Do VS and NC team up on Indar on every server?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SenorBeef, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. SenorBeef

    On Genudine, the VS and NC consistently fight against the TR together, rarely fighting each other significantly -there's rarely much activity in their border sectors on the "enemy activity" map, when they're doing well their borders almost always expand northward rather than equally.

    I didn't create this image (not sure where it came from) but it demonstrates what I mean:
    I'm not sure if this happens on other continents - to be honest the other continents have such a low population that usually one outfit will ghost cap the whole thing quickly so it's hard to really say how the battle develops since there's rarely a real battle.

    So I'm wondering if other servers besides genudine experience this, and if it's because of the geography of indar (if the NC were at the north-middle point, would it be TR and VS vs the NC?) or some other factor.

    I'm not really complaining because TR usually holds their own anyway, I'm just wondering if it's a unique phoenominon.
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  2. Goden

    Made a thread about this back in the beta.

    The response I got was that the territory between the NS and VS does not promote any sort of mobilization and thus not much happens there besides turtle fights.
  3. JudgeDeath

    Nope ... Doesent happen on our server (Lithcorp)
  4. JohnnyMaverik

    On miller the VS usually pin the NC down first... duno what to tell you.
  5. Phyr

    The crown is why maps look like that. Nobody is teaming up.
  6. T0nyDanza

    Happens EVERY DAY on my server (soltech)

    The god damn worst part of it....TR = LOWEST POP ON OUR SERVER!

    What the heck is with the VS (Bunch of rocket podding newbs) and the NC (bunch of jump jet nading' ******) ?
  7. Thades

    I'm on VS connery, and it usually happens that TR and NC push straight down into our territory, actually. I think it varies server to server, but I suspect if you're playing the underpopulated faction that "the zerg" tends to push towards you guys because it's an easier battle.
  8. Kar98

    Briggs is usually VS/TR vs NC on Esamir but the other 2 are different
  9. CaptainCthulhu

    I think you guys are being paranoid...or you are imagining things. Try playing VS or NC...the logistics aren't about teaming up, it's about attacking whoever is weakest at the moment. Taking the path of least resistance is always the most rewarding in this game...

    And splitting the map doesn't constitute taking it. Worlds get taken when server flooding is done...try looking at your world population charts next time your faction takes a map.
  10. UzumakiW

    Someone else about a week ago accused VS and TR of teaming up against NC on Waterson. I personally don't see it. Can't speak for any other server, considering I mostly just play my VS on Waterson, but more than likely, it's all in your head. However, due to the positioning of the warp gates on Indar, it seems to be a more strategic option to push up to gain more territory, as there is more territory to capture north to TR than it heading toward NC/VS territory, so you may be right, but it's not because VS and NC are buddy-buddy, but are trying to gain as much control of the continent as possible, and having a big push North is the most strategic option for Indar, though, plenty of VS/NC do fight each other at the bottom to take/defend a bit.
  11. SenorBeef

    I don't think it's in my head at all. For a long time, I thought the enemy activity map only shows you activity on the borders of your territory, because I'd never seen a sector between the VS and NC turn red with activity. Then one day I saw it, and I realized that this whole time - it wasn't that the NC vs VS fight was invisible to the enemy activity map, but because it was almost never there. Since then, I've watched it, and other than the occasional skirmish over Tawrich, the VS and NC never engage each other in force.

    You also almost never see the map progress east-west with a constant northern border, as you'd expect if NC and VS went after each other just as much.

    It may just be a quirk of the Genudine server, but it isn't just in my head, it's consistent.
  12. HadesR

    On Connery it seems to be the opposite ... TR normally have a lot of land and own Indar .. But rather than attack them VS/NC go at each other while TR mop's up the under resourced remains

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