[Suggestion] Dogfighting Reaver Pilots Boring?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Valkar, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Valkar

    May just be me but how do the rest of the VS and TR feel about dogfighting reaver pilots. For me its the most boring experience in the entire game win or lose. It consists entirely of the Reaver using Vertical Thrust and moving up and down whilst you ring around them and strafe in an out. If you hover like they do you die, if you run they cant catch you and strafing back and forth is simply boring.

    This is not the pilots faults, they are only using what they were given so this isnt a slam on NC pilots at all. I just find the whole concept of dogfighting broken in PS2 right now.

    I wish they would introduce a deadly air to air fighter with insane damage front canno (no lock ons) but the aircraft itself has ZERO hover ability. They should be fast agile and nimble with extreme flak/aa lock on defence and designed purely for air to air. Its a fantasy that will never happen because SOE want ESF which are a cross between planes and helicopters for some odd reason.

    I suppose I just miss good old dogfighting and with all the AA/Flak/Lock ons as well as poor A2A combat mechanics for fighter on fighter combat, its pretty lackluster and forces pilots to either go A2G or play another class :(
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  2. Veri

    Only time they are a challenge is if they know how to reverse fly.
    Otherwise it is usually a case of them sneaking up on me for the kill but I can usually shake them off.
  3. Cinnamon

    Yeah, I try to use air to air missiles to make it more interesting for myself but they just seem pretty broken most of the time and anyway the counter is for the reavers to do exactly the same thing they would do anyway.
  4. slipnitz

    face it, reaver cant out maneuver the other 2 ESF's

    Reaver doesn't have the armor, the guns and the manueverability...
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  5. Aegie

    The ESF you describe wanting here is the one I wish they would have made in place of what we have- had they put in a genuine fighter and not some fighter/helicopter hybrid then the lolpods would never had existed and the combined arms balance would have been far better to begin with without have to nerf/buff everything to the point where all the items feel so strange.

    Personally, I only recently started spending some decent time flying and I really do enjoy the dogfighting. It does feel a little clunky, however, in part because flying is less like flying and more like swimming.
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  6. NC_agent00kevin

    Reavers cant do it at the same speeds as them. So when they start maneuvering, you slow down and use your thrust up/down to even the odds. I dogfight scythes and mossies a lot, and more often then not, they bug out/suicide when you actually fight back. Got into a good one last night with a Scythe that stuck it out until he was nearly on fire then tried to run - but Airhammer. Usually when I lose a dogfight it was over before it started - a surprise attack that outright destroyed me or left me burning/heavily damaged before I could react.

    As Aegie said, it a lot like swimming instead of flying - and theres 'tumbling'. Once you learn to tumble your Reaver you're golden.
  7. Nyscha

    I avoid fighting reavers because of that damn OP airhammer shotgun.
    It kills ESF's faster than the dedicated A2A guns..
    And it has the same effective range as the fast firing ones.
  8. Forkyar24

  9. BH Brigade

    I would be fine if they nerfed it, because right now it's the only viable reaver weapon due to offset. The Vortek can't hit ****, because the offset is so bad. Also, I've spent quite a bit of time in a Reaver (50+ hours) and I still can't judge the offset.
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  10. Tar

    You are a very special person.
  11. Tar

  12. DuckSauce

    I have about 79h in the Reaver and still can't judge the damn offset. The other day I was face to face with a Mossie and he actually got in my 'no hit' zone. Aim at him and the bullets went over him, aim below him and they went beneath. Fortunately another Reaver with the Air Hammer picked him off me, trololo.
  13. JChronus

    i don't even bother with fighters anymore, i used to enjoy supporting my little buddies on the ground with rocket pods but now they are virtually useless, i only use them for transport now, planetside i'sent about air combat or armored combat, its all about infantry combat, oh joy.
  14. DaninTexas

    I use my reaver as a futuristic space taxi
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  15. o0Eeyore0o

    If you die to the airhammer at long range then you were either nearly dead, or terrible. If you let a Reaver sneak up on you then you are either deaf or too busy lolpod farming.

    Agent Kevin is correct, Reaver pilots must learn to tumble their plane or they will always die to scythes pressing spacebar and hover turretting or die to mossies who know how to turn their plane.
  16. Tar

    How about when you're actually trying to dogfight against them, which happens to be the point of this thread?
    Tell me please dear sir, how do you keep a distance in a dogfight?
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  17. TintaBux

  18. DashRendar

    Oh. A Reaver OP thread. Give me a break, this is too much. Someone post a funny video so I at least have a socially acceptible reason to break out in laughter.
  19. AceMF

    dogfghting in general is something in this game that doesn't happen all that much to begin with. I am at the point where it really doesn't thrill me anymore for a few reasons.

    if you try and go 1v1 with someone else and get into to reverse maneuver standoff you wind up with low airspeed and little to no afterburner fuel. should you win the fight at this point you are fodder for the next, peppered with flak, and locked on with one or all three flavors of anti-air missiles.

    Increasingly if you get the jump on someone they burn straight back to their flak. At this state of the game if someone has the jump on me I'm inclined to do the same.

    should you overcome all the outside interference to actually have a decent 1v1 you probably went out of your way to cherry pick the circumstance , in this case the other pilot will just crash , suicide, or bail out and log out while falling to the ground.
  20. Tar

    kind of bitter but generally true, yeah.
    At least they buffed the vehicle kill assist XP (which doesn't help when they decon it, ofc :) ).