Does anyone know what in the Weekend warrior Bundle?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Syuto, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Syuto

    We cant see in it.
    If someone bought it, I want to know what there are in it.
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  2. Snib

    You'll be able to see it as soon as it becomes available in ~7 hours.
  3. CupBoy

    My guess is 3-day resource/xp boosts.
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  4. StolenToast

    Oh lord it's a mystery box...
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  5. Souleater

    Well, it is available for purchase to me here in the UK ...but I still can't see what is in it. currently 6:10am here, normally these unlock at 8:00am.

    The excitement! This and RH KS starts today! Mon Dieu!
  6. ItsJustDash

    Wonder what is in the box o.o
  7. Phyr

    It's hopes and dreams, with more disappointment.
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  8. drednok

    Maybe its just the sucker bundle and has nothing, but that guy is probably right about a 3 day boost.

    Not sure why someone would say "wait till its available" like they know for sure it's going to show items soon when it's clearly available now. usually people like that that spread misinformation >=(
  9. ItsJustDash

    Still mystery box o.o
  10. Wintermaulz

    Its like a hotdog, youll never know what its made of.
  11. ItsJustDash

    Someone must have bought it o.o
  12. Ragnafrak

    So tempted . . .
  13. Consumer

    I bet it unlocks a key that you can use to open another Weekend Warrior Bundle...
  14. PresidentFreeman

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  15. ItsJustDash

  16. Xelsia

    I just brought it, and I'm severely disappointed.
    As far as I can tell, it's just a single 1 day XP boost, which I could of brought for less even when it wasn't on sale.
    The only other thing I can think of is it gave me something I already had (which would be pretty difficult to do seeing as I don't have a hell of a lot in the way of cosmetics or weapons)
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  17. ItsJustDash

    Ok a one day boost anything else? o.o
  18. Xelsia

    Absolutely nothing that I can see.
    No other boosts, no titles, no new camos, no decals, no ornaments,no armour, etc. No new weapons for either vehicles or infantry.
    Am I forgetting to check somewhere else?
  19. ItsJustDash

    Idk SOE might have goofed o.o
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  20. drednok

    SOE goofing? oh common never in a million years. such a high profile company would never screw up repeatedly over and over or make changes in the name of greed rather than to please its customers.

    lol I like the Seven reference
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