Do you wish more guns looked unique like this one?

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  1. Niller

    Please give me soe.
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  2. maxkeiser

    This. I don't think most the people on this thread have any idea how hard and resource intense it would be for 100s of people on screen at once all to have their own totally unique/amazingly styled weapon..

    Not going to happen. Not on current computers/networking.
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  3. FateJH

    The HA weapons all appear to be broken animation-wise in one way or another, with the default one being the most air-tight. I'm not certain how any of this got through QA.
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  4. Littleman

    For the most part, the only weapons that have any true variance in design are assault rifles.

    T1 - TRV - SABR-13
    Gauss Rifle - Carnage BR - Reaper DMR.
    VS1 - HV-45 - CME

    And of course, there are carbon copies or mix-n-match weapons (TAR is mix-n-match, GR-22 looks exactly like the Carnage BR, etc.) All TR carbines and LMGs have the same barrel. All VS carbines and LMG's look exactly the same. Only the NC bring any real weapon design variety in each of the three categories, but they do still have carbon copy weapons. Coincidentally, shotguns tend to absorb a weapon model part that could have gone to a carbine, instead of having any effort being put into them to actually LOOK like a shotgun. The most we got was a slide for the pump actions, and that mostly used an existing part anyway.

    Saying ALL the weapons look the same is an over exaggeration, but SOE could stand to make all the weapons look actually different. The only exceptions being maybe the burst and S variants of weapons, in my opinion, since their names insinuate we're working with modified versions of the original. No one is going to notice the different butt stocks of the Vanu LMG's. SOE is sort of backing themselves into a corner anyway. They're running out of statistic setups for weapons, filling just about every niche. Even the NS weapons fill a niche gap, the NS-15M filling a rather odd gap.

    Going back over older weapons and improving the aesthetic side of the game seems like a logical course of action at this point. Introducing new armors and GOOD looking helmets as opposed to weapons to bring in revenue see much appreciation as well.
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  5. Zakuak

    Hey nice looking weapon!

    While I like the current NC/TR weapons I do wish there was more variety. Some of the LMG's for instance are darn near identical. They look ok and I can see that maybe the Devs didn't want to have 4 vastly different looking LMG's within a factions selection, what if the "cool" looking LMG was the cr*ppy performer, lol.

    I'm sure we will get more varied weapons designs in our hands over time. I'd like some more now though please heheh.
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  6. Crysander

    I hate to tell you but this has been mentioned before and was apparently a misrepresentation of their true aim which was to

    improve all models going forwards but NOT the ones they have released previously.

    This is shown with the improvements made to the SMGs model over the other weapons and the same can be said of the ESRLs. The shotguns however I believe aren't much different (?) but I don't own any so I couldn't say. I have to say though in the case of the VS Lancer if this is what us Vanu have to look forward to then it's going to be one bland experience.
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  7. The Shermanator

    The Semiautomatic shotguns, for the NC anyway, look almost indistinguishable from the Gauss line of ARs in the first person view; and from the outside, you have to be particularly familiar with the weapons to know the difference.

    This is like a modern military FPS where everything is an AR-15, except a thousand times worse. Look at the LMGs! They are all the same. Every damn one!
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  8. Naota

    Or they could just make generic third person models for the basic weapon classes on each faction (LMG, Rifle/carbine, SMG, Sniper, Shotgun) and make the first person models actually look like a different gun. That's a grand total of one unique model at zero additional cost in memory. These are not difficult problems to solve, and there really is no excuse for how similar the weapons in Planetside are to one another.
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  9. Dubious

    No weapon is exactly the same, but the difference is a so minor you can't see it without looking closely
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  10. hansgrosse

    I generally hate it when games do this. I'd rather my guns look bland and generic in 1st person than have the 1st and 3rd person weapon models look different.

    Besides, strong similarities in weapon design are a modern trend in many militaries. It speeds up and cheapens the manufacturing process, eases logistical demands by allowing for common replacement parts, and simplifies soldier training since every weapon basically operates the same way. Seems perfectly believable to me.
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