Does anyone have pictures of the new, coming helmets?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SinerAthin, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. SinerAthin

    I can't for the life of me find them anywhere o_O

    I hear they're out on the PTS?
  2. Morti


    I already know everybody's going to be buying the assassin's creed hood en masse
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  3. KnightCole

    But no new NC Helms?

    I saw the Apache helmet thing.
  4. Morti

    Only this
  5. MasonSTL

    Its kinda cool if your a reaver pilot
  6. Skooma Lord

  7. DJPenguin

    A helmet fit for a Light Assault.
  8. yllom001

    They made a hat for us? On a serious note, why the name choice is what I'm wondering
  9. Astraka

    Now if we could get the NC Infiltrator's Camo issue worked out, I'm fairly sure I'd wear the heck out of that Death's Head Helmet.
  10. Lazaruz

    There ya go...

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  11. JudgeDeath

    Most likely because it looks abit like a pilots helmet for an AH-64D Apache Longbow. Especially with the "hud" attachment from the side.

    Apaches look alot like NC dont they ^^
  12. Blippy

    I don't see the resemblance. There's not a single shotgun on that heli.
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  13. SpaceHobo

    Are those helmets made with player studio?
    Also the last TR one is the most bizarre thing i have seen in a while. it looks like a weirdly shaped fire hydrant.
  14. Hibiki54

    The Longbow helmet is a POS. Whoever made it designed it on the premise that the character has a flat face from bashing their head onto a steering wheel. Like the face you get when you press yourself onto a glass window.
  15. Rhinokio

    spacehobo: yes these are all playerstudio
    Hibiki54: dont worry i'm sure the helms you make are going to be flawless!
  16. WyrdHarper

    I kinda like the second TR one. It's very official-fubctional. The first one needs goggles. TR is all about hiding the dolleyes behind awesome goggles.
  17. AdmiralArcher

    why does the TR get crap helmets?

    cant we have cool ones like the VS?
  18. CrashB111

    Son, listen to your Commisar when I tell you we have the best helmet in this game.


    Now get some Esamir snow camo and go enforce Lord Vader's will.

    On topic: That TR hood needs goggles bad, what are we without our eye protection?
  19. vsae

    Apart from clone trooper helmet TR basically have the worst collection of helmets. I've just looked all of playerstudio helmets in work and most of them depict TR as some sort of evil zombie cyborg communists. TR is an army, a professional army.
  20. ThereIsNoTry

    Now they are a professional evil zombie cyborg communist army. That should fix it.
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