Do you even play your own game ?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Rhello, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. Rhello

    Got back in this game like a week ago or so, and now I see you're looking into end game stuff. Fine, lets see:

    Carbines to infiltrators. At this point, I was wondering wtf was up, why on earth would you allow infiltrators to use the GD7F. But then, I scrolled down and read more stupidity than I can handle. LMG secondary for heavy assaults ? What ? Jackhammer and Anchor combo shouldn't be possible, you may as well delete pistols altogether considering how irrelevant they're going to become past BR 100. Same goes for the medic battle rifle as secondary, or light assault's smg as secondary, engineer's secondary shotgun. Yet, while all of these are terrible ideas, allowing engies, medics to use assault rifles and carbines is fine to me. The system should be completely revamped to concern only weapon access for other classes and character suit slots, implants and such, with disadvantages when selected.

    While some of the ideas of the ASP system are fine, most of it is trash, and should under no circumstance go live, unless you want your game to die to this meme.
  2. HippoCryties

    I gotta agree unless it is extremely well balanced
  3. adamts01

    I agree.

    I disagree. I use pistols during "oh ****" moments when my primary didn't finish a guy or I get caught off guard and brought a repair tool to a gun fight. Primary weapons just take way too long to switch to.

    This will be very useful for bringing a long range and close range weapon to a fight, or supplementing an Archer with a shotgun, but it won't be OP, it's not like you could dual wield these things and in a 1v1 you're better off with a pistol secondary.
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  4. Jbeasty

    Waiting to see what happens, but atm it looks absolutely obnoxious. I will 100% stop playing medic altogether if engies are able to use assault rifles and LMGs lol. No more ammo issues and no more mandatory ammo printer/extra mags. That is, if im even playing this game anymore after some of these changes. Ever since the plethora of vehicle/explosion/CAI nerfs, essentially ruining vehicle gameplay, I have relied a lot on infantry for entertainment. If that goes out the window, might as well quit. No alternative to this once great game =(.
  5. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Yes we play our own game.

    Pistols are going to be buffed in the near future.
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  6. Liewec123

    decoy grenades from everyone too, SO OP!
    on a serious note, i'm not even sure how they decided what to include,
    on one hand we have the ability to replace your USEFUL grenades with useless decoy nades on any class,
    and on the other we have the ability to have godsaw and jackhammer in a single HA loadout.

    and as was pointed out in the other thread, NO MAX LOVE? :(
  7. Luicanus

    See I have no particular problem with them being advantageous for the people who use them, my biggest gripe is that some are simply superior to others.

    The grenade options should all be granting that 'nade type to all classes and decoy and smoke should be rolled into one to make it slightly less worthless.

    There's no way I'm spend a point getting Concussion ;nades for my LA who already ha Flash 'nades to fill a similar role. But if they were being unlocked for all classes I'd be interested, it would become as competitive as some of the other options.

    Similarly Carbines on Medics is pretty meh as they tend to be worse than ARs, presently there are about 25% of the options that I'd consider uncompetitive the the point of worthlessness, 7 that are really good and the other 11-12 are middle of the road. I don't imagine many people will chose the middle road ones leaving the end result that all the top players will still have essentiallythe same loadouts at the end of the day, the only way to encourage diversity in loadouts is to make all the skill options appealing.
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  8. CaptCran

    But, I'm already done with all the pistols:(
  9. Lord_Avatar

    Stop with the ZOMFG...

    1. You whip out a pistol when someone catches you with your pants down; by equipping a second primary you are effectively giving up that option.

    2. Carbines on Infiltrators - yeah, it's a buff. No - it won't be insanely OP. That GD-7F won't feel much different from a Cyclone/Blitz to the face. The only thing that bothers me somewhat are UBSGs.

    3. I can already see some underused weapons suddenly getting some love. Take the Lasher for example - now that HA isn't going to be useless outside of suppression (while still being donked when caught in the middle of a reload).

    4. Same goes for some classes - Engineers will finally see more use outside of piloting/throwing down ammo. All thanks to having access to LMGs/ARs.

    Now, I actually want most of the class restrictions to stay in place, but loosening things up a tad might be a good idea.

