does anyone know where I can report a video of someone exploiting under the map on Planetside 2 ps4

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Gen.Drake61, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Gen.Drake61

    so 20 minutes ago I got killed by someone inside a rock and under the map,I wasn't able to get their name in the recording because they killed me and I forgot to check their name,but I did get a video recording of the location of the rock where they were inside of it,i am going to post it in the dbg issue tracker, however, is their any other way of getting this to debs,since i didn't get their name or psn I'd,would it matter?
  2. Gen.Drake61

    OK,so it won't let me upload the video to the dog issue tracker,it more than 10 mb.
  3. adamts01

    You can get their name by looking up your deaths on Recursion. But without video evidence they won't ban him. And even if they ban him, he'll make a new free account and be right back at it in 5 minutes. That's one of those things you just have to learn to ignore.
  4. Gen.Drake61

    tried uploading the video,had to trim it to fit the file size,but their support site keeps saying that the video took too long to upload,its only 24 seconds,it isn't able to fully upload!
  5. adamts01

    But your video doesn't show the cheater, right? Or did I miss something? Daybreak doesn't care which rock he was shooting from, and won't do anything if you give his name without evidence.
  6. Jac70

    Wasn't some name like randomGamer101 or somethin? There was a guy doing that **** on Miller on Saturday. Glitched into a building, invulnerable, could not do anything. Just reported him using /report and last killer'. What surprised me was that the autoban didn't kick in, he must have gotten 120 kills in that zone without dying once.
  7. Gen.Drake61

    yes it does,he killed one of my squad mates from inside a rock unfairly so i got his name too,after reviewing it,I'm just gonna upload it to YouTube,since I can't upload the file directly.then ill link the upload too then ill link the video to the support ticket.

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