Does Physx affect cpu performance?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by AnotherNoob, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. AnotherNoob

    I was just testing out the physx again now that it is considered "stable", but I am just wondering if it has any negative impact on the cpu performance? (i3770 if it matters)
    From what I saw it improved it, if anything :p
  2. KripTed

    all i know is when i enabled PhsyX...made my frames drop when looking at PhysX enabled stuff. i wont be using it until they work out all the kinks that's for sure.
  3. Luewen

    It does improve cpu performance as it shifts the physics calculation from cpu to gpu. That if you have nvidia card. Though you need pretty good gpu to gain fps. As the gpu have to do both graphics and physics calculations after that,
  4. AnotherNoob

    So it wasn't just my imagination? :D I have a gtx 670 at 1150GHz, which usually is about 50% load :)
  5. Luewen

    Yeah, that card should be able to do both graphics and physics without fps drop. :) IF i try it with my 570 HD i lose 5 to 10 fps depending on situation.
  6. AnotherNoob

    so you are gpu bound if you turn it on?
  7. Nate1

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. The only thing GPU Physics does, is add particle effects that are handled exclusively by the GPU. I am CPU bottlenecked, and the only difference I notice is FPS drops when I see physics particle effects.

    There is nothing from SOE indicating that it takes load off of the CPU, and even in the tooltip on the graphics menu it says something about particle effects.
  8. Singulari7y

    I have a stock core i7 920 and a oc gtx 670 and i noticed a nice increase in performance when enabling gpu physics as im heavily cpu bound.Its really helped me maintain a playable fps in large battles and i get the bonus eye candy.
  9. BlackDove

    I have an i5 2330 and a 660Ti. I get a few less fps because I have everything maxed out, but it's insignificant.

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