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  1. Yessme

    New player i need, with commissioner, 1 head +1 body to kill

    advanced player, with shield + nnw need 1 head + max 2 body shots.

    but some player, take 1 head, and 3 body shots and they still alive, or 2 head + 1 body.
    i still talk about commissioner

    thats a lot more than a new player have :/
    or do have premiums specieal head shot multipler?
  2. adamts01

    Everyone has equal health and damage stats in this game. Real money guns have the exact same stats as their free version, they're just a different color. This game isn't pay to win.

    As for your Comissioner results, nanoweave and the Symbiote implant give you a 20% small arms resistance to body shots. The Advanced Shield Capacitor gives you an extra 50 shield hit points, and the resist shield on HAs reduces headshot damage. Those variables are likely what are causing your inconsistencies.

    Sometimes hit registration is terrible when the server is overloaded, sometimes you don't get credit for a headshot when you deserve it, and sometimes body shots or misses give you a headshot.
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  3. Trigga

    Can somone could survive a heashot plus 3 body shots at <8m (max damage for commy)?
    So 900+450+450+450 = 2250 base damage.
    Damage to a nanoweave 5 wearing target - 1980
    Damage to a resist shield heavy target - 1463

    Max health a nanite mesh heavy can have is 1500, if they run nanoweave youll kill them.
    Max health resist shield heavy is 1050, if they run nano youll kill them(nano does not stack with resist shield).

    Fortify would give them 200 more health if interacting with a control point, so 1700 and 1250, still dead.
    Symbiote would increase resistanc by 30%, but i dont know if it stacks with resist shield as the desc. doesnt say. It does not stack with nonweave.
    Damage to a Symbiote wearing target - 1800, mesh heavy still dead.

    If my calculations are correct, you should kill any non max infantry player with your 4 shots.

    Possible hit detection issues if youre not killing.
    If you die just as you shoot shot 4, or just after, then you likely didnt shoot it before your dead timestamp according to the game.
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  4. FateJH

    No, no multiplier for base health values or resistance values or weapon damage values, or to any additional multipliers for base health and resistance and damage, are granted by membership.
  5. Yessme

    1st thx for try to help, but i know the commissioner and the multipler, thats the reason why i ask here.

    last week, i giv some VS HA, 2 headshots, + 1 bodyshot with comm, he don`t die.
    this week, i hit a HA with comm 4 times but no headshot, he don `T die
    this week too, i giv an HA 1 head + 3 body and he don`t die.

    it wasn`t the hit reg, because , i got the maker for bodys and the blop for headshot .
    so no shoot miss and the server registrated the shoots, but the people still alive.

    thats why, i ask.
    i play long enought, i know the server latency and the hit reg. but it wasn`t that.

    they taked that, and still don`t die.
  6. JibbaJabba

    Short answer: No. Members have same health and weapons as everyone.

    If you have a video it would help. There are network circumstances that could lead to such things. You may have been dead after your 2nd shot but not told so until after you fired 4. This is determined by the other players network and server latency as much as yours.

    Could also be something benign we can't see without video.. maybe the dude was getting an Adrenaline shield proc from some other player at that same moment. Maybe a reskit was still giving ticks or a nearby nano regen was in play.

    My guess though: One or more of those shots was outside 8m.
  7. adamts01

    I don't think any of that matters. If it hits on your screen it should eventually count whenever the server gets the info. The only weapon I'm aware of where a death causes a miss are rockets. 2 players could each disconnect, kill each other at different times, then stagger their connect, and they'll both end up dieing in the end.
  8. Lord_Mogul

    From what I now hits on the legs do less dmg. Maybe one of your bodyshots hit the legs, can happen in hectic situation. You still get the hitmarker, but they recieve less dmg.
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  9. Dyplou


    so many confounding variables could be at play that otherwise can't be eliminated just based on word / memory
  10. Demigan

    There's only one explanation I can think off: You hit their weapon.

    Iridar has this nice video about shotguns where he hits someone full in the chest, but most hits impact on the weapon the player is holding, and for some mystic reason these shots either do reduced damage (like hitting the legs) or no damage at all. It's strange as I don't really notice it a lot in most combat and especially little when sniping, so... some kind of hit registration issue that you notice with members who are often players who have more experience in the game and manage to exploit this tiny moment of extra time they get? In the meantime you just finish off an unexperienced player and don't notice it took another shot?
  11. Who Garou

    There were some weapons with head shot multipliers. I'm not sure they are still in the game.
    Different weapons do different amount of damage. Damage differs at ranges as well.
    The classes have different hit points.
    The classes have different armor types that can effect weapon damage differently.

    Planetside is client-side. So even if you think they only hit you 1 or two times, they may have hit you more times. Your death screen doesn't show how many times the enemy hit you. Dependent up your lag to the server and your opponent's lag to the server - damage can stack and hit you all at once.
    So you could be standing at point A and firing at your opponent that appears to be standing at point B (which is medium range to you) but to them they are almost on top of point A. You do damage to them at point B (with medium range damage) because that is where you see them and hit them. Meanwhile they have actually moved almost on top of you at point A, and they fire and do more damage because they are firing at close range doing close range damage.
    You can tell how connected you are by the ping or the connection status on the upper left of the screen (I think that is the standard position - they have a couple different UI configurations at this point, and I don't know what the default one is for new players).