Do you LA's hate same faction HA's?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by jmdafk, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. jmdafk

    Reason i ask is ive killed quite a few friendly, very brave LA's recently while playing as HA.
    It seems we enjoy taking on the same sort of targets, but in different ways... leading to an, erm, problem.

    Injured vanguard stuck trying to escape.
    I wip out my grounder and line up this easy, but impressive scalp. I pull the trigger feeling all proud of myself for the accurate unguided shot i just let off and as i watch my rocket sail victoriously to its target.....
    I spot a couple of TR LA's supported by a medic moving in on the vanguard with C4. Pants. And you know what happened next. Yes, I get the Vanguard but with it i take out 3 very brave friendlies. I went and crouched behind a big boulder for a few minutes wondering what i should do and waiting for the abuse!

    Then a few day later i lob an AV grenade at a sundy charging up the hill. I never expected it to be a killing throw. But yep, bang it all went up 12 inches before runnng me over. Awesome
    But was I greeted with a list of VS kills? Nope. i got 3 Friendly LA's with there own C4. With the RT voice over of 'Mass team killer' or something. That made me feel good about my sundy kill + its single occupant....not.

    So LA's, do you get this a lot and do you hate HA's for not only steeling your hard earned kill but also killing you in the process?

    If anyone ive killed this way is reading, i do apologise hugely and it really is a tragic accident which i feel really bad for. Im usually able to jump back into cover where you LA's are stuck out in the open actually showing some courage.
  2. Dirge.

    It sucks, but it happens. Best to just PM them sorry and move on. It is kind of their fault if they get killed by their own C4. As LA, you should always be out of your own blast radius. I have been killed perhaps three times by friendlies detonating my C4. One of them was a random frag, one was a sniper :confused::eek: and one was a HA. Absolutely paltry compared to how many times I have killed myself.

    I do hate HAs, but for unconnected reasons.
  3. Kirppu1

    Welcome to planetside
  4. Ximaster

    U are not the only one who hate HAs,i hate HAs when:

    Shoot u with rocket and hits.
    Shoot u with shotgun at close ranges.
    Shoot u with LMG while have shields up.
    Shoot u with shotgun at close ranges while have shields up.
    Shoot u with the auxiliar weapon while have shields up.
    Shoot u with rocket and hits while have shields up.

    Yes,i mean Terran HAs...that things are just...just...omg,u have 50% of possibilities of die if u watch one of those guys in action,the other 50% was when u try to shoot at one of them in frontal battle...

    Always those things have shields up when they hear a step near them... they are abobinations...
  5. ZDarkShadowsZ

    Fortunately I don't think for the times I've been a C4 fairy, I've ever been killed by a friendly HA. I mean, I've been purposely TK'd before, but not accidentally when we're both trying to blow up a vehicle in that manner. However if I was, sure I'd be a bit annoyed for a moment that I'd got blown up by a friendly but at the same time I also know that that teammate was just trying to do the same as me, explode an enemy vehicle and make things easier for the team. Therefore, regardless to that slight annoyance of being accidentally TK'd, I'd rather the tank be dead. It costs me no nanites to respawn but it will for that vehicle. :)
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  6. Carl1879

    I was in a squad attacking a tech plant today and the AV turrets where causing us problems so I pulled out my S1 out a few rockets in it, it caught fire the enemy bailed I hit it again to stop it being useful till fully repaired and I got 1 phalanx anti vehicle turret kill and 3 teamkills I have no idea what they were doing up there lol.
  7. JuggNuttz

    my extreme dislike comes from HA's thinking they can just run up in front of everyone, doesnt matter if youre shooting. had this the other day, im ADS behind a crate , i get a couple kills, and HA runs thru me and infront, while im shooting, and back of the head, he dies.... *******.... he then comes back to TK me a couple times and tells me to learn to aim....
  8. Imp C Bravo

    That swings both ways. How many HAs spent 45 seconds pounding a vehicle with rockets only to have it C4ed (and the kills taken) by a LA who just got there 10 seconds ago.

    I'll say this though -- LAs have to risk themselves more than HAs so you have to give them bravery props.
  9. Farlion

    Am I the only one who absolutely hates my own MAXs? HAs I can take. But MAXs that literally do the square root of zero except for standing in my way annoy me to no end.
  10. jmdafk

    Thats true, upto now i have been playing HA more than LA and it is frustrating playing dodge with an m40 only for a LA to sneak in and take the deployed sundy and its occupants just as your readying your final and killing rocket :( Ive had that many a time
    End result is a win, but id rather i got the xp and kills than him!
  11. Stormsinger

    Due to chained explosive assist exp, I usually just grin - the tank still went down, I got a few certs, everyone's happy. (I'm usually the LA / Engie that ran in to throw bricks of doom onto said tank :p )

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