Does anyone else get a little frustrated with Heavy Assault?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Orpheus66, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. p10k56

    Ahhh... infiltrator whining stronk again:(

    I wish to be swarmed by HA on Miller so far Miller VS is swarming foes with Infiltrators and totally inferior Magriders.
    Infantry game on Miller is like submarine warfare one should have Ears big as Bugs Bunny.

    New order should arise the Order of mighty Unseen One.
    Am I right?
  2. HadesR

    Yup they should remove Medi and Rest kits from HA ;) Make them as the front line Grunt class have to totally rely on the support classes ..
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  3. Xasapis

    How about healing implants? Those little things do wonders, even at tier 1.
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  4. HadesR

    Remove them to ... and anything that could be classed as borrowed from other classes .. Ie: Don't allow HA's recon bolts for Crossbows ..

    Ofc I'm only being sarcastic to those that bring up " they can't rez " as a valid balance point and ofc SOE are happy with the bunny hopping shielded Medi kit junkie RL primary class they have made ;)
  5. nehylen

    I do get frustrated by HAs, though that depends a bit on the situation.

    If i play a BASR inf, i almost don't care at the usual ranges, it's one headshot, or target usually lives with a body shot. Of course sometimes at short ranges a body shot+pistol shots/knife) would've done the trick on anything else but them, but that's not too much of a problem.

    If i play an engineer/medic/LA i know that 769rpm to 845rpm guns are usually going to be alright, owning lots of HAs due to sheer dps and/or fast movement in those conditions where the HA is a big issue (0-20m, past that you can usually escape/take cover if needed).

    Anything lower is going to ring trouble. Also pump action shotguns+UB shotgun lose their point entirely against HAs in a pure CQC face-off, unless you can fire faster than they can hit F (F not requiring any aiming). In theory, as a bullet sponge HAs are also going to impact non-HA VS more in proportion, due to generally lower damage per mag.

    But the biggest thing with HAs, i believe, is the combination of NMG/adren shield +medkits as it enables HAs to fully take advantage of medkits while escaping. Assuming the target HA hits F at half health level (~250hp), resist shield is going to provide 2 additional shots worth of damage.
    That's probably enough to kill the HA before he starts acting like a medkit junkie in most cases. But the NMG/adren shield one just got a free 5 shots worth of health, ruining the initiative the shooter had.

    I believe what David Carey advocates (delay on the overshield) is absolutely terrible though.
  6. Arsonix

    When was it announced that the change was scrapped? I provided proof when challenged and you should be as so kind as to return the favor. I would hate to be lying to people on this.

    At any rate you're acting like you have never used resist shield in a reactive manner. So either you have 360 awareness at all times and never get surprised in which case you're probably not a legitimate player or you have some kind of no overshield policy when caught off-guard which is questionable gameplay to say the least.

    Moreover a delay would not make NMG and adrenaline shields useless but less viable as a panic button. All shield users would have to be more cautious and alert if that was the case and if it slowed down the wind up on a resist shield user and increased subsequent vulnerability then it would also be doing it's job.

    The only thing that will get changed is now players who have the element of surprise get a mechanic based time cushion not based on incalculable imperfections in the system that can't be detected and are hard to compensate for like latency issues. It would help remove some of the randomness from encounters and if it stopped more laggers from being HAs then I say that is a good thing.

    Edit: So this got moved to the Heavy Assault forum. R.I.P. thread. Enjoy your obscurity and loads of HA fanboys who troll this section of the forums.
  7. Xasapis

    I didn't say it was scrapped. I said it was never implemented.

    I do use the resist shield in a reactive manner if I get anbushed. It doesn't really work if you have taken damage lready. Perhaps some trial with it will convince you.

    The only way to make the nano and adrenaline usable with a delay is by removing the depletion. In any case, they are reactive shields. They are supposed to work as a panic button by their nature.

    (Edit: Be glad it wasn't moved to off topic. Then it would have been completely irrelevant :))
  8. Arsonix

    So you're just giving unsubstantiated false reasons as to why it hasn't materialized yet when in the video I provided they gave their own reasons why it was difficult to implement.

    You're basically making it up as you go.

    That's nice. First you call me out on being a lair, then you make up one of your own, then you continue to try to play mental gymnastics to defend you saying "This didn't happen because...(no proof)".

    Well good that you're already on my bad side then. Wouldn't want to waste more time trying to communicate like a reasonable human being with someone incapable of it.
  9. Ildac

    Heavy is the crutch class. If you're **** at FPS, you play heavy. Case closed.
  10. WarmasterRaptor

    After 5 (close to 6 now) months they still haven't found how to put a "simple" delay on the 5 bullet sponge.

