Does saving money on the motherboard matter

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by the pestimist, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. the pestimist

  2. XRIST0

    What are you asking ?

    Intel motherboards are fine , they lack a few features like dual 8/16x pcie lanes and overclocking features but if your going to run a single card setup and not do any overclocking .. it will be great
  3. the pestimist

    I see $140 ones and $100 is their a real difference
  4. XRIST0

    Are you planning to overclock your cpu ? and also do you plan on buying another gpu later on to crossfire or sli ..

    What gpu do you have at the moment ?
  5. TheAnnoyingGunner

    Motherboards are the core compound of the computer, how well it is designed has an impact on performance. Not much on the graphics side, as the raw data gets shoved into your GPU and the rendered pictures then are directly sent to the VGA / DVI / HDMI output there. But if you have fast hard drives, good ram and a decent CPU you will get faster response times and higher performance always then, where high amounts of data are scooped back and forth.
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  6. xelotar

    the more expensive a mainboard is, the more "toys" & performance (options) you usually get.

    as people prior to me said: if you are just looking to put everything on a board and get it to run, a basic mainboard will do.
    if you're looking to multiple graphics cards and/or overclock your system, you'll get more tools do to so on more expensive boards for those tasks.

    i am using the asrock z77 at the moment, i am very happy with it.
    however, this mainboard comes in multiple versions as well. the basic one does it for me tho
  7. the pestimist

  8. the pestimist

    specs in previous post.
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  10. TheAppl3

    ...why are there two different video cards? I've seen this question asked of you twice in two other threads and you never answered. It's very strange and we want to make sure you're not making a mistake.

    That Intel motherboard only has one PCIe lane and zero PCI. It will fit one of the cards (still don't understand the pair) and has no room for that sound card.

    Instead of spending $95 on a bare minimum H77 board, I would go up to $120-135 and get a good Z77 board with far more features and slots.
  11. XRIST0

    The intel motherboard will be fine for you mate ..
  12. the pestimist

    that is what I wanted thankyou
  13. TheAppl3

    It's driving me nuts though :p

    Why the second video card?
  14. the pestimist

    second one?
  15. TheAppl3

    Highlighted in red from your specs list:

  16. xelotar

    maybe if you remove the 2nd video cart you can up your CPU to a 3770k ;)
  17. the pestimist

  18. TheAppl3

    ....what on Earth does that mean? There is no difference between a video card, graphics card, display adapter, graphics adapter, video adapter, graphics board, display card or any other the other plethora of names assigned to that device. My confusion stems from you having two devices that perform the same function, can't perform in tandem, and seem pointless next to one another.

    Or he could not waste money. Unless he's running virtual machines, encoding video, or doing heavy rendering frequently, a 3570k suits his needs. For gaming they are nearly identical.

    A better option would be to upgrade from that GTX650 with the money he appears to be wasting on a second card that won't do anything useful.
  19. Artifex78

  20. Artifex78

    Hey, he could use the second NVidia card for PhysX ;)