Does anybody know definitively how resource gain is supposed to work?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Guadoc, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Guadoc

    Obviously with this new patch resources are now pretty much gold dust. I logged on and realised I was very short on infantry resources so I left my char idling in the WG. My map screen was showing +112 and I left it through three of the 5(?) minute ticks, however my inf resources didn't change at all.

    Do you get resource increases in the WG? I'm pretty sure you used to but I don't seem to any more - a bug? Also somebody else mentioned that you get resources faster if you are (for instance) in a hex with +5 inf resources, is that correct?
  2. DashRendar

    Mouseover a territory, it will show a single resource icon, either infantry, armor, or air. Owning that territory gives you a certain amount of that type of resource at every tick. The ticker can be seen by pressing Tab. The more territories you own, the more resources per tick you get. You also get territory resources for joining combat within a territory, also for that type.
  3. UberBonisseur

    Aside from the 5-min tick based on territory:

    25xp gained = 1 resource.
    A kill in a Biolab = 100xp = 4 Infantry resources

    Note that RIBBONS, XP boosters and Resouce boosters stack multiplicatively and all increase this resource gain.
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  4. Snib

    AFK resource gain was removed sometime in closed beta IIRC, and that was a good thing (because indeed everybody idled in the WG back then).

    Since then you need to actually play the game to earn resources.
  5. chrisbeebops

    You gain resources passively based on how much territory your faction controls. Each tick, you gain the resources. Though it seems recently they changed it so you can't just idle in warpgate to restock your resources... you'll need to actually be fighting.

    Example: Allatum Bio lab gives +30 Infantry resources. Owning the facility (and having connection to your warpgate) will give your faction +30 Infantry resources per passive resource tick.
  6. Guadoc

    What does playing the game actually involve then? Do you need to actually kill somebody within the 5 minute tick? Do you just not need to be in the WG? Can you go to a territory that your faction owns and idle in the spawn room? Obviously I can test but was hoping somebody might know definitively.

    I understand how your faction in general gets its points (from each resource node) but not under what circumstances you personally get them.
  7. Guadoc

    Any idea anyone? What are the rules for whether you get a resource tick or not?
  8. Snib

    Just don't be afk, i.e. do anything. Whether you can gain them while in the WG I do not know. In addition to the ticks, you also earn resources for XP you gain in a hex based on the resource assigned to it (shown on the map).
  9. BengalTiger

    I remember having a few situations where I had to wait a couple seconds for the next resource tick and I got them while being at a terminal at the WG.

    I think only people who idle for a longer time don't get resources.
  10. Predatorus

    Don't forget you can also purchase resource boosters in the Sony shop, even the Exp boost will work.
  11. Morpholine

    The problem is you were idle. You need to be active every minute or so, or the passive resource gain is cut off.

    It's a relic of beta days when Auraxium was a resource used to unlock weaponry (instead of certs). For a while entire empires would capture a continent and camp there AFK while the spice flowed.
  12. Goretzu

    There seems to be a hidden afk timer, certainly anything that gains you exp seems to reset it, not sure about any action though.
  13. Fire Works

    move your char under 90sec before the ressource tick. I am not totally sure if you also have to move the view, but i think its needed too.

    Anyways, give mouse and keyboard input to your character <90s before the tick. Just being ingame and checking the map or certs does not work.

    EDIT: after the one move, you can be afk for the next 5mins again.
  14. Guadoc

    Thanks all, somebody else in another thread just said to move within 90 seconds of the resource tick and Fire Works says the same so I'd presume that is the secret. Easy enough to do that so back to being able to restock on those pesky resources again :)
  15. IamDH

    Yes it is correct
  16. Stigma

    Short answer: you don't get resources in warpgate while being AFK. That's why.

    As for gainign resources while fighting - you get something like 1 resource of the type the hex provides for each 20 or 25 xp (I'm unclear on the exact amounts here). it is usually the quickst way to gain back a spesific resource.

  17. Zakuak

    Repair turrets at AMP stations and Tech plants and you'll never have to worry about Air or Armor resources
  18. LibertyRevolution

    Warp to which ever continent has the most resources, switch to eng and drop an ammo pack in the doorway, move around 1 min before the tick hits, that is what I do...
  19. Guadoc

    Yes that is what I've always done but was missing the bit about moving within a minute of the tick, you didn't have to do that in the past - not sure when it changed.