Does the MAX Count as a Capper?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by notyourbuddy, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. notyourbuddy

    Just started playing MAX and noticed something when I was going around capturing a few bases.

    2 friendlies + me in my MAX suit standing on a point. It reads 2/6.

    Then move to capture another base. Once again. 2 friendlies + me in my MAX suit. 2/6. A heavy walks by, jumps up to 3/6, then leaves, back to 2/6. I walk away it stays at 2/6. It clearly was being racist toward the Mech.

    Mr. MAX doesn't help cap speed?

    (or maybe I just ran into a temporary server bug?)
  2. Lazaruz

    Working as intended.

    MAX doesn't have hands. Therefore it cannot use the terminal and help the capping process.
  3. Kail

    MAXes cannot start point captures, nor do they accelerate capture progress. Fun fact though: they can overload / stabilize generators.
  4. FoolishFoolish

    Whats stupid is you can cap points in vehicles yet people will not allow max's to cap points but no one cries the same kind of foul about hovering ESFs or tanks on points being able to cap its so weird.

    Honestly I'm not saying MAX's should be able to its just why they can't when people don't have to get out of their vehicles to is beyond me it ruins the whole "MAX's are vehicles that's why the can't" argument.
  5. MortarionX

    The reason why MAXs can't cap is due to various reasons in the beta. In a time before there were cool downs and resource costs for MAXs, there were tons of MAXs. Battles for strong points just dragged on because people just kept on spawning into MAXs. Another problem is if a ton of MAXs piled onto a capture point. Obviously that is way over powered, so they added the timers, resources and a no capping to MAXs.
  6. Lazaruz

    Oh how I miss those moments at the start of beta when you saw a capture point blinking, rushed to defend it, and there were 6 scatter MAX's gathered around the point :D
  7. notyourbuddy

    Ah I can buy that. Makes some sense I suppose. Gives me an excuse not to feel bad for making some other poor soul stand on the point while I wander off to have some fun. ;)
  8. Goats

    You can't cap points in vehicles anymore.
  9. Eric Smith

    Yes, you can. I just did it last night in a Prowler.
  10. Goats

    Huh, really? That's weird, I've been unable to do so in a Flash. Maybe it depends if the control point is inside or outside, I've only tried capping points inside buildings with my Flash.
  11. Grotpar

    They do have hands, even the VS MAX has hands(but they're hidden in first person view), they just have a bad case of "fat fingers".
  12. ghnurbles

    It was from before MAXes had a resource cost and cooldown timer. I don't think it makes much sense now, especially considering that they can flip generators.
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  13. Dhabu

    As of yesterday, you can cap points in a vehicle; I was doing it.

    Now that they have cooldowns and costs, I'd sort of like to see MAXes be able to cap points again...unless they get another buff of some sort - not in that case.

    I'd prefer the buff-but-not-capping to cap-and-no-love.
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  14. Frotang

    Tbey ahould have same restrictions as vehicles. Able to cap ground points outdoors but unable to cap indoor points.
  15. Ripshaft

    Theres a ton of points that cant be capped in a vehicle, or only in a flash. Maxes can get within the cap range of any point. The vehicle cappable points are all made with vehicle capping in mind, they're well aware of the practice, if they don't want vehicles capping a point, they can easily stop it.
  16. Trenyt

    Indeed, I had someone run an armored Sunderer up to a point with 2 people in it and just started capping the point while firing their guns in safety. My Light Assault who usually can deal with infantry captures just sat there twiddling his thumbs while the point turned. Vehicles caps must go.
  17. Ghoste

    You need warm bodies to cap a point. Apparently, when I'm in my max I'm just a meat popsicle.
  18. Eric Smith

    Whatever you say Mr. Korben Dallas :)
  19. IshanDeston

    Had that happen to me again yesterday. A TR outpost was recapped by 4 maxes + 4 engineers. That was one though cookie to crack

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