Do you fear Vehicles/Aircraft anymore from an Infantry perspective?

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  1. Scr1nRusher

    In OFB's(Open Field Battles) & FBB(Fights Between Bases).
  2. Lemposs

    Not really, but then again I also tend to run after MAXes and knife them.

    But they can certainly be frustrating to deal with, tanks and sunderers that you can empty your RL ammo just for them to back around a corner and repair. And aircrafts are just cancer, only one class that is capable of damaging them severally and that still leaves you exposed.

    All in all, it is part of the game, but are still less frustrating than ******* mines.
  3. Obstruction

    wait, what's so bad about mines? we land the lib to put tank mines in the road and it works great.
  4. Lemposs

    Infantry mines, vehicle ones are fine.
  5. Yuki10

    No, but at the same time I've increased my air farming of peasants. Been crazy good since last patch as people try to use the swarm. So far had runs of 50-60 kills before having to abandon aircraft due to excessive damage taken
  6. Demigan

    If you look at how a battle progresses, it goes like this 90% of the time:
    Team 1 decides to attack team 2. They move towards the next base in... Vehicles. Because walking it slow and you'll simply get picked off by enemy vehicles when you do. Then you get a (usually short) vehicle battle where one team wins. The winner moves up to the enemy base and places his Sunderers, and the infantry battle begins.
    At this point vehicles serve as suppressive weapons for the attackers and as anti-Sunderers for the defenders.

    So the question is weird. You are asking about a situation that almost never happens because of the exact things in your question.

    I find that vehicle combat is highly underrated. The whole reason that people don't think much of it is because it's such a quick win in most cases that they don't even realize it's won by vehicles, because it takes a short time to get those Sunderers up and the infantry game starts anew.
    But if you really think that vehicles/aircraft are not very important... Go look at Indar Excavation and Quartz Ridge. You've got a large amount of area there with long distances between the bases. Do infantry ever make a large march there? Only after a Sunder brings them most of the way through spawning.
  7. Ballto21

    only if im sitting on a roof or tree almost still. its also the only time im afraid of snipers

    then again, im usually sniping and can just cloak around them
  8. Sulsa

    Yes, getting caught, as infantry, in the open by a tank/sunderer/harrasser/lib whatever is, and always should be, sphincter clenching/panic inducing, not just 'an annoyance'.

    Getting slaughtered in the open by armor is something I'm ok with. Makes me rethink what I'm doing on my end, which, IMO creates the depth of this game in general.
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  9. ColonelChingles

    On the other hand, even tanks get slaughtered mercilessly around Indar Excav... usually by AV MANA infantry, Raven MAXes, or Lancer infantry.

    Indar Excav is a good example of why long-range infantry AT options break the game. Long-range AT infantry are smaller targets and barring MAXes, completely cost and risk free.

    And the reason why AT infantry are so effective is because tank HE rounds have less damage than Frag Grenades. If you gave tanks serious air-burst HE that could clear ridges and landing pads, tanks could actually survive around Indar Excav (apart from hiding behind rocks like common infantry).

    Prior to the introduction of long-range AV, Indar Excav was actually a great base where you could have armour battles involving whole formations of tanks going against each other. I recall running Lightning packs that would circle the base, being met by enemy armour.

    Really no infantry should have AV weapons that extend beyond 100-150m range. Honestly if the tanks are that far from infantry, infantry should probably be hiding and in stealth.
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  10. PWGuy93

    Don't fear those open battles, I prefer those fights over outposts any day of the week, as long as someone has a Sunderer nearby where I can change classes and weapons to fit the needs of any minute to minute battle.
  11. Idiocy

    This is one of the dumbest posts I've seen in a long time. I'm impressed. 100-150m? Do you want even more players to leave?
  12. OldMaster80

    That's what makes some bases so hard to capture. Lack of covers around the base perimeter. It's the same for infantry and for vehicles, you basically get farmed A LOT when getting close to Indar Excavation Site and Quartz Ridge.

    That's why we need the ANT to be able to create deployable covers, not just those silly turrets.
  13. Scr1nRusher

    Indar Ex has so many problems because they have A point inside of the tower.
  14. LodeTria

    My sunderer fears them more than I do, although at most bases there are plenty of places where they can be easily covered.
    If I'm just some infantry pleb then only aircraft scare me because of how quick they can escape. Even harassers and sometimes even sundies in bases are normally a non-threat.
  15. Ghosty11

    Lately I've been hunting the air farmers with my burster MAX. I sure do love them ESF pilots that think they can rocket pod my full flak, extended mag burster MAX while face tanking the damage I put out.
  16. Sebastien

    If they're running Hornets and they have good aim they'll wreck you.
  17. ColonelChingles

    You mean after all the tankers and pilots left? The ones looking for that advertised "combined arms" experience and not just CoD in space?

    Look, so far the game has been massively catering to Infantryside players. And it has not worked. Population numbers continue to fall, arguably made even worse by things like the HE nerfs.

    The reason why catering to infantry players will always result in failure is because the infantry FPS genre is oversaturated and dominated by games that, with all honesty, have tighter gunplay and better infantry combat than PS2. This is the failed phenomenon called "out-CoDing CoD". The FPS genre is pretty much filled with Battlefield and CoD... almost everything else is fairly niche.

    The basic concept is called "playing to your strengths". PS2's strengths that it has over games like CoD are:
    1) Massive battle area
    2) Combined arms
    3) Space sci-fi setting

    The last one is of course something that CoD and BF can't directly compete against (unless you count BF2142), so that's a fairly stable one. If a player is looking for a space-based MMOFPS game, then currently PS2 is all there is (until that WH40K game comes out). Unfortunately most players are a bit pickier beyond setting.

    PS2 has pretty much been ignoring its other key fundamental strengths, which is why it is failing. PS2's massive battle area, the 8kmx8km continents, is made into much smaller and isolated "incidents" because of the redeploy mechanic. Really the space outside of a base or even a set of buildings is fairly irrelevant to the outcome of any fight, and that's a bad thing because it gets rid of PS2's first fundamental strength that no other game in the genre can replicate.

    Solution: No more quick and easy redeploys to contested zones. Any contested zone cannot be spawned into, save for Sunderers which have a limited number of spawns. In this way the sheer size and scale of the PS2 map comes into play, where space and time matter. Additionally, remove capture points and have hexes be taken based on a constant tug-of-war based on the weighted strength of each side in the hex. If one faction can maintain a 90% advantage over the enemy for 30 seconds or so, then they take the hex.

    PS2 also has no room for combined arms. In competitive play, tanks only account for about 0.22% of casualties, or less than a quarter of a single percent. The only useful combat vehicle is the ESF, and the Sunderer gets pulled only because it is of use for infantry.

    Solution: Combined with the nerf to Redeployside, buff tanks and aircraft so that 30% of all casualties come from ground vehicles, 30% come from air vehicles, and 40% comes from infantry. Open up bases such that it is impossible for attacking or defending infantry forces to secure the area unless they have air and/or ground superiority.

    PS2 is only a failure because it focuses primarily on infantry. This should be fixed by increasing the role of vehicles so that PS2 can capitalize on its strengths over games like BF and CoD.
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  18. BetaGamma

    Sure, they are the only things that can get a good infiltrator. Getting sniped is a rare thing, everyone else shouldn't be able to get close to you, but if a tank/harasser/esf see's your red dot on the map you will get a problem.
  19. oberchingus

    Awesome Outfit name!
  20. Ballto21

    thank you