Does anyone play this game without any sound and voice?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SpeedFreakPS1, May 18, 2016.

  1. SpeedFreakPS1

    I like to music so have 0 sound or voice enabled, have had it like that for 2 months probably.
  2. Moridin6

    a friend of mine never has voice on, or looks at his map, and then complains when he gets owned..

    i personally would never hinder myself or take myself out of the game by having music on, excepting pumpkin/snowmen hunting
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  3. Lord_Mogul

    yeah, if you want to play somewhat "properly" you should keep track of your sourroundings.
    That includes callout for medics or engineers (allies AND enemies) and being able to notice uncloaking enemy infiiltrators.
    Also you miss out on the great experience that is having coordination beween almost 50 players (even more of there are ops running across multiple platoons a/o outfits) That is more than many games have on the entire map, while I've seen fights of over 200 people per side here.
    Players in coordinated platoons will inform about enemy breaches, sunderer positions, tactical suggestions.
  4. Devilllike

    well if u are very aware of whats around u then just by looking the minimap and having the help of infiltrator recon then its possible
  5. chevyowner

    Sound only voice chat does not work for me for some reason, and I don't really care to try and fix it. The last time it did work nothing I heard was worth hearing.
  6. ObiVanuKenobi

    Sound gives too big advantage to disable it. Can't imagine playing without sound.
  7. Imperialguardsman

    I play with no sound with music playing in the background all the time. I leave voice on so I can hear proxy chat roflugments and laugh.If I do it than everyone else should be doing it. Frankly in my opinion a person is just a try hard if they do leave sound on specifically only because it gives them an advantage.
  8. ZDarkShadowsZ

    I leave the sound on but have proximity chat and music turned off.
  9. Wafflepancake

    So having situational awareness because sound is directional makes you a try hard... That's a new one xD
    You must be one of those folks who text with headphones on while crossing the street.
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  10. Shiaari

    Nope. I need to voice chat.

    And you, sir, are a complete ******* moron if that's what you think. I'm deaf in my left ear. Not partially, but completely freaking deaf in my left ear. Do you have any idea how much a disability that is in this game? And here you are saying everyone that plays with sound on so they can take advantage of directional sound is a try hard? What I wouldn't give to have directional sound again........

    F*ck. You.
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  11. RainbowDash9

    if i listen to music ill turn sound and voice to like 0.05, that way i can hear what i need to, but not so loud that i can hear my glorious vocaloid metal (yes im a nerd **** off lol)
  12. Liewec123

    almost exclusively these days! loud music, sound and voice off, booze booze booze :)
    run in, shoot people in the face!
  13. Azawarau

    Id do that if i wasnt up against people

    Have to be able to hear them coming
  14. Moridin6

    stealth libs/flashs/tanks/harassers/esf coming up behind you

    cloakers cloaking

    silenced shots

    just to name a few of the things Hearing will help you find/avoid

    personally i have surround speakers and im not happy unless the room shakes with the sounds of War
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  15. Wafflepancake

    Dont forget the simple yet effective footsteps. When holding a point alone or with a few friends; being able to even hear someone run up to the doorway is huge. Then the voice being on is also useful to communicate. If anything I'd run the music low. Just wish there was a way to turn down explosion and bullet sounds more. :oops:
  16. Folklore

    You know you can have sound and music on at the same time, right? They aren't tryhards for playing the game with the default settings, you're just a ******.
  17. Sh4n4yn4y

    I keep sound on for two reasons: 1) I can hear the audio cues that mean I'm in trouble. 2) The glorious sounds of Planetside. Two zergs meeting in battle between bases, the rumble of tank fire, the crack of infantry fire, the howl of a dalton. From a distance it is amazing. Up close, it is glorious.

    As for voice, I use it, because some people use it to communicate with each other. Although I have to mute those idiots with screamo or music playing constantly, due to having a fair amount of ducking on. Also, I hate screamo. And the music never comes through properly.
  18. breeje

    resounding sound on in normal fights music off
    hard core music on in big fights
    it just makes me a better killer in those fights, don't ask me why
    but sometimes i forget to start my music :(
  19. DeadAlive99

    I turn off sound occasionally just to take a break from it. It's more relaxing play with it off, but it's a big disadvantage. It's great when all you're doing is ammo pack farming and Max repair in a spawn room.
  20. FeralBoy

    How about you stop trying to quantify all the myriads of players who play with sound on as 'tryhards' and instead we just call you a 'could care less' ?

    I turned off the music because I'm mad the NC sound-loop is the only one I like and it keeps reminding me I'm still NC at heart and yearn for a mullet and freedom...

    I turned off proxy-chat because seeing what screw-balls type in chat is enough. I didn't pay a subscription fee to hear them too.
    Squad or platoon chat? Absolutely yes. Never underestimate the effectiveness of coordinated effort.