Do you ever get tired...

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  1. ZDarkShadowsZ

    ...of playing the same thing over and over?

    I main Engineer and Infiltrator (mostly SMG these days as I've steered away from sniping). Sometimes I like to try and branch out to other classes like Medic, or do something different. Every time I try and branch out, like today, it feels like I have to keep going back to the classes I've mained because others aren't doing their support 'job'.

    Whenever I play Engineer I throw ammo packs everywhere. I like to make sure when I'm fighting to defend room, my team is stocked up no problem. Whenever I play Infiltrator, I like to spam motion darts all over the place to make sure the team has the best coverage of enemy movement that they can get. Or place motion spotters when defending an area to make sure allies know what's coming.

    I know this doesn't happen all the time, but it feels like very time I want to branch out to something new, I have to get pulled back into playing other support roles because it's as if people don't care, or don't do it as well.

    This isn't to say I'm some amazing support god, but I know I make sure to support my team quite well. Motion spotters and darts can make or break an attack. Especially when the enemy uses them and your side doesn't. You're heavily disadvantaged. From experience it's ended up leading to turtling behaviour because players have no idea where the enemy is, and they're too scared to move because there's a motion dart/spotter lighting them up on the enemy's minimap.

    Sometimes I even wonder if my own efforts to be supportive to my team are just a lost cause. I try my best to make sure my team is supported the best I can. I try to be that name amongst the crowd of teammates who will know that when they see me, I'm the one they can rely on for ammo, or repairs, or motion darts, or even Flash scout radar. I try and branch out to other support, like Medic, because it can be enjoyable even if it is a thankless job. But I suppose any support class is.

    I've taken to playing Light Assault more because I do enjoy the flanking aspect it has, but it doesn't make me feel like I'm supporting my team. I rarely play Heavy or MAX because I think there's enough players in the game who main them already, especially Heavy.

    There are many times when I drive a vehicle, or fly. I drive an ammo Sunderer because they're the least used. I drive a deploy shield Sunderer when I think the situation calls for it. I even sit parked in a Skyguard doing the boring job of chasing air away and rarely getting kills just so the rest of my team can advance without worry of A2G spam. I play in a Harasser with my friend and often drive around looking for enemy spawns to help support the team, or flank enemy vehicles trying to take out our own.

    Sometimes I drive an MBT, but rarely use my lightning for anything other than Skyguard these days.

    It's not that I'm upset about the situation, just a little..worn out? I guess. I feel like I can't have fun in this game anymore because every time I branch out to something new, I end up getting dragged back to the same old theme because people fail to drop ammo packs, repair others, or use darts/spotters. I expect some will tell me to be more selfish and just do my own thing... but if I wanted to play an FPS game like that I'd go play something else. This is a team game and I want to be there for my team. And I expect some will say that if I don't want to deal with any of this, to just deal with it and be quiet... which is fair and logical...

    In the end, I'm going to continue doing what I'm doing. I'm going to continue trying to support my team despite how thankless it can be, but I guess I just want to know if anyone else feels the same way is all.

    (I'm really sorry, I didn't realise my depressing post was so long)
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  2. entity009

    For me the class I get drawn to is medic. There are times when I would rather play something else but medics are just too vital.

    Somethings to keep in mind tho. HA and LA have very important roles on the field that others can slack at as well. To often HA are focused on killing foot troops only. HA are very effective at keeping the AtG farmers from shopping elsewhere. HA are also very effective at pushing AV combat as well. LA have a several vital roles to your empire as well. If your LA troops are not flanking the enemy or at least fighting the enemy LA trying to flank you then you are in for a BAD day. LA also have strong ability to destroy key assets like sundys or MBTs

    So try looking at it like this: they are all support classes with role to play. In almost every battle you can see an opportunity to fill the gap and support your team. I think the solution to your issue may be in keeping an eye open for those other openings to support your team in other different, but no less critical, ways.
  3. FLHuk

  4. Campagne

    I really know the feeling.

    I used to be a sniper pretty much all the time, but after a while I just got tired of it and stopped it entirely. But then every so often there'll be some annoying bastard somewhere taking potshots at me or is just accurate enough that I can't sit still enough to aim at other enemies. And of course since 95%+ of "snipers" in this game are seemingly awful noobs who think they're gonna be god-like killers that duty falls unto me. So I end up switching back to a bolt-action just to pull the trigger a single time.

    Recently I've been playing medic pretty close to non-stop, but often I have to switch classes because either no one else is doing it or they're all incompetent/"medium assaults." Especially with LAs when there's some guy up on top of a tower somewhere that everyone else just ignores for some reason, or to shoot a beacon or router.
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  5. NotziMad

    I tend to play whatever class the situation needs. I don't look at PlanetSide 2 like a RPG where you choose a class.

    On the other hand, that also means that I usually play a certain class (heavy) but that's simply because it's the one that is the most often useful.

    There's one exception, if I want to aurax a weapon or whatever, which is often the case for Light Assault. So I'll play light assault almost all the time and play something else only if I have to until I've completed the directive.
  6. iller

    Yep, almost everytime I'm Medic, I'm staring at the map seeing enemy Darts.... while our Defense on the point is Blind as Bats even though I KNOW there's atleast 5 of our infiltrators d**king around near the Spawnroom or farming Cyclone kills. And any time I'm going full Radar / Emp bandolier / back-stairs Betties / UtilityCrossbow infil, there isn't a single Medic to revive ME.

    Same thing happens as Engie.... Never see a single MAX ever whip out an Aegis shield... . and then I go Shield MAX, I'm always stomping back to the Spawn room to switch over to a config with AutoRepair/Self-Repair slots just to then change back to Shield/C4_protection loadout because there wasn't a single engineer either coming or going
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  7. adamts01

    You need to group up and try new things. For example, get a single buddy a fury/deci every enemy tank. Get a few more buddies and fly base to base on defense destroying every enemy spawn. Or make it your goal to get a kobalt Harasser to every bar fight to hold a lane. As a solo infantry player there's only so much you can do if you care about taking bases.