Do you think population will suffer because of this patch?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Captain Kid, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. Captain Kid

    - I'm reading a lot of complaining on this forum about how vehicle spam (and maxes) is even worse then before.
    I can see in-game people play spawnroom warrior even more then before. Even when the defenders have more pop I see a lot of people refusing to leave the spawn. Much more then before. Not surprising because leaving the spawn means a pretty certain death by either galaxy, liberator, tank or even Harasser before you even had the chance to shoot at the enemy.

    - Alerts were a part of the game where fighting had a little meaning. Everybody fought a little bit harder to take that base and win the alert. Squads were lead. Orders were given. Outfits were active. The good stuff.
    Now I have only seen two alerts these last two days. And I think they are crap to begin with. I want to WIN the continent not defend it together with another empire!

    - Now bases give no more resources it does not matter one bit how much territory you have on a continent. (except for Tech plant, Bio lab, and AMP station) This degrades the little meaning we had to capture territory even more. Now it really is pointless to capture a base.

    Obviously this will annoy some people and they will stop playing the game. Normally that is not a problem since old players might hear about this patch and return. And perhaps more new players will decide this is a good game and stay then before.

    But I think this is even LESS friendly for new players because they do not have the certs to deck out a vehicle. Or max. They end up being more farmed then before. Also, I shudder to think what a new player would think when he sees 50 soldiers shooting from a spawn room. Every time. Or shooting AT a spawn room at every base. That can not be a good first or second impression.

    We lost 25% of the population in a year time, I think if I check this website again in exactly a month I will see another 25% drop. But then it only took a month. Assuming nothing has been changed about these three issues.

    What do you think? Are these changes good for the population and health of this game or is it going down the crapper even more then before or will it have no impact at all.
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  2. Whatupwidat

    The game's slowly dying anyway - give it a year and the servers'll be offline.

    Just enjoy it's cheyne stoking :)
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  3. Dis

    Vehicle and max spammers...that is the PS2 population. If anything it will probably increase.
  4. Matt879

    The patch brought interest back into the game for me thanks to the directives, I actually have a purpose now next to farming certs 4 dayz. That's just me though, maybe everyone else hates the new patch. And yes, this game is very unfriendly to new players, it needs some sort of mentor program to let veterans help new players.
  5. Scudmungus

    Yeah - this is your mistake. Never assume that forum post represent anything other than a vocial minority. Most folks never ever post on these forums.

    On Miller tonight - there were SWARMS of players.
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  6. Captain Kid

    I've been seeing a LOT of new players lately. I fear this latest patch will drive them away very fast.
    Which means the population will be dropping HARD as well.
    Let's hope a lot of old players will return because they like vehicle warfare. And hate alerts.

    This game is dying I agree but we can still merge all servers in to one big server in a year or two.
    I fear it will be much sooner now with this new patch though.
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  7. FBVanu

    LOVE the resource patch... although, it is not the end all be all patch.. there is more coming.

    But for now, this is great and makes me want to play more. Before this patch I had long times of walking around and shooting my gun into the air, to make the game give me resources, so that I could start my next game session with full resource pools. I would never leave the game without having them filled up. Nothing worse than starting to play, only to find out I forgot I didn't have enough resources to pull a vehicle.

    Now, that has changed. Resources come so quickly, I cant' run out.. and if I do, it's only matter of a few minutes to get them all back. Which makes me enjoy the game more, because the worry of the boring walking around is gone.

    I saw a lot more air and ground vehicles yesterday, a constant spawn at the Warpgate.. it was beautiful to watch.

