does anyone know what time the jan patch will be out it tonight ??

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DJStacy, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Hashlak

    SOE u guys take the pissss ! lol Are you serious !? Delayed as usual huh.. Probably the most unreliable and inconsistant dev team i have seen in my life haha..

    If this patch has 1000x more problems/issues and gives even worse fps with little changes then SOE u officially SUCCK ! :mad:

    After the ultimate empire FAIL that we had like few days ago i am really losing hope on this game and dev team.. The only reason im still around is cz planetside 1 was EPPPIC and i know PS2 will be.... One day, maybe next year or the next 10 or 20 years :S :S But i know this game will be one day, the best multiplayer fps.. :/
  2. Smokeshot

    Nooooo today literally felt like 5 waiting for parch, oh well less bugs are nice i guess.:(
  3. Gustavo M

    Better than saying "We won't release anything at all", don't you think?
    So please, refrain from being rude/ignorant. It does not help In anything.
    And have some patience.
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  4. Qwertle

    Get the **** out. You're not being helpful
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  5. Crysander

    Well it took me 5 minutes but my guess would be that these two Jan Patch Content threads on the Roadmap:
    Unscheduled - Destroying the SCU only penalizes Spawn Timers
    Unscheduled - Creating "No Deploy" zones for AMS equipped Sunderers
    Have been changed to 'Unscheduled' due to player feedback, and this one:
    January - Player Invincibility on Spawn
    Has been tweaked due to player feedback.

    Your voices at work people, don't complain when the changes you've actually discussed are re-evaluated by the Dev Team!
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  6. Tigga

    Patches on fixed dates are almost always delayed. Get used to it. Better it be late then completely screw up the game due to to incomplete testing.
  7. LordMondando

    to be blunt about it, if they paid more attention to the forums (esp actually engaging and responding to us) and less to twitter the spawninvincibility but also the scu xyanges would have never made it off the drawing board.

    The anti ams measures i am more torn about, democracy is not the best selector of policy. By a long way, and oppositio. To what might have ended up being a reasonable proposal, came in large part from ps2 communities dislike of tactical innovation.
    Though to recap 'taking on board community feedback seems a bad reason to delay a patch with much needed engine and game play mechanics a day before scheduled release.

    Hell might be no. Actual patch in jan now....
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  8. Crysander

    Will agree with you 100% here, I got really excited by the prospect of some sort of new objective inside bases but alas, twas not to be, tactics be damned. I will however politely disagree with you on (some aspects of) the SCU changes but can't be bothered to go into details if its been pushed back 'indefinately'.
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  9. Hosp

    Dear SOE,

    Take your time, get it right...cus taking your time and getting it wrong is worse. ;)

    - H
  10. Jadith

    Wow, you must be new to this whole online gaming thing, huh? Big patches almost always see delays in the vast majority of games.
  11. Gary

    So the great and mighty January patch has been delayed and will probably become a February patch. Really hoping this patch is good and fixes plenty of things and it needs to have clear patch notes with every change.

    As long as it comes early February!

    Now this has been pushed back what are the chances of the other "Roadmap" patches being pushed back due to this or being rushed out and causing problems?

    I personally would rather see a slower rate of content being released but meeting your deadlines on the content that is released :(
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  12. Obest

    Now-now, lets give them a bit of credit, as long as it happens in 2013, they pretty much on schedule

  13. Hatamoto

    Yes it was, atleast some people remember what smedley said that faithful day
  14. Hatamoto

    shouldnt this have been their philosophy right before the game was released? ;)
  15. Zorlox

    that was their philosophy, now they can take their time while the game is funding all the employees.
  16. justme

    Sounds about right but with idiot females also.

    the 4 chan subreddit sucks..

    back to topic like you said. Thank you for the update about the matter at hand
  17. namd3

    The patch, Like the render issue, no one can see it till its right in front of you...
  18. DJStacy

    Update new whinner bomb added to planetside 2 ... All whinning players will instantly self detruct.....:)

    Come on guys do one or two more days actually any of you cry babies actually know how difficult it is to get the code to work as intended...................NO you dont. The 2% that do are the ones that are not crying like a baby waiting for its bottle lol.....

    Cant wait for patch, it will be here soon ............untill then lock and load :)
  19. datfluttershy

    Oh cmon guys, most people whining here are the once on the Server farming off render distance.

    There will be a patch, it MIGHT fix some or even most of the problems, but for some reason i am really sure there will be the same nutheads makin threads about "why the patch sucks". Please SOE take until late March for the patch release so we have less of those people. I will be waiting until the cows come home if need be.
  20. Albatross039

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