Do you think ESFs that use A2A missles are cheap and dishonorable?

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  1. Pixelshader

    I think esf that use a2a missiles are always piloted by bad new pilots. Because the a2a missiles really suck. When I get locked and its obvious it can't be coming from the ground I almost feel sorry for the guy. It's like he's been tricked into using a weapon that will only get him killed, and the longer he uses it the harder it will be for him to stop and learn to fly properly.
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    Sorry to go of subject, but I consider cheesy: When you kill a guy over and over using an smg and Infitrator class. He then comes back with HA and Jackhammer. Now that's cheesy .

    Back to topic ;)
  3. Phyr

    When someone kills you it's "nooby" or "cheap", when you kill them it's "skill".

    Psychology of the FPS player.
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  4. repairtool6

    Now this game is now about collecting 'fair play' points and stuff like that, i accept that.
    Its okey to be cruel.

    But outright abusing a hilariously broken mechanic for free win?

    Yes of course it is dishonorable
  5. velleity

    it has nothing to do with honor. its weapon that should never have been put in game
    because it has no skill curve and auto guides. you will never get any better.
    and that is a problem, because good pilots can avoid them.

    also, getting killed by an/killing as an a2a zerg is some of the most boring and lamest
    game play in the game. i, also, have every confidence that if a2a didn't exist more people would
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  6. exLupo

    E-honor is for people who care about e-honor. Everyone else will (...should) pick the right tool for the job.

    Lock-ons (both long range and Coyotes) present a big choice for the ESF pilot. To use lock-ons means you have to give up either enhanced mobility or the option to engage heavy targets. A good dog-fighter will kill you if you rely on them for more than a first strike, flat out. And, when your team is being harassed by armor, the nosegun is only so good. Lock-ons provide a reliable but second-tier tool to use against other ESFs. After spending time with the new patch, I feel that Tomcats (etc.) are best used when in an air based squad, as a support tool, and Coyotes as an anti-air nosegun alternative (not as good but easier to use and opens up TR/VS AI noses for more than farming builds). Mass Drivers make a much better first-hit softener than the current lock-on missiles, too.

    A top level pilot will, if ever, use lock-ons to supplement their anti-ESF nosegun play. Otherwise, they'll take pods/locust for a wider target selection or AB for mobility (position, escape). The only real exception, again, is if they are TR/VS with an AI nosegun and still want to be able to deal with air.

    With the incoming change to lock-on mechanics, the shooter will have to retain a target lock. Granted, this is easier than hosing down with a nosegun, it's still harder than the FAF of today.

    Dishonorable? No. Honor is an agreement, a social contract, and the majority just doesn't care. Pistols-at-Dawn duelists are in the minority and their opinions regarding appropriate conduct are weighted accordingly.

    Play to win.
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  8. FendleyFire

    Anyone that complains about a2a missiles is as wrong as people who complain about shotguns and SMGs in close quarters.

    You pick the right tool for the job, as long as it's in the game why put yourself at a disadvantage because of 'honour'?
  9. hawken is better

    No cheaper than ESFs using lolpods and Airhammers. Let the lock-ons fly, I say.
  10. TrainerS2

    Hehehe this hate is from Lolpoders farmers :D they wona farm without any risk :p
    If you with your A2A come and shoot them down they go on forum and make thread NERF THIS GUY WHO KILL ME !!!
  11. smokemaker

    Do you think ESFs that use A2A missles are cheap and dishonorable?

  12. ValorousBob

    This thread is full of people circle jerking about how e-honor is dumb, but only one person actually giving an opinion on why A2A missiles are bad.

    The reality is, they're not actually good weapons.

    This has literally nothing to do with "honor" or "cheap weapons". Basically, A2A missiles are the air combat version of the Striker. They're extremely boring to fight with/against and are less effective against good pilots then the rotary guns are. A good pilot rarely dies to A2A missiles because their damage can be completely negated by flares, and you usually have plenty of time to kill the person trying to lock on to you. The idea that A2A missiles are "cheap" or "unfair" is hilarious. They're just a crutch for bad pilots.

    Not only is it a crutch for new pilots, it's a major roadblock for new pilots as well. A2A missiles are a "regressive" weapon in that they basically only impact new players. If you're just learning how to fly and don't know the tricks, you'll die to almost anyone that has A2A missiles. New pilots get discouraged from flying because of a weapon system that seems impossible to avoid.

    TL;DR - Pilots don't hate A2A missiles because they're "cheap", they hate them because they make dogfights boring.
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  13. DeadliestMoon

    It's funny how you say 'save up for the very cheap AA lock-on launcher" but fail to mention the fact that Skyguards and a second burster each cost 1000 cert points.
  14. Jac70

    They are cheap and unsatisfying - they are the crutch upon which people who have no aim or skill rely. Plus they are easily defeated. However I would consider using them to take down roflPodders - nothing is too good for those scrubs. Problem is I prefer my afterburner tanks.
  15. exLupo

    That's about the long and the short of it. There are a number of low-floor/low-cap weapons in game that, when compared to a well trained player, can't keep up with a more focused or more difficult/more rewarding weapon. A2AM fall in the low/low category. With the exception of combining them with TR/VS AI noseguns, they're there to bolster iffy ESF vs ESF play or to, as the MD is stated to, give a first strike to soften targets up before a proper hosing.

    I can't necessarily agree with the idea that use of A2AM stunts a pilot's growth. There's no small number of players who can't aim to save their lives and I'm one of them. My first FPS was Doom and after over two decades of practice I still can't hit the broad side of a barn. A2AM provide a useful alternative to not being able to land shots. I really enjoy flying and like having an option that lets me defend myself with better results than my feeble nosegun skills ever would. Not a practice issue, I'm just trash with straight-fire weapons. I do best with AI Nose and A2AM and by "best" I mean I can suppress infantry, pop off a shot or two at another ESF and then either run or die. More often run and die.

    To get my flying fix I've grown into an A2G / support A2A niche and splash AI + A2AM fit my level of coordination perfectly. Would I like to be able to blender dudes with an A2A nosegun while sniping infantry? Sure. Is it ever going to happen? Hell no.

    The single, free AA arm is sufficient to chase away lolpodders. Everyone gets one and it's on the player when they choose to not use it. Hand in hand with that is the base level of Charge which will scoot you right out of the rockets and let you happily keep hosing down a hovering spammer. With the Burster CoF changes you won't be getting any kills but when the choices are pull a MAX (with supplementary AA xp) or getting free-farmed, the answer should be obvious.
  16. Blinklys

    Well said. Also, people need to remember that small arms fire do damage to ESFs. The pilot will not be too impressed if only one or two infantry fire at him, but an entire squad of small arms fire will reduce his health really fast.

    Regarding A2A missiles. Honestly I dont like using them, and I dont like them beeing used against me. I accept however that this option is available for use, and as such I dont see any point in complaining about it.
  17. NinjaTurtle

    I think anyone that uses any lock ons is cheap and dishonorable
  18. IamDH

    Yes and its noobish too.

    Totally negates skill
  19. ValorousBob

    Meh, only to some extent. A good pilot still knows exactly when to flare, how to get close so they can't lock you, etc etc.

    Also apparently you can dodge A2A missiles occasionally if you're reverse turning at high speeds. An NC pilot said they fired three missiles at me, all of them missed, but only one was countered by flares.
  20. TrainerS2

    Vehicle farm infranty = cheap and dishonorable
    Loloders = cheap and dishonorable
    infiltator SMG users = cheap and dishonorable
    Fight 100 vs 10 = cheap and dishonorable
    Kiling from spawn room = cheap and dishonorable
    This is how i dont play !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!