Do You notice higher FPS ? Because I don't and some things seem to be even worse.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by dr_Fell, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. dr_Fell

    FPS seem to be the same for me. No improvement.
    And after update I notice higher fps drop when looking around (from 45 FPS in amp stations to less than 30). So FPS are in fact worse, when they are mostly needed (dynamic movement).

    One more thing - after turning shadows on (low) I am noticing frame drop to 5-10 frames every some seconds. I didn't have this problem before update. Anyway, not many improvements here for me. I am disappointed.

    Someone told, that there were informations from devs, that this patch will bring 50-100% performance boost on older machines. It brought almost none for me.
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  2. Garakan

    seems to be worse for me too
  3. Baldrick

    I was having the same issue. I deleted my useroptions.ini, restarted the game to restore defaults, then reapplied my costume settings. I now seem to be getting 5 to 10 more fps.
  4. Kastrenzo

    did you change any of your settings after the patch? you may need to adjust them again

    I havent even been able to see it yet since it's still downloading. But I'm not concerned since I was already getting 70-80 on ultra
  5. Sharpe

    Definately getting higher FPS in High Settings at 100% Render

    Before I had some strange issue where being in cockpit view of an aircraft or tank it would bring my FPS down to 40% and then lower in fights - not happening anymore.
  6. Ganelon

    My fps keeps bouncing from 60 to 20 every 2 seconds, stutters like hell o_O
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  7. HATE_Majakovskij

    See no improvement yet. The performance degraded much.
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  8. tacticalretreat

    I'm having around 30 fps regardless of settings or resolution. In empty area looking on the sky it can jump up to 50.
  9. srockstar

    Reduced render to 40%, distance to 1000m, settings all down to low and I'm getting 15-40fps on an AMD rig. This is really, really poor considering pre patch I was at a steady 60.
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  10. xyc

    No FPS improvment, but instead I got huge FPS drops (70 - 80fps -> 30 - 40fps).
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  11. HappyWeapons

    Refer to thread:
  12. superkabii

    They have acknowledged there are problems with FPS, and it's unplayable for me right now.

    Can't say the GUI looks better either, the way some icons render makes it look hideous.
  13. dr_Fell

    FPS drops seem to be one-time case for me. Still, tried some tricks, including ini reset. I'd say my performance is even worse than before patch. (CPU limited, of course). Big disappointment on my side.
  14. DustyMonolith

    Yeah something went wrong, but they've acknowledged it and are on it as we type apparently.
  15. Joram

    Same thing happen to me, 14 to 40 fps, sometimes i drop to 1-5 fps for a few seconds.
  16. nitram1000

    Stuttering really bad for me on default High settings, definitely unplayable for me right now, drops down to 15 fps, then up to 80 then down to 20 then up to 50, just going crazy.
  17. husse

    at least forum works perfectly :D
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  18. gobbybobby

    Just rage quit the game, getting less than 10 FPS now, in a small tank zerg... game is now unplayable for me. I am really disappointed I was hoping very better optimization, not worse. Checked setting,s they are same as before epatch

    There should have been a separate Public beta client for this patch. Its completely broken the game for me. I am not gonna play until there is a patch to fix it.

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  19. TeknoBug

    So much for the Jesus patch, getting dropped to 5 fps in a small tower fight and LOTS of stuttering while driving. There is a system wide message saying that devs are aware of it, I'm guessing a big memory leak.
  20. dr_Fell

    After 2 hours or more of the gameplay, I am sure, that performance is not the same - it is a lot worse.
    Besides FPS lagging, that occurs often at the Crown and sometimes in other places, I have roundly 20-30% FPS less. During Crown heavy battles FPS reduced from 45 to 35 FPS now. The degrading FPS bug still exists and this time my fps drop to 25-35 at Crown after some gameplay (It was no less than 35 FPS before GU2).
    Driving a tank makes game almost unplayable, since my FPS could be as low as 15 - was 30 before (heavy zerg), and usually more than 35.

    Also, even people, that notice performance improvement say, that it is not that much. Probably I will just never run this game smoothly on my config.

    EDIT: new ini, changing from fullscreen to windowed mode - I tried this, didn't work