    New players don't have to worry about resources anymore.. . therefor they can focus on developing their skills,.. so they die in their first Lightning roll out.. no biggie,.. a few minutes later they can try again, again, and again... that must be helping new players to learn the ropes. The more they can focus on learning, the better they become.. the better they get, the more they play.

    on another note, yes, the 'reason' to cap a base is gone, kind of ... however, the lattice system keeps us going in the same direction, continent locking will make me want to cap that base.. and, lastly, that base is where everybody else is going, so there must be good fight to be had.. so, let's go with the herd.. isn't that pretty much what most players do anyway? I doubt that more than 5% of the players every chose the next base because of the available resources that could be gained there.
  8. Captain Kid

    Yes, the numbers agree, Miller had 30% more players since the patch compared to the days before.
    All servers combined had about 10-15% more players.

    It's always like that after a big patch. Actually normally you would have a much higher percentage.
  9. SenEvason

    Or, thanks to directives, new players may feel like they are actually accomplishing something noticeable. "Hey, I completed a couple of those directive thingies today!" compared to, "Hey, I think I might have helped taken this base. Or not, I'm not sure if I had any effect actually."

    Also, I've seen people saying that though enemy MAX and vehicle use has risen, so has allied MAX and vehicle use, so they end up countering each other and they don't feel much of a difference from before.
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  10. AshHill07

    So far, the pops are actually up on last weeks. My guess is the weekend will highlight any significant change.

    Also, from the outfits I'm in, the complaints are mostly because Millers stuck on Indarside 2 again ...
  11. Captain Kid

    That is not only Miller. A lot of time two continents are locked and Indar is not one of those. So you end up with Indarside once again.
  12. CDN_Wolvie

    I just couldn't take the performance issues and poor base/terrain design (which impacts spawn camping and vehicles) anymore and uninstalled.

    I play Heroes & Generals instead these days, but that has its own kettle of fish what with most of the new players being Allies and the veterans playing Germany - and it being difficult to play matches with friends from your Steam friend list and what not.

    Maybe something will come along that will finally scratch that itch I have to play Planetside 1 with a more modernly convenient UI *shrugs*.

    Good luck and I hope you have fun.
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  13. Captain Kid

    Thank you.
    If I get to frustrated or bored I just take a break. Or stop playing altogether. Last time I took a 6 months break. The only reason I am back is Hossin, it turns out I don't even like Hossin but stuck around for now.

    I to am waiting for a good mmofps but this will have to do for now. Or not, I don't care really. GTA 5 is coming up!
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  14. Ash87

    They could introduce a patch that vomited peanut MMs from your monitor, and people would complain on the forums.
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  15. lothbrook

    What? The game is awesome now that i don't have to play stupid safe with my vehicle till i have regened enough resources to pull the next one, i can just go balls out and thats exactly what i've been seeing from every vehicle player right now, massive vehicle battles makes the game awesome, no time to shoot infantry with all those tanks and harassers out there.
  16. SenEvason

    I know I would. They'd have to be mint M&Ms for me to be happy.
  17. FBVanu

    Another great new twist that just became obvious...

    I can now be a casual MBT player.. Pulling a 450 resource vehicle is no longer an hour long commitment.

    I get all my resources back in 10 minutes, kills or no kills.. it doesn't matter. I don't have to set aside an hour in order to play and insure that I can earn back all those resources before I exit the game..

    I just had a 15 minute play time with my Prowler.. got all my resources back in less than 10 minutes and decided that Hossin sucked just now.. no problem, log off, no loss on resources. PERFECT !
  18. Ash87

    I know right? I mean, couldn't they spend more time to make it peanut butter M&Ms? Obviously subscribers get peanut butter M&Ms. Higby is just being lazy...
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  19. Morchai

    I've been having a blast since the resource patch. I haven't even come close to a spawn room camping situation since the patch as I'm always too busy engaging other vehicles between bases. It's been a long time since I've seen these sorts of open field battles. It's been great.

    I know it won't last, but there are other problems that SOE could devote their resources to solving first ... like world hunger, middle east peace and getting Dr. Phil off the air.
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  20. SenEvason

    They could also increase sales by selling M&M cookies in the depot. But that's too much time for them. We come up with all these good ideas for them, and they don't take them.