    How can it be so hard? Why didn't it happened yet? Still too much hitching? Maybe...
    Maybe because it's not worth it after all. It breaks too much of the game balance?

    Devs can and will change any plans if they feel it's needed. It's not new at all.
    Look at the roadmap.
    Look at the resource system that was supposed to happen oh so fast and how it should've revolutionarized the game!

    We're now capping bases without no in-game military value. A phase two will happen. Eventually. If at all. (Sorry if I sound cynical on that one :|)

    People were against implants, they got in.
    Even the revision they did on it to add a "brand new" level by nerfing the firsts to pop out the latest.
    Ground breaking innovation there. :eek:

    That means that even if we all whine and cry like the Niagara falls, they can and will not listen.

    Also Hit detection is crap. You can't blame the shield when any class can ignore half your bullets.

    The lag and the latency issues are real.
    Can't blame the shield when your game delays/stack your damage both on giving and receiving end.

    But it's funny to see all the hatred on a class...

    If you're HA you're bad... the shield is a cructh... bla bla bla...

    JumpPack is to reach normally hard/impossible spot to get a better fighting position... you should crawl your way on the ground like all the other footsoldiers. No crutch permitted that helps to get a positional advantage permitted!

    Cloak is a crutch because you conceal yourself to avoid detection and kill with stealth... You should come and charge head down right ? Straight in the open, withouth concealement! No such cructh permitted either to avoid detection! Remove those spotters too! Blind like the rest of us all! Spot to see like everybody else.

    Turrets shields you from damage and you get infinite ammo... you can also repair your own vehicle... serious crutch here! You pilot or you don't, that should be a choice right ? Enough with the available choices! AI+AV+ infinte supplies :eek:
    They even have an automated tool now!

    Medic and their AoE heal... and helping his allies... resurrecting them even!!! The humanity! :eek: What an insane crutch that is! Teammates should bleed to death and stay dead!

    That's the nonsense you guys are spouting all the time. It's really tiring seeing you failing over and over again like that.
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  11. Peasnriz

    The frustration I have is that so many bases are HA heaven, cap points inside buildings, narrow walk ways, limited flanking positions, it at times makes playing other classes hard, it is fairly easy for a HA to play to its strengths as a bullet sponge and get themselves in positions where no amount of flanking/jet packing is going to help. You are compelled to have to play HA.

    I do not have a problem with the overshield though it is doing what it is supposed to, I feel this is more a base design problem and I also question the viability of cloak for the infiltrator.
  12. Mythologicus

    Except quite often while playing HA I am unable to stand in the line of fire and do my thing because I have to force my way through all of the suicidal Medics clustered around the doorway, who proceed to shoot me in the **** (because if someone walks in front of you, that's just what you do).
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  13. Eternaloptimist

    As an LA I find most of my kills (and deaths) are to/from other LAs in our own little rooftop fights-within-fights. I get more annoyed by being blown to bits by long range tanks but hey, if it was that big an annoyance I wouldn't play LA. When I kill HAs it is generally from above, behind or anywhere except in their face (and not when they are glowing). With the kill time of a carbine you can take one down without giving him time to fire up the overshield if you are accurate - something I admit I could be better at, so I find a quick burst then press the *****off button on the boot is the only way to go. whether the HA goes down or not. Even then, leaving an irritated HA still standing is not a good idea My ideal for engaging HA etc. would be to be able to ADS and change direction in flight but maybe that would be a bit OP. What do people think?
  14. PinkHurtsMyEyes

    HA is easy and straightforward to play. Overshield and ADS down range. It's easy to play, it is also easy to kill. HA's cry to smg infil and C4 fairies or even LA just fighiting from elevated positions all the time.

    HA is the tank class, they are not OP for the most part. The only thing I can say is that a high skill player with very good aim playing with adrenaline shield can be very annoying as he can go on killstreaks with his overshield fully charged all the time (cough-jackhammer-cough). As far as the lasher goes it still seems to be mostly employed in an exploiting fashion on U.S. servers: Lasherparty to hammer FPS down to 4-5 so the enemy just goes somewhere else as the game is unplayable.

    My ONLY real issue with HA is that new players go there leaving us starved for medics and engies. But thats ppl for you. In a game of this scale HA is not an issue as far as I see it.
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  15. Reclaimer77

    Well we can certainly guess what class you play a lot...
  16. WarmasterRaptor

    What a childish argument if that can be considered one for any purpose. But let me take your bait.

