Do You Even Harasser Bro ?!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ElegantMess, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. ElegantMess

    This video is of myself (ElegantMess) as the gunner, and our Outfit Leader (DarkEagle) as the driver just destroying everything we can in our Harasser. Given, he has a stupid amount of Certs. put into his Harasser so no crying about the Harasser is OP :) You HAVE to work together and have a keen situational awareness. Enjoy :)

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  2. Epoch/Eep

    The people who were doing this on harasser release were pretty cool and doing new stuff.
    You are a bit late though. Its kinda like getting into a type of music once it went out of fashion then trying to talk to established fans of it who have moved on. You know what i mean?

    I dont want to call you lame as i happily still drive buddys about whilst they kill stuff with enforcer and really enjoy it. I just dont see the point of filming it and patting myself on the back. Its not smart, clever or hard and being so late in the game its a little lame and a bit try hard.


    Maybe you should try to be at the driving point instead of the cheesy tail end next time.
  3. Morpholine

    He could equip the C85 Modified and make a pwnage video and be breaking new ground...

    Nah, who are we kidding.
  4. ElegantMess

    Oww, kinda harsh but I see your point none the less. It's not as if this is the first Harasser video I've made either. Since its release we have driven the crap out of these things not only because they're fun as heck, but because they can be quite effective too. But hey, to each his own. The only problem with creating new video content with a game like this, is that you are limited by what's actually in the game, even then everyone who makes videos is going to do a video about the latest & greatest so who's to say what hot & what's not :) I just like screwing around & making videos. Next time I'll try not to be such a "Try Hard"
  5. LowTechKiller

    What a coincidence, that's exactly how I feel about the Striker.:D
  6. XRIST0

    Yes I even Harraser bro ..

    Kills As 1,617

    Time Used 17h 31m
  7. Believeinsteve

    Was still entertaining to watch that triple vehicle kill at the end.
  8. Notih8Darian

    Great job editing!
  9. ElegantMess

    Thank you, I appreciate that. It's nice to see people appreciate the work that goes into editing & creating videos, so thanks :) Took the advice on making it clean & simple.
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  10. Mechlord

    Crazy Harasser tumbles/flips montage.

  11. ElegantMess

    Oohh that I can definitely DO ! I have a ton of footage doing crazy ****, live or die you gotta try :)
  12. Lamat

    You buzz kill. Wow.
  13. ElegantMess

    Right, that's what I thought :) At least I wasn't the only one thinking this. Regardless he is entitled to his opinion & I am open to any constructive criticism. With that said, this is the second video with as many replies from WASP that were just completely negative... guess I just don't meet the standards :(
  14. Epoch/Eep

    Ye i just feel like its kinda easy mode game play now. Its like if you were doing lolpod montages back when they were OP or Zephyr farming infantry and making a vid.

    Its a good vid so ill go take my grumpy old *** away :)
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  15. NC_agent00kevin

    Good editing, nice gunning skills. Who cares if Harassing has been around a bit now. Still fun, still a go - to vehicle for most Outfits.
  16. ElegantMess

    It does feel a bit like easy mode, that's why when we do this we try and not go with a full squad of Harassers anymore because it's just no fun, you pretty much can destroy anything you come across, with good communication that is :) As you mentioned LOL pod videos, I made 1 a ways back that I'll link you, it's actually pretty funny when you think about it, & mind you this was at least a month or 2 ago before some patches were done :)
  17. ElegantMess

    Thanks bro, we have put so many certs into the Harasser it would just be a shame not to use it :)