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  1. masepoesman

    Could not help but notice all the head shots going on.
    Is DayBreak failing at combating cheaters?
    After a 1 minute of searching, I came up with several FREE cheats.
  2. FateJH

    Have you tried any of them yet?
  3. Yuki10

    He is right,.....just did a search and plenty of them out there. One was updated just a few days ago too. Dev says it's undetectable and he was using it for months at this point.
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  4. Utrooperx

  5. Leftconsin

    And why would you believe this claim?
  6. Yuki10

    Because of how the game is designed, because DBG is way understaffed to do anything about cheaters, because it's not that hard to make a cheat for PS2.

    There is a guy working on a proof of concept for PS2 netcode hack where he can become almost invincible to direct hit damage (from rounds that don't have any AOE effect). Idea is pretty simple and requires use of a network sniffer (something like Wireshark) to analyse the incoming packets, then use of a firewall and a script to treat certain packets differently.

    Whats fun is that this data is not encrypted and encrypting it and encrypting on the fly would put additional load on server and client, making people unhappy. So DBG is very unlikely to implement it.
  7. Dennisz125NC

    PC have hackers
    PS4 don't have it
  8. Steza

    You can never jump straight to people cheating. People out there have been getting very good at getting headshots. When ever you're bored or going to try a new gun in the VR. Just look around at the others shooting sometimes they shoot the gun a bit then leave and some just stick around warming up there aim. Weird to see but it tends to work with them lol.
  9. Devilllike

    Why is a headshot concidered a cheat? o_o some people are just very good
  10. Devilllike

    PC shooting has an advantage over the concol faster reaction
  11. Devilllike

    There is already an auto kick system tracking strange behavior i already witnessed 2 people getting banned
  12. HunterXCooL

    U cant combat a cheater period... U banned 1 id they are gonna make ten...
    And I see a few of em in my server too lol... 90% headshot on the killboard with T-9 is just insane
  13. Goretzu

    It's not the headshots that may me wonder most often, it's the people killing moving targets from a fair old distance (100m +) basically without missing 1 shot, with weapons that even with perfect aim weapon shouldn't hit with everything at that range.

    It's what makes me think that no recoil & no CoF hacks are much more widespread than aimbots, as such.

    It is not like cheats don't exist, blatent aimbotters still pop up every few days (however their new stat thing seems to take care of them fairly quickly), I saw a blatent speed hacker the night before last (moving around at incredible speed).

    And if you look at H1Z1 and its 1 billion cheat sites, you realise that most of them will also be workable for PS2. :(

    Unfortunately, as I understand it, that only works against the blatent hackers, it wouldn't do a thing against subtle ones running no recoil/no CoF hack (or ESP).
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  14. Devilllike

    There is no way to track them down except a programme to track software changes
  15. MarkAntony

    recoil control and burst firing is cheating! confirmed!
  16. 0fly0

    Just watch two nc in the warpgate testing teleport hack on each other, i was like o_O .
    After that the two guy's watch me and just move away, sometime it piss me off not having shadowplay.
  17. Liewec123

    they should add a little extra bit to the EULA that gives them the right to legally take $10,000 from anyone found hacking their software.
    and by agreeing to it you're held accountable.
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  18. Bl4ckVoid

    Game is now full of cheasy OHK kills. Got OHKd by NS11a today. Maybe just lag, but then even then it is cheesy because I am moving all the time.
    Way too many snipers. Some of them cheat. Makes the game more frustration than fun. Sniper OHK should go. I am not spending a cent on this game until snipers are nerfed to HELL. Yes, make them unfeasible. Its a class for cowards and psychopats.
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  19. BlacknBlue

    This is purely opinion and not fact. Nobody should pay attention to stuff like that. Plus I see broadcast messages about people getting banned all the time.

    My opinion is this, if you get headshot it's most likely because you got headshot. Think of all the players you come across good or bad. It looks to me like the vast majority of people are just like me playing a game. That's it.

    Here's a fact of psychology (but I can't be bothered to find a source). Someone wining by cheating cannot derive the same pleasure as someone wining by improving their game. The cheaters at best may enjoy spoiling other peoples day, or the fact that they managed to cheat and get away with it.

    But an aimbot auto kill streak no matter how hard they try to lie to themselves is a hollow victory. They won't get the same dopamine fix that someone playing legitimately will.

    So what does this mean for us legitimate players? Don't worry about cheaters, if you see someone cheating don't get angry just be smug in the knowledge that they're a sad cheater and cannot enjoy the game like you can.
  20. Problem Officer

    Ignorance doesn't take out the trash.
    There's more br100s using cheat software than before.
    Daybreak needs to step it up.
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