    You see, I also play the other classes too. If you can read the other numbers on the page.

    Sadly, the only class that deals efficiently against Armored targets and Aircraft is : :eek: the HA!
    He's got all the launchers for those roles. The AV grenades +bandolier help the launchers and also C4 if you can get close enough!

    Infantry being a third of the game, tanks another 3rd and air the last 3rd, the damn HA class is quite useful to fight 2/3rds of the game that tends to murder infantrymen and their dogs faster than anything else in the game. The class DESIGNED to counter those threats, the force multipliers.

    So yeah, I play HA when it's needed. Which is sadly VERY OFTEN.

    When vehicles aren't plaguing the air with explosions/splash damage, you'll see me running around playing Necro-Medic, Ammo+RepairJunkie-Engie, infiltrator if I wish to snipe (horribly lol) or disrupt the enemy lines with emp nades +run'N'gun (yes, a dirty SMG cloaker!) or MAX if I feel like it (I suck playing MAX :( ).

    Tell me, if there's already a saturation of the support classes, why would I also add myself to them if killing power/ fodder is what is now needed instead? There's a natural treshold with the scaling of those classes.
    The contrary is also very true, if there's an absence of support classes, why should I stay HA if there's no option to sustain pushing?

    Unless you follow me around all day and night when I play, you know absolutely nothing of my classes preferences or why I play them.

    Personally, I have more fun and prefer playing LA and infiltrator than HA just so you know. That's where the thrill is. The mobility, speed of the LA to flank and surprise your opponents and the stealth to disrupt a line with the infil. My first love is still the Medic. The guns on that class... *Malorn praising intensifies*

    You can only speculate on the numbers on that page and forge an opinion and classify me in the popular vile HA "shield-crutch dependent" newb. The class has the tools required for a task that is too often present in the game for them to be not used.

    The fact that it's only 5 bullets more required to kill a shielded HA and if people can't win with a situational advantage is because they aim like a drunk bat, hit detection was against them or they suffered lag/hitching.
    I know I've aimed bad if the HA survived my attack when I play LA,Engie,Medic or Infil.
    I don't blame the game for my lack of skills.

    But no, I should blame the whole f'in class. :rolleyes:

    I should blame the jetpack OPness when my target flies away when I shoot it, actually DENYING the damage I wished to dish out on it.

    I should blame the cloak for hiding my enemies from my sight, preventing me from countering normally the threat.

    I should blame the ammo pack for ressuplying my enemies. The turret for blocking my shots aimed at it's operator.

    I should blame the MedTool for bringing back my enemies back to full health.

    Yeah, I'll jump on the whine train.

    To finish, just to be on an equal footing, can you muster the courage to show us your characters so we can also classify you with our own biased empty opinions ?
    That would be very interesting to know why you oh so desire that "nerf".
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  17. vanu123

    fixed it
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  18. Reclaimer77

    Do you honestly expect me to read all of that?

    Look anytime an overshield nerf is discussed, you are RIGHT there to rudely and aggressively attack the posters who are against it. I know you've personally baited me into hostile dicussions, and then have reported me and gotten my account temporarily banned. So I'm not falling for that again.

    But you seem to be pretty biased toward HA and keeping the status quo. Using whatever straw men and hyperbole you can come up with.

    I don't feel I need to be Heavy Assault to deal with vehicles and Max's. I do that just fine as LA or Engineer. But I DO notice that when I play Heavy, my KPD sure goes up and I can last forever on the battlefield compared to other classes.

    I'm grinding for the Battlegoose now, just because, why not. But yeah, I feel it's just way too easy to pop on the shield and take on whatever is in front of me and cheesing out all kinds of 1 on 1 even 2 on 1 wins against probably even more skilled players than me.

    It's just TOO easy.
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  19. PinkHurtsMyEyes

    Why not? I did... Why do you initiate a discussion if you can't bother to read the arguments presented to you?
  20. Arsonix

    It doesn't need to be read. His argument is self defeating.

    First he points out HA is overused then he prattles on about how they have a tool in the overshield and that they need it but doesn't give any reasons or specifics. The only thing you can take away from a post like that is he thinks HA should have the overpowered overshield ability as is because they are too important for taking out vehicles to not have an infantry defeating overshield.

    If I argued like him and people bought it I could make people believe invisible landmines were balanced. You can't really argue with someone who blatantly admits his class is overpowered and says it is a good thing. As per usual his arguments boil down to "oh you think something is unbalanced? L2P."

    And he has the audacity to say other people's argument are childish.
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