Dogfighting etiquette - "you can't kill me - only I can kill me!"

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  1. LanceHavenbay

    Never said it was. I suggest you re-read my post, as it specifically mentions fighting multiple foes. I did however say that I am not willing to allow a player to gain experience simply through using a spam lock weapon. If they want experience, they get to work for it.

    End the end, it will make them a better pilot anyways.

    Also: I do go out with friends and park our sunders in isolated areas to duel. It is how you get better. Not to mention, it breaks the monotony of endless zerging that the Indar lemmings have.
  2. Aisar

    wow you have quite the ego to claim that just because you don't like the way A2A rockets can be used effectively that it's unfair and you have every right to be a poor sport. You are no better than any other dude who bails or decons, same attitude, different situation.
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  3. allattar

    Personally I feel that if you crash a kill should be awarded to the person who did the majority of the damage.

    Nice and simple.

    A mid air deconstruct should give an xp penalty. A bailside should give a kill to the person who did most damage.

    A logout mid air, yes two top ranked tr on miller do this. Should get someone comjng round and slapping the logger for being a ******
    Mind you the guys I've seen who do this are not the most mature. I got hate tells calling me a ****** when I blew his lib up. Then rocket podded him ad he ran away. This from the number one pod ***** on the tr.
  4. hawken is better

    Haha, Nevesnet.
  5. NovaAustralis

    There's a distinction between crashing and deconstructing.

    - Pilots that deconstruct during a dogfight are un-sportsmans-like, sour-grape, sore-losers and deserve our scorn for their cowardice.
    - Pilots that crash during a dogfight could be doing any number of things.
    (Flying low to evade, attempting to land to repair, most times I'd guess their aircraft is 'red-lining' and they have poor control over it anyway.)

    So, feel free to scorn and mock your opponents who deliberately and cowardly deconstruct if they're losing a dogfight.
    (Instead of fighting to the bitter end like a real soldier)

    Give the benefit of the doubt to opponents who crash, 90% of the time it was probably not intentional.
    (I usually send a 'bad luck bro' message to them, especially if it was a good dogfight).
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  6. LanceHavenbay

    Whatever floats your boat broseph.
    If it helps you sleep at night, I actually earn my kills rather than sitting in 3rd person nosing around while other people play the game.
  7. allattar

    Earn kills. Yeah right. Rocket pods are so much easier than a2a missiles.
  8. Evileet

    Sometimes i just want to kill a tank, or atleast hurt him. :D
  9. Acceleratio

    "Earning kills"? dude what planet are you on? This is not your game! You dont decide what is right and whats wrong. I guess your really gonna start hacking once you fing that you "deserve" it because the others are not "worthy" to kill you anyway
  10. Puppy

    At least they don't just deconstruct and give you no xp at all...
  11. Tasogie

    Sigh, Cod Generation have done so much damage to FPS genra :(

    If SOE ever had the backbone to do it, we might see no deconstruct (its an idiotic system), and anyone that suicides an has been hit in last 60 seconds, should award full kill to the last person that hit them. (Enemy faction only)

    Decon an macroing /suicide are just there to cater to the young cod gamers, at rest of our expenses.
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  12. Kaon1311

    Now with vehicle kills netting more xp, this is going to get worse. Its not just an air problem either, idiot sundy and mbt drivers do it too. One idiot despawned his tank close to death, then bragged about it in /yell

    Maybe if we all moan enough, they will stop despawn for 1min after damage taken, and unable to despawn whilst moving and you have to wait 1 minute after you stop.
  13. Aliasse

    Best way to deny players XP is load a galaxy with 12 ppl fly over the hot objective and instead of locking the galaxy you deconstruct it so everyone drops out including the pilot.
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  14. Zeek

    When I was still learning how to fly I got accused of doing this, however it wasn't intentional. I would end up crashing into the ground or cliffs because I would try to maneuver like a pro but didn't have the skills or experience to do so.

    So, it might just be an accidental crash as many dogfights are just Ring Around the Rosy.
  15. Wintermaulz

    *cough* *cough*
  16. SNAFUS

    Better way to protest is to shoot his *** down. Share the hate for those A2AM though :)
  17. Bobby Shaftoe

    By your own bizarre and flawed logic, A2A users are stopping ground farmers from having 'fun' by stopping them farming all the certs they want.

    Your whole premise of certs = fun is unbelievably misguided and a very striking indicator of what is wrong with most 'gamers' these days, it's no longer about the 'fights' just the reward for the fight, ie certs.

    Pro tip, the game is meant to be objective based where kills can be a means to that end, you and the vast majority of people, however, play the game where kills are both the means and the end.
  18. OneRedBlock

    I get accused of crashing into objects if I'm losing a dogfight, but what I'm actually trying to do is make an epic maneuvre and dodge the enemy fire. :C
  19. Acceleratio

    I have to agree, that the grinding of XP IS indeed a problem in this game!
    However i didnt say that getting certs is fun! My argument was denying others their (rightfully) earned certs is ruining their fun - wich is not the same. I also mentioned, that I dont like the rocketpodfarmers who just spawnrape people. So if you refering to them as the "gamers" yea Im with you

    I dont play for certs. Im in a large outfit and love to play objective based. Even more annoys me the childish behaviour of some elitist who think nobody "deserves" to kill them with a certain weapon.
  20. Garantine

    I really don't care about etiquette in a video game, doesn't matter what field of play I'm currently a part of.

    You are my enemy, my job is to kill you and when possible deny you of any possible gain, whether that be territory, certs, or simply your enjoyment of the game.

    Deal with it. Either kill me faster, or miss out on potential XP, don't ******** with me about etiquette.