    Let's wait and see what happens. I'm feeling rather optimistic about this one. :cool:
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  10. Kittel

    Finally a step in the right direction by the devs, class restrictions for things like weapons and grenades are a thing of the past, classes should be about abilities and unique tools not weapons.

    Balance should not center around what weapons a class uses but their abilities and role based on those abilities. sniper rifle HA or LA are not OP, but i'm sure some of you would think so and rant about it.

    Weapon balance should be based on all weapons as a whole, not classes and weapons. It takes more work for the Devs to balance classes with weapon restrictions, then it does to balance weapons and classes separately.

    The issue here is what is best for the game as a whole, not what a few vocal players think.
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  11. JibbaJabba

    Awesome because the commissioner was so UP before.
  12. Luicanus

    In the Stream they pointed out that the commissioner was unique among pistols in that it was actually being nerfed slightly.
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  13. Campagne

    I can't help but feel you're being a little too optimistic. Or maybe I'm just a little too pessimistic. :p

    1. I agree that pistols have a legitimate use, but the advantage of a quick-draw is sometimes lost on others. On top of that, there are many times where a quick-draw is irrelevant and an additional primary would be a flat upgrade. Ever run out of ammo with your main gun and have to pull out a pistol? I know I sure end up doing that often enough.

    2. It wouldn't be insanely OP, I agree. But, it would be a flat upgrade. That Lynx is gonna feel pretty OP when it appears behind someone from thin air, and it's gonna suck when someone gets shot from a fair distance away with a Mercenary only to completely lose sight of the enemy when he cloaks. The UBSGs are jut the tip of the iceberg.

    3. You're expecting too much, I think. Sure, weapons like the Lasher would be more viable when they're not the only weapon a player has to bring, but I doubt anyone would suddenly appreciate their niche any more than before if they didn't just choose a better weapon instead. Why use a crap gun when you can have two really good ones instead? :confused:

    Though personally if this goes through I'm gonna abuse the ever-loving **** outta this with a Piston-GODSAW combo. Overpowered in CQC and dangerous everywhere else. :p

    4. You're kidding yourself if you think anyone would actually use an Engineer for infantry combat or whatever instead of another class just because he's packing an LMG.

    We'll have to wait and see, yeah, but I'm not feeling so great about this whole thing myself.

    I would think one would get pretty tired of playing the same game he has to work on all day. :p
  14. Luicanus

    1. Yeah putting significant weapons as secondaries does seem the closest to OP, but it is balanced IMO by the fact that you lose the ability to quick draw. It's a trade off, greater staying power versus the risk of being caught with your pants down.

    2. Debatable if I'm honest, a Lynx to your back is not so dissimilar to an Armistice or a Hailstorm. In any case the TTK is low enough that you're screwed if they get the drop on you like that.
    As for the distance, as an Infil I enjoy the TSAR 4x scope, they already have the ability to fight at range using their cloak to be a pain. Sure the TSAR is weak up close but a decent sidearm compensates and the cloak allows experienced players to maintain the distance.

    I mained Engineer for my first 60 BR, I'd probably have used LMGs a lot if I could have. The ability to swich from an AP Lightning to having an infinite ammo infantry suppression (that doesn't make you sniper fodder) is very appealing.
  15. Campagne

    1. Eh. Sometimes a heavy's shield or cover or latency or a wall & corner or ADADing or anything can buy the very little time it takes to pull out another weapon rather than a pistol. The number of times a quick-drawn has saved me is probably fewer than all the times I just needed another gun with ammo in it.

    2. I'd still rather go up against a Hailstorm or whatever rather than a Lynx personally. Although carbines also generally have much better range and versatility than SMGs do. Also don't need to hit a single headshot to have a good short range TTK, and with the lager magazines require much less skill to do well with.

    Wouldn't completely replace a CQC bolt-action, but they would be generally much better than an SMG or auto-scout rifle.

    4. Would you still now? Just because of an LMG?

    Could do the same with just a carbine, and you'd still be an easy target for any half-competent snipers while you slowly move around in ADS. Assuming you'd ever even bother to "suppress" the enemy in the first place.

    An AP lightning would be better for that too anyway.

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