Does planetside 2 support multiple cpu's?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by randoguy1337, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. randoguy1337

    i think i've narrowed my lag problem down to an insufficient cpu, which is strange because it shouldn't be as horrible as it is. currently i am running 2 i5-2430m's at 2.4GHz. i could have gone for dual i7's, but heat wise my gaming laptop couldn't quite handle it. so i was wondering, does planetside 2 support simultaneous use of two cpu's? or is it limited to one?

    Full specs:
    Qosmio x775
    6gigs ram
    dual i5-2430m's
    gtx 560m with latest beta drivers
    windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

    not overclocked as i don't want to risk it with a laptop.
  2. DeltaRise

    I'm not sure if PS2 supports multiple CPUs but you can tell if that's your bottleneck by checking your FPS in game. Next to the FPS readout, it should say [CPU] or [GPU] Referring to which is causing the bottleneck right now.
    Unfortunately if you are running at 30FPS and your readout says [CPU] the whole time, it's your CPU, and there's not much you can do about it.

    You can try to optimize your settings by trying some of the things laid out in this thread

    But mostly, we just have to wait till SOE manages to optimize this game for every normal computer.

    Also many people have said that PS2 does not support multiple cores on the same processor, which would lead me to believe it doesn't even try to check for an extra physical processor. If only it did, that might be the end of your problems.
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  3. DeltaRise

    Besides the guide, reading further, Alios said something interesting:
    "I run an i5 2500k and a GTX 570, and I switch between CPU and GPU limited at the warpgate, so that combo is pretty even. In any battle, it becomes CPU limited. My brother has an i7 2700k and a GTX 670 and he's majority CPU limited all the time.

    What I infer from the way the game performs is that it is not CPU or GPU limited, but memory bandwidth limited. This will still show up as CPU limited, so it's kinda hard to diagnose. One key symptom of this is the game being CPU bottlenecked while not fully stressing the cores - the cores are able to get the data out quicker than the memory bus can process it to the other components. A couple MMO engines I've played on previously (most notably Gamebryo: Warhammer Online & Rift) were notorious for being limited this way."

    And the plot thickens....
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  4. TheAppl3

    Let me just clarify something that you seem to be confused on and that I see one poster already has tripped on.

    A CPU is a single physical Central Processing Unit. CPUs and Cores are different concepts. An i5-2430m is a single-CPU dual-core processor. It is one physical item that has two processing cores on it, each running at 2.4GHz. Having dual physical processors is not common. If you had two i5-2430m chips, you would have a total of four cores and eight threads.

    You have *one* i5-2430m, running *two* processing cores. Your query of whether planetside can utilize multiple processors is thus moot. On the subject of whether it can utilize multiple cores, the answer is not as well as it should. Individual core performance is still far more important than combined performance across cores.

    As for your query, it really probably should be that horrible. You are using a mobile dual 2.4 for a game that gives quad 3.4s trouble.
  5. mindbomb

    it isn't memory bandwidth limited. Sandybridge-e has quad channel ddr3 memory controller, but users are reporting similiar fps to sandybridge and ivybridge users.
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  6. Naceo

    The issue on core useage is weird and complicated but bottom line is kinda, sorta, not as well as it should. When the action gets heavy your CPU useage will hit the floor due to the game waiting on itself, and at a time when you need the power the most. Bit of a rediculous state of affairs but there you go.

    Friggn January cannot come soon enoungh.
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  7. Shadestorm

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure there is no way any laptop out there comes with two CPU's built in. I'm running with an i7-2600k and sometimes my pc really has a tough time with giant battles.

    I started doing some reading into memory bandwidth limits since DeltaRise mentioned it, and it seems to make sense that this would be the problem many of us are facing with PS2. This sums it up pretty well for anyone interested:

    Is this the case for PS2?
    If so, it looks like PS2 could be sort of 'ahead of its time' because of this. We need our multicore processors to have better bandwidth memory to handle all of the work they're given at once.
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  8. randoguy1337

    considering it was custom built for the best possible thing i could get at the time, i know for 100% fact that it has dual i5's. hence why i said dual i7's would be a no no as they would overheat my laptop, the i5's had less heat generation so its kinda what i had to go for. thus, your observation is moot and the question still remains....
  9. randoguy1337

    yay... kinda was hoping for a "oh you just have to set this to this and voila, insta 60 fps" , but as i thought im gonna have to wait till the optimization patch/es :/ oh well thanks for your help guys
  10. TeknoBug

    In beta it used only one core, but now it uses 2 cores mostly but can spread across all cores but the fewer cores (preferably 4) the better if you have a 6 or 8 core CPU.

    As already said, best to wait for hte magic patch.
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  11. TheAppl3

    Custom built or not, you're still probably wrong. Generally only server motherboards like this one have dual CPU sockets and are heavily geared towards Xeons. An option from EVGA exists for socket 2011 CPUs, but costs $650 and is for desktops not laptops.

    I have not encountered a board that would work with dual i5s. They're just not designed to do this. You certainly would have difficulty finding any sort of dual-CPU setup in a laptop. They have existed, but I am almost entirely sure you do not have one. Besides, Clarkdale i5s would be a total waste in that configuration.

