Do you have days where you just suck?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ironeddie, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. ironeddie

    I need to know it's not just me lol.

    Recently I had the session if my life a personal best 61 kills to 51 deaths.

    Last night I had 7 kills 14 deaths and logged off in frustration. I just sucked. Playing stalker and I may as well not have been cloaked. Everyone, even players in tanks just saw me and killed me.
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  2. z1967

    I know that feeling where you just keep on hitting a wall and you have no idea why. Usually its because of armor zergs and my kamikazee shotgun+C4 playstyle :|
  3. Ribero

  4. Nanomorph

    Yeah it happens to me too.

    So I just reboot my router and start rekin again ;) lel
  5. Prudentia

    sometimes. i usually just switch weapons and it is good again.
    eg: fighting solo against 3 guys from INI and i just couldn't get any kills with the VX6-7. then i switched to medic CME and farmed them for 10 minutes before they left to another fight.
  6. Seuchensaal

    If you have the feeling that you won´t win anything and die a lot... just change the place of battle and maybe you class/weapons too.

    Or join some others and try to get things done together.

    Or take a break and just do something completely different.
  7. Flying Mug

    This has not been a great week. 50 kills to go on Lasher auraxium and the shine has just worn off.
  8. baka

    Only after I log in. On a more serious note (♪), I get streaks of what I feel is absolutely brilliant play with kill after kill and near death escapes interspersed with what I feel is pretty average play - all broken up with sessions where I think, "What in the hell just happened and why am I trying to play this game?" The negative sessions just stand out more.
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  9. K2k4

    I have entire weeks where I just suck.

    Then I take a day or two and just don't play.

    Then I come back better, usually.
  10. Posse

    It happens to everyone
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  11. Corporate Thug

    Most days I don't feel as if I suck but more this game does. I search and search for good fights, which to me only needs to be my faction having a little bit of pop at a fight and for them not to be morons, but they're so hard to find that I end up accepting lots of horrible fights. Sucking to me would be like a 2.0 K/D(actually I consider that super bad), which I had after 4 hours of play on Mattherson last night as TR. Took some crappy Dahaka fight where the VS just kept sniping and liberating us coming out of the spawn room from every angle and they wouldn't bother trying to go for the generators or the points, just 50+ of them sitting on the southern wall and buildings. The only choice was to log out or try to enjoy sh*t fights. I didn't care to even try after awhile and kept trying to close the gap to enjoy my preferred CQC so I took a lot of deaths, BUT I don't blame myself. I've played long enough to realize that you can cherry pick fights or just try to enjoy the game, but lots of times the game just won't be enjoyable despite your efforts. Changing your play style is an option as well, but meh, I like the way I play and would rather die than f*g it up.
  12. MostlyClueless

    Only from Monday until Sunday.
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  13. Camycamera

    yep, i have more of a chance of sucking when i play solo.

    it's weird, sometimes i be MLGswagscoping nubs one day, but then missing targets by mere pixels.

    don't know how it happens.
  14. DaninTexas

    I have those days where maintaining a positive K/D ratio is very difficult. Usually those are the days where no matter where I spawn I am up against 5+ armor and/or 5+ air trying to farm my squishy butt
  15. Axehilt

    I definitely do.

    It's usually due to the fights I choose to fight at. My 3-month break from PS2 only slightly dulled my FPS skills, but it seems to have absolutely smashed my ability to select good fights (or at least know when I'm intentionally fighting somewhere dramatically outnumbered and actually employ tactics to be successful while outnumbered...I'm back to running out in the open like an idiot it seems.)
  16. Whatupwidat

    Oh god yes - worst is when you try stuff that worked wonders in previous sessions and it just gets you killed.

    Other day I got so frustrated I just sat in the spawn room and "yelled" encouraging words to my team instead of actually fighting. Figured I could more impact the fight /that/ way than with my weapon lol.
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  17. Bruno Puntz Jones

    Yes. But only on the days that I play.
  18. Fortress

  19. Tuco

    why do players care so much about stuff like this? having to deal with 4,000 different personalities in a combat situation, and still get kills, on the same server isn't good enough for you?
  20. yeHHH1g

    Machines don't have off days, duh.