Do you use Restoration kits instead of Med kits and why?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Leftconsin, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. Leftconsin

    They seems inferior in every way.
    They heal less.
    They heal slower.
  2. _itg

    Pretty much the only thing they have going for them is that they're cheaper than medkits. Not that medkits cost enough for resources to be a problem.
  3. Gemenai

    Well they are cheaper. We like cheap (prices).
    And i like to use them especially on my medic.
    Comboing it with the aoe heal is quite nice ( even more with heal grenades). With this combo, i can take on difficult situations, even if my shield is depleated.
    I never really bothered buying medkits in addition and spend extra cert, just for some rare situations on other classes.
    What i would like to see is, that medkits only heal 80% of maximum life and
    regen kits 100% (also maybe keep regenerating when cloak; Does heavy shield also disable regen kit heal?)
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  4. Alan Kalane

    I use them on my HA with resist shield because when I'm about to storm a building or do something dangerous I pop a resto and resist shield.
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  5. Pelojian

    Another way of using them is as poor mans medkits, stock up on both medkits and resto kits when your resources are low or you want to pull a vehicle and have no medkits left swap them out for your resto kit loadout.

    you still get healing capacity but you don't have to spend more resources right away.
  6. Liewec123

    i use them like alan, precast before engaging on a heavy with resist shield, makes you so much tankier :)
  7. eldarfalcongravtank

    to heal quickly the med kits are superior, no doubt.

    but resto kits have their use: you need to apply a resto kit when you're on full health and are likely going to take massive damage (as restos heal overtime), for example before storming a room or before enemies rush you. combined with Heavy shield or Medic self-heal you can resist more damage and thus deal damage longer, potentially killing more enemies before you go down
  8. prodo123

    So use it like a Resist Shield? Well noted!
  9. BlueSkies

    Also, when they enable additional server debugging (you'll know it because ammo packs and medkits start failing constantly) using resto kits is preferable as they still function.
  10. Littleman

    I've switched to resto kits except on my infil. When cloaked, the HoT won't work but it's still burning time. Resist shield doesn't stop the regen, but I think nanite mesh and adrenaline do if I recall.

    Plus they're cheaper.

    A medic can probably become briefly tougher than an resist HA with healing grenades, resto, and the healing aura active at the same time, but it's very brief and takes some preparation time, so for storming a location, HA > medic still.
  11. omfgweeee

    I think 1 change can make Resto kits much more viable than now over Med kits and in same time will stop the Med dance.

    All it needs is that change.

    If you use another med kid in next 5 seconds heals 50% less.

    Example :
    1s med kit : 500 HP
    2nd if used in next 5 sec 250
    3rd if used in next 5 sec 125
    If 5 sec passed next med kit restore norlmaly 500HP

    Imo this will fix everything about Med kits vs Resto Kit and Med kit dance complains.
  12. Stigma

    Medkits are just better.

    You can concievably pop a resto kit before peeking and taking damage - and in those cases the rest might just save you that one extra bullet of damage that would otherwise have killed you. Aside from that they are inferior in all ways - and medkits "trick" of making you close to unkillable for a second or so is going to save you a lot more if you exploit it - the typical "run away while spamming medkits".

    Medkits just aren't balanced to restos. In my opinion resto-kits are the only types that should exist as medkits trivialize one of the primary abilities of the medic. Medkits heal close to instantly with no fuzz or need for coordination, and you can carry enough of them that running out is very rarely a real issue. A disposable tool shouldn't be better than the primary healing ability of a medic - that makes no sense (and I don't play a ton of medic so I don't feel I have any bias in saying this at all). Just being able to fully heal on your own on a non-medic is already very powerful even if it was significantly slower than by using a medic-tool.

  13. Lord_Avatar

    Preemptive Resto + AOE CM combo. Other than that, Medkits all the way.
  14. Morti

    I used to stockpile them back when consumables stacked to 40.

    That way I had a backup when fighting on continents with no infantry resources.
  15. Konstantinn

    Ever since restoration implant was put in game, never used either resto/heal kits. Two C4 or mines are always better to have with you than restoration kits.

    Realistically both kits are out of combat heals, it's silly to have it out instead of rifle while getting shot at (unless it's medium/long range fight and you have solid cover to hide behind for a moment to use kit and switch back to rifle, but technically that's also out of combat heal). This is also the reason why it doesn't matter if they are heal or restoration, it makes no difference out of combat if it instantly heals you or heals over 2 seconds (or whatever it is).

    Restoration implant is much slower, but it doesn't interfere with carrying explosives. Also health is only half your defense, the other half is shield which just so happens recovers when you aren't getting shot at (out of combat) or under same exact conditions as what restoration implant needs to do its work. If you're jumping out of cover to shoot at enemy with yourself at full health but no shield your odds of dying are 2X higher than if you would with full shield and full health. So you're always better off waiting for both shield and health to recover, hence there is no HUGE benefit to recovering health quickly with a kit (there is some, but not larger than carrying explosives).

    Kits are useful for snipers that know they won't need mines and have hold breath implant slotted, outside of that I see no other reason for heal/resto kits over explosives.

    The only situation where heal/resto kit will help you is if you are fighting 1v1, both of you are severely damaged, one of you manages to make it behind cover for a second while the other rushes in. In that situation if the guy who is in cover for a split second is quick enough to activate heal/resto kit and pull his rifle back out before fight resumes, he has higher odds of winning. This situation happens from time to time, but once again probably much less often than situations where you could benefit from setting a mine or C4.

    Worth mentioning that mine/C4 is a much more team oriented choice, where your explosive might take out enemy spawn ending the fight completely and friendly medic will heal you, while heal/resto kits are more of a selfish/less team friendly option (I might live slightly more frequently, who cares about team objectives, just padding my personal K/D).
  16. Dgross

    Pffft can't kill a tank with med kits
  17. Ronin Oni

    When I certed them, it was different. They were MUCH cheaper in cert cost, and they healed more but over time.

    Now they may as well be reomved honestly
  18. Shadowomega

    I have both don't don't use them much anymore, as I much prefer my 2 block of C4. Working with an outfit and good medics nullifies the need to self heal, but regen helps for the little wounds.