[Suggestion] Do not give the VS MAX ability that is currently on the Test Server

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    I threw up in my mouth a little.
    There is no situation (other than sitting behind an invulnerability shield in a spawn room) that I would use this over Charge.
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  2. Udnknome

    That should have been a charge baised weapon. Like hold your mouse down for more damage.

    What you are describing here feels like a beserk ability from final fantasy.

    Just remembered, you are vanu -- this is absolutly appropriate.:D
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  3. Radec594

    Wait wait what?
    This wasn't in the patch notes, was it?

    Is that intentionally there for everyone to see or what lol.
  4. Sturmwaffles

    Mask of Madness in Planetside 2?

    "Sven stands ready!"
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    Did you all the favor of looking for the NC and TR ones which were as expected from the original:

    As expected there are advantages and disadvantages of each ability. NC is directional towards the front, and TR makes you completely immobile.
    The VS goes completely against our factional traits, we value mobility and accuracy. Apparently being the laughingstock of all the MAX's was giving us too much. This highly situational ability will only reward users who are able to flank effectively and catch enemies unaware.
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  6. Marked4Death

    If VS valued accuracy they would use NC weapons. VS have no real trait, they are the "idea is unfit for TR or NC, give it to the barnies" faction.

    But in all seriousness it will depend entirely on how SOE balance the ability, not the ability itself. e.g: if the NC get a straight +50% resist with no penalties, and TR gets +50% DPS with the price of being immobile, then VS could get double DPS at 10% vulnerability. But I hope the max abilities aren't that extreme.
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  7. Qaz

    Think about it: If you activate the ZOE (which kind of an awesome name), you take more damage but engineers will be able to keep you up without the increased damage downing you too quickly (hopefully). Active tanking in maxes is what we do quite often already, and it's remarkably effective. I can only imagine how balancing this and overdrive will be a pain though.

    Jumpjets would've been nice, but this isn't too bad. Not sure i could come up with a better mobility based special ability, actually.
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  8. SpcFarlen

    So let me get this straight VS and TR both have downsides, and NC dont? Interesting...
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  9. MilkAndHoney

    - TR AA-MAXs become really devastating for planes.
    - NC MAXs will be tougher than HA.
    - VS MAXs will desperatly need engineers to keep them up.

    I´m curios how this turns out in the end!
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  10. Brusilov [TR]

    Yeah, i was thinking about this again recently...


    VS should have an ability that makes them hover like an LA with drifter jets, except only half a foot off the ground. They wouldn't be able to fly at all... no floating down from heights like LA drifter jets can... just increased movement speed in every direction while the ability is active.

    The ability should make them able to move as fast as a Heavy Assault for example. Walk mode and Sprint mode would both still work.

    The downside could be a very slight reduction in accuracy, to represent the added instability of the hover mode.

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  11. Jaloro

    So they are giving us a special ability to improve our weaponry to be on par with TR/NC.

    In return we get one shot by infantry. Awesome.
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  12. smokemaker

    Bring it all in. Let the sandbox grow.
    If you do not like it, do not use it.
    Limiting the sandbox is never good.
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  13. Nyscha

    Horrible ability.
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  14. sustainedfire

    It sounds pretty good.
  15. gigastar

    As ive said before, if SOE have any sense they will make it so the TR MAX's Lockdown only works with TR specific weapons.

    But who am i kidding? Theese are the same people who initially thought that a cone of fire on a long-range rocket launcher would be a good idea.
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  16. DrakeAU

    Why doesnt the NC ability have a negative? I mean with the TR ability the lack of mobility makes me drool as a Light Assualt with C4, the Vanu negative also is good for anyone with explosives. But the NC ability? CQC, double scattergun and a shield with no negative?

    Looks like Higbys favored children win again.
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  17. Rasp

    All that it depends on is how much more damage you receive it could easily be countered by having an engi behind you offsetting the damage while you mow everyone down.
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  18. xTEExGOWx

    how do you know this isn't it...
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  19. KlyptoK

    People are opposing it before it even is available for testing?

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  20. Jachim

    CHrist, I'm TR and I think that the VS ability is terrible too.

    Please for the love of god, give them something else. Something such as a hover mode (not fly), hell even a long jump, or some other mobility increase like a high jump (not fly right guys).

    The damage increase will make them even more reliant on repairs, it's just not fair.
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