Do we really need a new continent? or More fixes and less bugs??

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by saronyogg, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. saronyogg

    Although the features of the new continent look good, im not excited, nor planning for that.
    Simply because of all the problems we already have.
    Disbalanced factions ( in Emerald. NC is always crushed by VS and TR combined )
    Hard to counter snipers without another snipers or infiltrators.
    What happen to the Esamir bonus??
    Hossin still the continent that last longer before another one unlocks and its the less popular.
    Not counting graphic bugs, grenades UI bugs and many more problems we already have.
    Why add more feature that would probably add problems of their own instead of fixing the existing problems?
  2. Bansheedragon75

    Unbalanced factions?
    NC always crushed by VS and TR on Emerald?
    I'm guessing the alert NC won today on I think it was Esamir was just my imagination then?

    I play VS on Emerald and have seen NC and TR double team VS plenty of times, and I have also seen NC and VS double team TR just as many times as I have seen NC get double teamed by TR and VS.
    I also seen plenty of times where NC had a 40%+ population and VS having maybe 25% and TR the rest.

    I dont know about NC or TR, but I do know that VS more often than not tend to be quite well organized, and have been able to make good progress even when being the underdog population wise.
    So maybe the problem is not a balance one as you say, but rather one of organization and teamwork?
  3. OneShadowWarrior

    I can’t wait for Daybreak to design a map, they honestly are doing a better job than SOE was doing. The game is heading in the right direction with every patch.

    Of course they are taking risks with new ideas, but without risks, there is no progess.

    They already have the first Planetside to pull from for map concepts which is plenty. I’d say more maps!
  4. CplRDaWiggy

    We need both, no reason for them to be mutually exclusive.
  5. NXR1

    Faction balance is in a pretty good spot right now, claiming NC is the weakest is laughable because they are frequently considered the strongest just they take a bit more skill to play.
  6. JDS999

    more maps, but I see a problem if hossin is the least favorable map this new map seems very similar to hossin. lots of trees shrubs, lots of islands, no tank zergs? I guess we will see whats happens. personally I think hossin is best map, but I think for many don't like its fps drop, and its infantry battles. as long as new map doesn't have biolabs with teleport rooms connecting the islands ill be ok with it
  7. Bansheedragon75

    The problem with Hossin is that even the smallest piece if shrub act like a steel wall on any vehicle.
    You almost cant go anywhere without running into something that stops you dead in your tracks, and I'm talking about things that are smaller than the wheels on your vehicle.
    I get it Hossin is not supposed to to be good for vehicles, but there has to be better ways to do it than something as ridiculous as a bush that looks like you could drive a bicycle through it being able to stop a 50 ton tank going 80 KPH dead in its tracks.