Does anyone play via wireless?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Ruffdog, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. Ruffdog

    Hi. I've gotta change some things in my PC room set up and until now I've always run an ethernet cable from my router straight into my PC. Now though its either wireless or a frigging long cable due to the socket on the other side of the room. My Sky router is wireless anyway and I have a spare wireless receiver card I can install but I want to know does it **** performance in any serious way for PS2 or FPS games in general? My connection is 4 to 5 Mb/sec btw

  2. QRLegion

    Wireless is often very variable and to be avoided for games most of the time.
    Why not buy yourself a pair of Powerline adapters they are about £20, I've always found them to work very well.
  3. Ruffdog

    Thats great thanks! I've never even heard of this tech.
  4. t31os

    Yeah go for Powerline Adapters matey, you won't regret it, all the speed of ethernet(pretty much) without all the cables.

    Just bear in mind these devices do need their own independent wall socket(at either end), don't go plugging these into extension or multi-way adapter.
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