    Unless of course you have a $3000+ laptop built from scratch that somehow accommodates the desktop mobo that would have room for both sockets.

    I am entirely willing to be proven wrong if you do in fact somehow have a pair of processors in that laptop. I just still think you're misinterpreting your system specs.
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  12. randoguy1337

    While i may not be a 100% tech genius like my mate, i still know enough to not be a complete noob. i am 100% without a doubt sure the it is running two i5-2430m's. i am because when i was talking to my mate about building it, it was an in depth discussion spanning over a few days of different avenues.

    My laptop is indeed worth over $3000 RRP, i think it was $3800 in fact, but because my mate has friends in high places i got it for $1800 NZD brand new with custom specs. Attached is the same model as my laptop. Basically it is a desktop replacement laptop as before i got it i was planning to travel but also wanted to still be able to game, where as now im going to be staying put so if i could have i would have build a gaming desktop.

    In theory it is also running two GPU's, but one is just an on board one for every day use and doesn't attribute to gaming at all, it just swaps to the 560m when i start a game. it is a fairly large laptop, but everything seems to be working fine. Your set up far exceeds mine and im jealous haha, but hopefully when the optimization patch comes out i should be running it fine.[IMG]
  13. TheAppl3

    As much as I dislike getting into long drawn-out forum arguments ;) I still don't quite believe this.

    There's an easy way to decide though. An i5-2430m has two cores and four total threads. If you open Task Manager, are there four graphs for CPU usage or eight?
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  14. Vorenius

    I have to agree with TheAppl3, there's almost no possibility that your running dual I5s, I think you misunderstood your friend when building the laptop.
  15. werzinator

    The Qosmio you have does not have two physical i5's, it has a single i5 that is dual core.

    You are right about the GPUs, it does have two. One is integrated on the i5 chip you have, which is great for lower power applications, while your dedicated 560m will kick in when you start up a game.

    Your laptop may run the game pretty decently on medium settings. If the framerate is poor, try lowering the in-game fullscreen resolution.
  16. Alexlightning7

    there is 0 chance its dual i5s.

    Also, that laptop is absolutly not worth 3800$.

    Also, Im not sure if this review site is just stupid or not, but it says that the i5 is clocked at 1.6 Ghz?
    might wanna check this.

    It should play max at 1366x768 or at medium-high on 1080p.
  17. randoguy1337

    Attached is from my device manager, a dual core CPU will show up as two of its own. so a single i5-2430m would show up twice. It shows up 4 times, thus showing that there are in fact 2 i5-2430m's. Also with the task manager version, it shows your physical cores, no virtual cores, so there would only be four graphs (which there is four) as each i5-2430m is a dual core, thus adding to 4 physical cores. I custom built it with my friends help, custom built as in you chose your own specs out of whats possible, as in you chose what parts go in, so you know exactly what in your computer. I'm getting sick of this bantering and my question has already been answered that no planetside 2 doesn't support it yet, and that its a memory bandwidth allocation problem. I don't really know why im answering this for you but here you go, i am no a noob or a ******, i know a decent bit but i am nowhere near a super genius about computers. Yes my set up is weird, but it is the best i could possibly get for what i could (planned to travel but still wanted to game decently). And yes i have checked, a qosmio x775 is worth $3600, not $3800, got the number a bit mixed up but wither way. and the speed varies depending on the model.[IMG] So are you convinced yet? or do i have to physically take my laptop a part to prove that there is two. Thanks for those that helped me, and if someone asks a question try not to veer it off in some direction that the OP hadn't even mention about. Whether or not i had a dual core or two cpu's, an answer the the question would have sufficed, maybe a mention that i possibly got my specs wrong but if they're right then there you go. Not to be an *******, but that just some forum etticate that i thought would be useful.
  18. TheAppl3

    Sorry, but you just proved that you have only one. A dual-core i5 has four threads for two cores. Each pipe (thread) shows up individually in device manager. That is why I asked if you had four or eight cpu graphs. My i7 for example has four cores and eight threads, it has eight graphs in task manager and eight corresponding entries in device manager. I'd post a screenshot to show you if I wasn't out of state. Task manager does show both physical and virtual cores.

    I am not trying to get into a massive argument. I just see that you are misinterpreting something and want you to understand how it works.

    To avoid typing a whole book on my phone, see for an explanation of HyperThreading. It refers to an i7 but the i5 you have has the same tech.
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  19. xDefianTx

  20. randoguy1337

    In actual fact thanks for being persistent. The receipt for the laptop (receipt for Toshiba, not some random store) clearly stated it was do come with two cpu's and two gpu's (onboard and the 560m) so im going to have to follow up this issue. Checked bios and downloaded CPU-Z and both failed to show a second i5. either they didn't put it in, or it fried itself when i had issues with my last HDD (bootsec virus caused bad sectors, failed hard drive, the works haha). Looking into fixing this and maybe the game will run smoother when it is. Sorry for being a bit pissed off before, you know how it is when you are 100% sure you are right yet the other person is also 100% sure they are right. I understand hyperthreading, physical and virtual cores etc etc, but i was for some reason in the frame of mind that task manager showed only physical cores. Going to sort this out with Toshiba and come to some resolution. plus one internets for you. cheers

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