Do not let this version of the Enorcer modified c85 go live!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Fredfred, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. axiom537

    Not a harasser...
  2. Liquid23

    ya but even with a lock you can dodge it in a harasser so still not a big deal

    the only thing 1 second locks under 100 meters is going to create is more tears from ESF pilots who get entirely to close to their targets
  3. WyrdHarper

    True, but it's an advantage for people firing from towers or cover, or groups of heavies because of the guaranteed hit/panic mode engaged. I think there was some bug live on PTS where the lock finished before the ADS animation was finished (hopefully it's been resolved), so it was dumbfire-y.
  4. Zazulio

    I like that they've reduced the spread. That's definitely a step in the right direction. I'll have to see how much of a difference it actually makes in performance, though. I would gladly sacrifice close-qaurters instablapping for a large extension of its effective range, because a wide effective range is what will make it a weapon that people actually want to use.

    Would anybody be kind enough to upload a video of the updated PTS version of the C85? I'd like to see the reduced pellet spread in action.
  5. Zazulio

    You say this as a joke, but I think it would actually rule. More pellets with less damage per pellet would allow for more consistent damage application. 150 pellets might be a bit :eek: , but 20-25 would be fantastic.
  6. Liquid23

    let's make it like a claymore with about 700 pellets (they can do 2 damage a piece)!

    bet most NC will still miss
  7. Zazulio

    Wouldn't complain, tbh. Sounds pretty darn cool.
  8. Liquid23

    I would hate tho to be a friendly anywhere around that tank when the gunner started to spam it
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  9. Mezinov

    Remodel C85 to have 3 rotating barrels. Make it 3 round burst with moderate re-fire wait after each burst. When trigger is pulled, first barrel fires, recoil rotates it to next barrel, which fires, recoil rotates it to next barrel, which fires. First barrel has loosest spread, second barrel has moderate spread, third barrel has tightest spread. Each shot has 300 pellets that do 2 damage. Recoil is randomized both vertical and horizontal. Entire burst takes approximately 0.5 to 0.8 seconds to fire.

    That is a weapon I would use.
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  10. Zazulio

    To be fair, it doesn't matter what weapons you give us NC-- we will find a way to accidentally TK everybody in our immediate vicinity.
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  11. RHINO_Mk.II

    Fixed. Can you imagine the server trying to handle 700 projectiles from each shot of each vehicle?
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  12. Liquid23

    be like back when you could have your squad spam fire flareguns in a biodome and cause 1/2 the players there to lag out or crash... good times.. lol
  13. Squibo

    As it stands, the C85M needs to be "Of Mice & Men"'D

    Taken to a serene stream in the mountains of Amerish, sat down as he is blissfully told of how he's going to be buffed. An innocent joyful expression lighting up his face as he is told that every aspect of him is going to be buffed. Double the clip, 200 max Damage @ 75m - 100 min @ 200m, 600 m/s, 2.5 reload speed. And as he is blissfully unaware of the underboss that Higby is quietly reloading behind him, he asks "And will the NC be getting Gauss and Railgu-" A single shot echos throughout the still and abandoned Amerish, A flock of ghostcappers flying from their nest at the Ascent, before landing on the nearest point with connectivity..

    And now I just had an idea.. I cannot get the idea of a commercial with sad music playing with sad Beamers, Pounders, C85Ms, ect. In cages like those animal shelter donation commercial.
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  14. Epic High Five

    This would melt the server.

    Or poor Airhammer users, who HAVE to get in the killzone of dumbfires, bursters, and now lock-ons to do any damage :(
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  15. joshua

    C85 was updated on PTS after this thread was originally created. The rate of fire change has been reverted and the Vanguard version now has a tighter spread, as well as a few other small changes.
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  16. Revanmug

    Still worse than the kobalt with 0 reason to use it over that. I'm even wondering if the newly buff Basilisk wouldn't be better at AI and against Light armor.

    So the spread buff is just for the vanguard and not the Harasser? I guess it's great I will never have to change the Fury from there. Explosive weaponry are just that good man. Unlike the shotgun, they stay deadly wherever they land.

    Still, I'll give you credit for being able to buff the C85. Congrats.
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  17. Goretzu

    Is there any reason why you're not considering choked modes? (to give longer range options to shotgun weapons) I just wonder because they did seem to work pretty well in PS1.
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  18. Fredfred

    We know, the current and past 2 or 3 pages, we have been already discussing the most recent update (12-12-2013).
    We still believe that it isn't good enough. Just ask yourself, why would I chose the c85 over the Kobalt? If you have a hard time answering that, then it needs to be buffed more.
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  19. WTSherman

    If the damage is not being straight up buffed, can the C85 at least get a better damage multiplier against the Harasser? Because right now if we still need to reload three times to kill one, that means it'll take ~17-20 seconds (8-11 seconds of shooting plus 9 seconds of reloading) of continuous hits to kill one, without comp armor.

    Remember, spreading the same damage across more shots with the same rate of fire is a lower DPS. If this thing is supposed to be a counter to the harasser as advertised, it's going to have to do better in the DPS department.
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  20. Phaze

    We know. It's still not good.

    It'd be great to get some actual communication from the person that is trying to balance this weapon. What role do they see it serving? How do they see it serving that role better than the already existing secondaries. Nevermind - just comparing it to the quality of the other factional secondaries...

    The niche where you decide the best course of action is to drive your Vanguard/Harasser into point blank range of infantry? Given the bulk of the changes going in... being close to infantry is the last thing anyone in any ground vehicle is going to want to do.
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