Do we still have to use GeForce 332.21 driver?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Dalt Wisney, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. Dalt Wisney

    One updated GeForce driver after another passes by but I still stick to V 332.21.
    Will there be any official announcement when it is ok to switch to the actual (337.88)?
    I tried the one before and my PS2 wasn't playable anymore... So I went back to 332.21. - but I don't like the idea of sticking to old drivers.
  2. cyb_

    337.88 is working fine for me.

    337.88 is fine here as well OP
  4. y077er

    Like you I stayed on v332.21 untill a few days ago when I installed v337.88 for my Star Citizen Arena Commander, I half expected problems with PS2 but up untill I last played on live a few hours ago everything looks great.
    I'm playing with a GTX 590 and SLI switched off (have to do this when playing Star Citizen)
  5. Risae

    Nvidia already fixed the freeze in the last WHQL driver
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  6. BlackDove

    The drivers were never the problem. My ancient 314.22 drivers black screened after one of the updates.
  7. Mogsy

    latest drivers are fine, no lockups/freeze.