Does Planetside only use one core or something?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by slannmage, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. slannmage

    That was recorded in a big battle before I tabbed out, I have got a video and Chrome running in the background but in game my CPU usage is only 25% and the game doesn't seem to use more than one core. I've checked multiple times and sometimes core 2 is maxed and the rest aren't but most the time it is core 1.

    I don't get it, the game isn't CPU heavy, I have 670 SLI but have to turn one off cause they still haven't fixed SLI and with one 670 my GPU usage in big battles is 40%...

    So why is it when I log in with loads of people in the Warp Gate my FPS is like 70-80, as soon as I enter a battle, CPU and GPU usage don't go up and yet my FPS goes to 20-40.........

    Is there a memory leak?
  2. General Epeen

    Yes only one core is heavily used.

    I did not have to disable my 680 SLI however this runs fine although utilisation is a little low even with the ultra settings in useroptions.ini enabled.

    A memory leak has been suspected as many players report that a client restart is needed after a few hours when all their RAM has been gobbled up.
  3. slannmage

    So funny throughout my old play time it uses one core, the game isn't multithreaded, no wonder why people with AMD CPUs cannot run the game because of their poor single core performance. I have an I7 but and get barely any better but how can you create a DX9, 32bit client game which isn't multi threaded........ what is this 2005?

    I see no signs of a memory leak, it uses 2.1-2.5GB of ram for me max....... though surely a 64bit client would be better for a game that uses so much memory?
  4. Wibin

    my core 2 duo (yes, its old) is running both at 90%

    It's not working them hard though, its building no heat.

    Mostly wasted cycles from what I can tell.
  5. plat0nic

    The unfortunate thing for the OP(although fortunate for you) is that the game engine was created with rigs like yours in mind. In fact it has been said recently that Forgelight is just cobbled together ontop of the FreeRealms engine which was definitely made for older rigs like yours as the casual carebears that play a game like that are usually less invested into their gaming rigs than an FPS player would be. So we have the most intense and ground breaking FPS ever made running on a client that was create for casual gamers with 5+ year old machines.

    Unfortunately until Sony rebuilds this engine to take advantage of newer hardware(ie: makes it heavily multi-threaded, 64Bit, DX11) then anyone who isn't fortunate enough to be running an old duo-core machine is completely hooped.
  6. Wibin

    The part that is confusing me is that the game can never figure out if it wants to use my graphics card or my processor.

    Works great until to much is going on, but just like other games I've played, even made before my rig was produced, too much going on causes major issues.

    I hope I can get a new machine here someday, but at this current moment, its not lookin to good.
  7. Toxicmix1


    the thing is, i like this game, that´s why im spamming the forum with my c r a p p y posts.....seeing a game with so much potential being wasted because of stupid decisions is really really sad.....if i didn´t like the game i would simply ignored, but i can´t do that because the game is great......

  8. stanmart

    crazy. This game being so cpu hungry you would think it would use all the cores.

    Probably solve a lot of performance issues people are having.