Does a Tier 3 Implant + Tier 4 Implant = Super Ultra Charger?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Dgross, Jun 27, 2015.

  1. Dgross

    The in-game help menu is woefully outdated and the wiki doesn't specify.
  2. Taemien

    Put a Tier 3 and 4 into the nano cycler and see if it lets you combine them.
  3. breeje

  4. 4wry

    This is a old issue, ever since the Tier 4 implants got introduced. See this old thread:

    Tier 4 implants currently cannot be crafted to chargers, only 5 Tier 4 give you a new (random) Tier 4, which is a waste. The issue may be that the energy gain from the suggested "auraxium charger" would be too high by comparison, and thus the entire system would require a revamp as a whole.
  5. St0mpy

    No. The only thing you can do with excess T4 is craft three of them together to make one other random T4.
  6. Dgross

    What a disappointment.
  7. Diilicious

    there are tier 3 and 4?

    ive only ever seen up to 2.
  8. Regpuppy

    You have to craft tier 3 by putting five tier 2 in the nano cycler and you craft tier 4 by doing that with five tier 3. They don't randomly drop.
  9. Diilicious

    the energy drain on them must be pretty crazy, is it even worth it?
  10. BlueSkies

    If you don't already have hundreds of thousands of energy stored up... probably not.
  11. Regpuppy

    You'll want a decent stock of charge/charges and to have all of the implants you want crafted already, before it becomes reasonable to maintain, since all of the drop nerfs. You'll be crafting ultra chargers to keep up.
  12. Konstantinn

    My system:
    I have a decent collection of T3 implants for every situation, which is what I use all the time. All T1, T2, and duplicate T3 get combined into Ultra Chargers. If I have more than 10 Ultra Chargers I can start thinking of making T4 implants.

    So far, on my main, i only have 2 T4 implants ever since they came into the game. Implant/charger drop nerfs took a big toll, it's hard to keep up.
  13. Diilicious

    i have never needed to change my implant, i only ever use the T2 regeneration implant. all the other ones feel even more scrubby to me :S
  14. Regpuppy

    I got clear vision and EMP shield and stopped caring too much. Those are the only two that make an obvious impact on your gameplay anyway, for regular infantry fighting. That and the RNG on crafting is soulcrushing.
  15. Konstantinn

    Funny, I feel totally different. EMP/Clear Vision seems to be least useful to me personally. EMP/concussion grenade is still a very rare occurrence and can often be avoided easily.

    My favorites are:
    1) Regeneration - because even if there are medics around they'd rather rez than heal 90% of the time
    2) Safe Landing - for those special situations where sunderer is parked on hill above point, happens often on indar
    3) Hold Breath - for sniping
    4) Sensor Shield - for lack of anything better for medic

    So, that pretty much leaves me using Regeneration most of the time (except for medic), since others are very situation dependent.
  16. Regpuppy

    I guess we're dealing with different atmospheres here. I pretty much run with my outfit exclusively, which usually has good medics on. Either that, or I run with medkits for medkit tanking. So regeneration is almost entirely useless to me. Plus, I'm use to semi-regular EMP or conc spamming, which is the only thing that throws a wrench into my ability to respond. So I prefer to run it, just so I'm not helpless during point holds.