Does SOE still ban abusers?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Princess Celestia, Jul 11, 2014.

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  1. Princess Celestia

    Supposedly 'fixed' months, but we still get people cropping up playing under invulnerability.
    Had one tonight, Nareyne, VS, Connery.
    Only when we had some 3 dozen people pour direct fire on him, shells, guns and rockets simultaneously, and nothing happened--did he stop killing.

    Do we still report these people? Or has SOE just given up and its no considered a 'feature' of the game experience.
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  2. z1967

    Is the sky blue?

    Forumside told me hackers and bug abusers don't exist and that its all in my head.
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  4. Nehemia

    So that's what it was all about. I thought one guy lagged damn hard when he walked over a mine and I put a bullet in his head, him killing me with 100% health remaining.
  5. Liam23490

    Well this is the main issue with free to play, how do you stop these people when they can just make a new account for free?
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  6. Captain Kid

    I was watching, while cloaked, how someone put down three of my team-mates in a row in a head on confrontation and then continued to survive my repeater barrage. I thought the guy was just really skilful, dodging bullets like Neo in the Matrix.
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  7. Yaesu

    Still getting killed from shots through mountains, trees, and walls. And the 'one shot' kills from tanks that are so far away you can barely make them out? Or from players that aren't infiltrators that land every shot(5, maybe 7) from so far away you can't even see them. BS! The cheating on PS2 is alive and well.
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  8. NanoBitSplit

    Hardware bans.

    I know, it won't stop everyone. Those who are dead-set on cheating will still find (admittedly easy) ways to get around such bans. It will, however, stop the twelve year olds who just bought super-leet ex-quake-pro not-hacks with their mother's credit card from just making another account, and that's good enough for me.

    I'd just like to see SOE do something, especially considering there's zero evidence against the common rumor of spending more cash on SC is a get out of jail free card.
  9. uhlan

    Well, for one thing there is NOTHING in the PS2 weapon system arsenal across factions that is completely OP.

    PS2 is as well balanced a game across factions as there is in gaming and they do take steps to keep the ship on an even keel even if it takes 6 months to more than a year *cough* Harasser, liberator *cough* to rein them in a wee bit.

    Now, hacking is an issue that plagues all games like PS2. Hacking in internet based FPS's is endemic and that's just a fact.

    The problem with calling people out for hacking is that there are a lot of factors in the game that can give the illusion of a hack in progress. Latency and client-side hit detection being numbers 1 and 2 on the list.

    Unfortunately, a lot of dirty players hide behind these issues and hack, ruining the experience for a lot of folks.
  10. Codex561

    Its quite worse... if you get improperly accused and banned, you might be forced into buying a membership in order to regain access to your characters. Someone from Briggs did a blog post on this a loong time ago but I dont remember where....
  11. Kolbax

    Alot of it is definitely net/latency/hit detection and so forth.

    I dont have slow reflexes by any means but getting instantly killed by a guy facing away from me, having just eaten my entire Nova mag in the *** does get a bit ridiculous.

    Its often consistant too, benefitting some people constantly - presumably because they are blessed with a better ISP/server connection.

    Cant deny raging a little at that.

    That said I have watched from the rooftops as a light assault and seen certain people (in so called 'respected' outfits on cobalt) Snapping from target to target while on sprint with next to no aim time, yet they are dropping people with sniper like accuracy, often with their mini chaingun lol.

    Met one charming fellow today who also seems to have a belt fed commissioner on his infil lol.

    Overall the hackers are more abundant than people let on, especially the subtle ones. Quiet hours ESP users are pretty obvious and I bump into them quite a bit in the morning. At BR's of 40-50+ though clearly nothing will get done.

    Cheat detection here is a joke. Leaving you to tough it up, hide with your outfit (lol like me) or join the club, which in any likely sense will get you banned because irony is just a ***** like that. Either way its tough ****.
  12. Trollface

    HWID spoofers and VPNs will get around any ban (apart from account ban) on any game or program. Been a well known fact for years. So yea, noting can or will stop dedicated cheaters, especially how easy it is to bypass it all.
  13. Princess Celestia

    But IGMs can stop it from going on for as long as it did in that one province with the same guy.
  14. RadarX

    What you likely saw was a desync issue where it appeared a player was somewhere they were not. Player invincibility is currently not possible without administrative rights.

    That particular issue we feel is much improved, but we are still monitoring it.
  15. Gammit

    or without modifying the software... oh wait...
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  16. ScrapyardBob

    They've never banned abusers. Even ones that abused the invincibility in front of dozens of other players in a large battle at Quartz Ridge (which I have video of).
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  17. Darkwulf

    OMG! they actually acknowledged the desync issue.

    I have been posting about this and making support tickets that takes weeks to get answers for and ive seen no response until now. I guess we are getting somewhere.
  18. Gleerok

    What was the last time you guys saw a TR ESF getting carried by a VS ESF at the VS warpgate?

    Ever since they disabled immunity at WG I haven't seen any "invincible" guys around. In fact, I'm pretty sure they disabled invincibility in the whole game but Infantry in VR just to make sure XD

    What you are experiencing are Synch issues

    I don't own this gif :)
  19. Princess Celestia

    Im guessing you still think the world is flat because you've never seen it from far enough away.
    To think something is not possible merely because you deny its existence is a pretty bad way to go through life.
    Im sure if the video recording function didnt take so much room then everyone would run it everytime they played. It would be caught in all its entirety and how often it happens. I would hate to think that you would still take comfort in your feeling of infallibility and just ignore the evidence.

    If you want to pin it on a sync issue, isn't it a pitfall that someone in such an event can still kill without taking damage themselves? Call it what you will, its still a problem that has not been addressed.
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  20. Lucerin_SolTech

    I'm sure the community manager is who you should talk condescendingly to regarding information he receives from developers that you are not privy to. Paranoia doesn't suit you well.
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