Don't ask people to redeploy when they pull expensive vehicles

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Pie Chasm, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. Pie Chasm

    "Guys we need you to pull armor here"

    1 minute expires...

    "Ok, sorry, but you all need to redeploy to the warpgate."

    No, **** you. I am not redeploying ****. I don't even have any certs invested in vehicles, but that doesn't mean I should forfeit 300+ resources, because YOU made a tactical error.


    30 seconds expire and friendly ESFs/Libs clear the skies

    "Ok, we're good now, redeploy ASAP to this location 3000+ meters away or you WILL GET KICKED"

    The ****? Is your short term memory gone, or are you just stupid, or both?

    The first priority for any platoon/squad leader should be the enjoyment of his teammates, along with the logisitics, total resources available, etc. for the platoon. If you're too dumb to look at the ******* icons of your squad members, or even communicate with them, then don't lead.

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  2. TheBlindFreak

    Out of curiosity, what outfit was this? I know we do this a lot in VCO. But we are specifically a quick response outfit. And we make that pretty clear in open platoons.
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  3. mavix

    Obviously that platoon wasn't worth being in. Better just join one that is nearest to you and if they want to go off to some random distant location, just leave.
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  4. deggy

    What's sad is that in most cases, when Warpgate redeploys happen and everyone gets in Galaxies, a tank could drive from the original objective to the new one and beat the Galaxies there.
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  5. WyrdHarper

    During alerts you'd better be ready to redeploy if you want to win. However, I usually tell people who have vehicles/MAXes to make the way to the point in their own time. I'd rather have a harasser with a MAX in the back five minutes late a couple more regular infantry. Air is also usually given free rein, since they have a much larger operating range, and can easily be excluded by enemy lock-ons and flak. I'd also rather keep good tankers/pilots in my squads, even if that means it takes a little longer for them to catch up. They usually also take different routes and can give you good information about enemy positions, or run into enemy reinforcements and sunderers you wouldn't have known about them. It's always nice when a friendly tank takes out a hidden enemy sunderer after making their way several hexes to rejoin you.
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  6. Dethfield

    There is nothing wrong with this, except that if your outfit operates this way, then you should rely mostly on infantry weapons, and not really ever pull tanks. Which is what frustrates people like OP (though why he is complaining when he has no certs in vehicles is beyond me). Generally i dont pull my heavily certed vanguard when running with VCO for this reason, as i could easily survive through 3-4 redeploy orders possibly more.
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  7. Teegeeack

    Well, why does not having certs in vehicles preclude him from complaining? A tank is no less a tank just because it's uncerted. It still costs 300 resources.
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  8. gigastar

    When i want to stop running with the three other platoons steamrolling a single NC squad down the west coast of Indar and go to Esamir in search of a decent fight, youll listen to me.

    Or report to the Commissar.
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  9. Giggily

    300 infantry resources? Damn bro that's like 10 minutes... At least...
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  10. OldCuban

    What faction and/or server do you play on?

    I ask in order to make sure I don't squad with you :p.

    In order to win any alert and/or capture a continent you have to be willing to sacrifice your " fun " in order to complete the mission.

    Players like you are the ones that lose your faction's alerts.

    You wanna just zerg? By all means do so. If that's what floats your boat then join a squad/platoon that caters to that behavior.

    But don't join a tactical squad and expect to do whatever you feel like doing. It's a team effort.
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  11. CptFirelord

    TL;DR OP is not a team player and believes the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many.

    If you're looking for enjoyment over actually doing something useful (I enjoy both, so I'm biased ofc) then leave the platoon and go waste your body somewhere else. Like in those 1-12 fights you lose when even popped. If you're too dumb to follow orders and trust in your squad / platoon leader than communicate your misgivings. ******** about it on the forums doesn't help a plat / squad leader advance or evolve.
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  12. FendleyFire

    If you're not willing to follow a squad leaders orders I suggest finding a squad that caters to your play style or starting your own squad. Then you can run it how you want.
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  13. Aeflic

    This game is about teamwork cohesion and fun.

    My guys in VCO re deploy a lot. We specialize in airborne infantry. Guess what? We have to re deploy so much because a lot of our zerg players and even allies wont re deploy because they have vehicles so its a lot of the time up to my guys to defend bases on a western front when we are on the eastern front. But they understand this and push for NC domination.

    Who cares about a MAX or tank sometimes we can move to the next base sometimes we need to rapid re deploy. Just know when you whine about your MAX or tank you have to leave behind remember that your platoon leader is getting shot in the head no matter where he hides by the other factions. He sacrifices a lot more than you will ever sacrifice by leaving a tank or MAX behind. We literally get no rewards, little xp, terrible K/D etc. But we lead so that YOU the player base can enjoy yourselves.
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  14. dstock

    OP: You don't have any certs in your vehicle. You will make those resources back before you can pull another one due to acquisition timers. If you're mad that your leader is asking you to redeploy or move around, stop playing with them. Not everyone wants to be a casual Charlie, so stop complaining about wanting to play like one. Just log out of the forums, and go do it.
  15. ChipMHazard

    Well that's entirely up to the outfits and platoons/squads. If you don't like how an outfit/platoon/squad is run then you can try to change their minds, ignore them or just leave and play how you want. The latter being the most important, you're the one playing and you get to decide how you want to play. Naturally other people don't have to agree with your way of playing.
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  16. Ryme

    They should allow you to un-rez and refund your vehicle and resources if you park/land it back onto the spawning pad.
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  17. Boomotang

    Guys, he's not complaining about redeploying. He's upset about the poor organization. Squad leaders are ordering him to pull equipment that costs resources, and then soon after are ordering him to abandon it.

    If you don't know where you're going next, or if it's a possibility that you'll be redeploying across the map, then it's a poor decision to order the soldiers in your command to use up consumable resources that will be wasted. It's poor logistics. The exception being when it's absolutely necessary to win the objective.

    If your squad is supposed to be a quick response force then you shouldn't be pulling armour or MAXes very often. There are good reasons for squads to commit to certain regions of the map though. Logistics being one of them.
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  18. Meeka

    It wouldn't be so bad if half the platoon and squad leaders giving these orders weren't people who have neither map nor compass to how play a strategy game. These are usually the same people who sit in the spawn room until a base is lost instead of spawning to the nearest armor/air base and pulling reinforcements and coming back in force before the base is actually capped.

    The best squad/platoon leaders in PS2 are the ones who can dominate startegy games like Civilization and other empire faction games with focus on strategy. Because, in the end, to win in PS2... that's how you need to view the world.

    I like our outfit... it might be small, but we discuss strategic options before moving... as because of that, even as one of the smaller outfits on Mattherson, we're still in the top 15 outfits because we often take the objective we're after in indirect ways... and if we're defending, we're very difficult to get out, even against vast odds because of our strategic game play.
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  19. Pie Chasm

    One leader does not constitute a team.

    It's the needs of the many that should have precedence, that's the only thing you managed to get right.

    The enjoyment of 10+ people shouldn't have to be ruined by one clowns mistake.

    PRECISELY. If you're stupid, then don't lead platoons, or even squads.
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  20. dstock

    I'm assuming you would do a better job? Then, stop complaining and start leading. That's the problem with the blind leading the blind, no one realizes they're in a train tunnel.
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