory for the farm, they lose the continent. But no, you won't get them to leave the farm. Although all factions do that to an extent.
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  14. Shatteredstar

    I agree with the last point especially. VS has lost a few alerts because most of our pop decided to sit at a bio lab for most of an alert because "omg farm!" And we just couldn't get the Pop to break other bases effectively.
  15. Dunkarooo

    It's an understatement to say you aren't seeing good orders or communication. Yesterday the NC guys in the orders tab were calling everyone ******* garbage and basically using the order tab to yell at people in a totally non helpful way. The funny thing is that they do this without even giving clear direction or suggestions in the first place... it's overall a lost cause tbh. It's a cycle of incompetence and unchecked nerd rage.
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  16. Waffle Fartsparkle

    Telling you how most of the playerbase prefer to play Planetside 2 =/= telling you how to play Planetside 2.
  17. Shatteredstar

    Which is a shame because that never works, want a smaller scale of it? Go play WoW Pvp or call of duty and listen to the team chat on a losing team, and it magically NEVER helps.

    NC can put up the fights and I've seen them get going and capping before but without some direction and such it will never get better. Unless every weapon NC has gets a buff to 1000 damage a bullet and even then it will be iffy because they will just get outplayed on the large scale game.
  18. Pirbi

    Because it's easier to backseat drive and play Captain Obvious than to actually do anything. I do think NC probably does attract a younger group who are getting their first chance at 'authority' and use it like people who need the practice.
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  19. iller

    Depends on the "faction". Now that the Connery VS pops finally took a dive again and aren't just clones of the GinyuForce on your server, they're finally starting to get 2v1 themselves every now and then and kicked completely off whichever cont doesn't have the alert going on it. ....But the primary factor not being mentioned here is the Pleb-Factor.

    NC has the highest Pleb ratio.
    Fighting Plebs = Fatter stat padding
  20. Hartkernharald

    well, there's a certain notorious outfit that i'm fairly sure is actively trying to sabotage the nc. i've joined their platoons a few times and they were consistently going for the map center every time, deliberately breaking up tr-vs lattices to make sure everyone has to fight the nc. then they would dump the platoon in some atrocious stalemate to make it useless. not sure why.