Does any one else think the game is full of bots?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by badname123, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. badname123

    Do you think this game is full of bots and we're just playing a single player game?
  2. ZDarkShadowsZ

    Yes. Each and every bot also wears a tinfoil hat, just like me.
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  3. DrPapaPenguin

    Yes, this game is a testing bed for true AI technology that poses itself as players in the game. It learns our strengths and our weaknesses, develops new strategies in order to subjugate us, even comes up with more and more ingenious ways to imply relations between me and farm animals in chat. And the day it will be complete... God help us all...
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  4. JobiWan

    The bots are out to get me.
  5. Johannes Kaiser

    And don't you forget those weird bots that behave like people and insult others and get really salty when you point out they might be wrong with actual *gasp* eloquence. :p
  6. SarahM

    Back in open beta, the banter was more friendly and at times, even constructive discussions could be had in /yell.
    Nowadays, you can be happy if you get a 'git gud' as an answer (although I'm still unsure why people insist on pointing out to other people on an MMOFPS that git is a gud version control system - it is).

    If there's an AI behind all this, it has been devolving steadily.
  7. Johannes Kaiser

    Ah, sometimes you still can get good conversations. It's rare though.
  8. Talthos

    For what it's worth, on the Connery server, I make a point of giving actual answers to gameplay questions. Even if it's supposedly 'common knowledge', I still make a point of responding with actual answers; 'troll answers' are tasteless, and just hurt player retention.
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  9. iller

    Aimbots? ...maybe like ... 2% of the main 2 factions and like 5% of the VS faction -- (but only among accounts that put in more than 6-8 hours a week, which requires a huge Median-Mean separation statistically).

    actual Self-driving type full A.I. ?? Don't make me laugh! These Devs couldn't program the NS Operatives initiative intelligently... what kind of Tin Foil hatter would give them enough credit to be able to plan out all the logistics nightmares connected to making the Pathing Algorithms necessary to even go from a spawn room to every cap point in even one of the basic Facilities in this game??


    Edit: And before anyone says it... No even ANT cortium farming is too complicated for the staff they currently have on hand. Infact it's one of the most difficult aspects to program and people need to actually go learn something about A.I. before they make those sorts of conclusions. Spatial Awareness is one of those things that still often eludes us in Algorithm optimization. It's part of why the alpha NERDS out there are nutting so hard over Quantum Computing and 5g wireless